Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 460

Chapter 460 Taking Over The Yangtze River

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The three monsters—the Goddess Stone, the Dragon Slaying Book, and the Holy Lake Spirit—were locked up in separate rooms to prevent them from communicating with each other.

Gao Peng asked the Brain of Growth to hypnotize these three monsters, but it was difficult. The brain of the Goddess Stone was encased by a wall outside its mental sea. The surface of the Dragon Slaying Book was protected by a layer of strong will power. Although it had gotten to Level 50, which was still a huge distance away from the King tier, its quality remained legendary. Besides, it didn’t belong in the family of Wrestling-typed monsters. Thus, the Brain of Growth could only hypnotize it in a simple way to calm down its emotions.

At the same time, the Brain of Growth also applied spiritual fantasies every day to the Holy Lake Spirit, which had transformed itself into a bowl shape.

Gao Peng was unsure if the Holy Spring Spirit still had its senses. Regardless, he allowed the Brain of Growth to thrust the idea that he was its master into the mind of the Holy Lake Spirit.

Ever since Gao Peng had brought it out from the Taklamakan Desert, the Brain of Growth hadn’t taken over any dead things. According to its introduction, it seemed like dead things that had been taken over by the Taklamakan would go through alienation that allowed them to obtain extraordinary powers. It was Gao Peng’s understanding that it gave life to the dead things, just like how the sculptures were brought to life.

Gao Peng tried to let the Brain of Growth attempt to take over the Earth Star. When the Brain of Growth attempted to take over, it was instead shocked to the point that its nose had started bleeding profusely. The blood had squirted out of its head like a fountain, and it had kept running in circles as if it was drunk.

“No, no, I can’t take it over. It’s too awful.” The Brain of Growth was suffering in tremendous pain.

“Remember, after you manage to take it over, you’re allowed to exchange with it. You can try to take over a single cup first.” Gao Peng took out a huge glass cup from behind him.

The Brain Of Growth tried to take it over again and managed to do so in just a second. Subsequently, the body of the Brain of Growth started to melt. It then transformed itself into a billow of shadows before seeping into the glass cup.

Finally, the cup floated in mid-air. The huge shadow of the Brain Of Growth appeared on the external surface of the glass. The shadow of the Brain Of Growth, which was floating in mid-air, appeared rather translucent. It emitted blue rays of light.

“Master, this cup is too small for me. If there’s a cup of the size of my body, I’ll be able to hide my body in it,” said the Brain Of Growth telepathically.

“Can you not grant the cup extraordinary powers? Give it a try.” Gao Peng was curious.

Da Zi inadvertently passed by and shook its new pair of wings. Roars of thunder could be heard. It shuffled away as if it was gradually losing itself.

“I’m not sure what my extraordinary power will be. It’s randomized and depends on the purpose and material of the object,” explained the Brain Of Growth.

After a while, the Brain Of Growth said in surprise, “Master, my power is to be able to reinforce the hardness of the cup. The cup is now unbreakable!”

Gao Peng was stunned into silence. How could you be surprised by such mediocre power?! How am I going to use you to beat people up?

Gao Peng suggested a rather brilliant idea. “Forget about it. Cancel the takeover process. Since you can’t take over the cup, let’s try to take over the Yangtze River.”

The Brain Of Growth knew what the Yangtze River was. After a moment of solemn silence, it made an arduous effort to say, “I will try my best.”

Although the Taklamakan Desert wasn’t as long as the Yangtze River, it still occupied a huge surface area. Even if the overall volume of the Yangtze River was larger than the Taklamakan, it would still be within a bearable range. Thus, it was worth a try.

The Brain Of Growth freed itself from the takeover process. The cup dropped to the floor and shattered into pieces.

As they arrived at the riverside, the water flowed to the east with whirlpools in the middle of the river. If a wooden boat had passed by the whirlpools, it would definitely have been wrecked and devoured by the depths of the river.

The Brain Of Growth took off its marshmallow coat and seeped into the river slowly. The water near the bank started to turn murky. A huge school of fishes and water monsters scattered in all directions. The presence of the Brain of Growth seriously frightened them.

After ten minutes, Brain Of Growth seemed to have a load taken off its mind. “Master, it seems like I’ve succeeded. I’m integrating into it…”

Gao Peng grunted and checked the attribute of the Brain Of Growth. At the end of it, a new line appeared: [Currently taking over the Yangtze River, current progress: 1%]

After standing for an hour, the progress bar still remained at 1%. However, he remembered that the Brain of Growth had only managed to take over 60% of the Taklamakan after so many years. Even if the insufficiency of the Brain of Growth’s level caused the slow progress of the takeover process, this was enough to prove that it would be a strenuous task for the Brain Of Growth to take over a gargantuan landscape.

It could take years. However, it was fine. Gao Peng could wait patiently.

“Master, this snake is trying to bite me.” The Brain Of Growth was suddenly angered.

The river became turbulent, and Gao Peng saw a green anaconda slithering in the river.

“I wanted to hypnotize it. I want to make it my son!”

Gao Peng burst into laughter. If it makes you happy, why not?

“Remember to take care of yourself. Make sure the monsters that you hypnotize don’t hurt any boats or passerby. If you’re unable to defeat any monsters, just call out for us. Don’t be reckless in front of your enemies,” advised Gao Peng with the underlying intention that it maintain a low profile.

Since the Southern Sky Group wasn’t that far away from this place, he could come over in a short span of time once there were cries for help.

“Understood.” The Brain Of Growth was in a good mood. It had once been a wild monster. In fact, it wasn’t used to staying in a city for such a long time. It felt more comfortable with this independence.

Dungeon. An outrageous idea came into Gao Peng’s mind when he looked at the three monsters that had once been integrated together.

Materials were a must for the integration to happen. Theoretically, these three monsters seemed to have a very good relationship. The integration probably referred to the fact that they could get along well with each other.

However, how could we integrate them together… Cook them in a pot?

Throw them into a small dark room? Throw these three monsters into a small dark room. They wouldn’t be released unless they successfully integrated with one another.

In the midst of contemplation, the phone in Gao Peng’s pocket started to ring. He answered the call.

“Gao Peng, help,” Chen Hanqiao sounded like he was out of breath on the other end. A cacophony of angry monsters’ roars could be vaguely heard on the other end. It sounded chaotic.

“Where are you guys right now? Can you send me the location? If possible, come over,” requested Gao Peng solemnly.

“Gao Peng, help!” Chen Hanqiao shouted again from the other end of the line.

Gao Peng felt rather strange. After pausing for a second, he continued, asking, “Where are you now?”

“I’m at the Golden Buddhist Mountain. I’ll send you the location immediately,” said Chen Hanqiao in a rush.

Gao Peng merely grunted in acknowledgment. Looking at the hung-up call, he couldn’t help but brood over the conversation.

The phone screen lit up immediately after. Chen Hanqiao had sent the location. The screen displayed the Golden Buddhist Mountain’s Sunrise Draw, which was located right at the Sunrise Draw.

Gao Peng rode on Da Zi’s back. When he was about to take off with Da Zi, his heart suddenly raced. After a moment of silence, Gao Peng shouted out for Desolion, the White Steel Bladed Beast, and Goldie.

However, Goldie had grown taller. After it climbed up, Gao Peng realized that Goldie was already five feet tall; it was extremely eye-catching.

After slight contemplation, Gao Peng ordered Goldie to go back down. Goldie was stunned. I have to go back down? It shrugged and left angrily without saying a word.

The White Steel Bladed Beast and Desolion were then told to hide underneath the wings of Da Zi. The combined size of these two monsters was almost similar to Gao Peng. They wouldn’t be easily detectable under Da Zi’s wings unless observed from a close distance.

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