Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 462

Chapter 462 One Vs Four

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A huge black claw ripped through the canopy, leaving a scorched claw mark in the air. The smell of burning filled the air, while the claw was now moments away from reaching Da Zi’s abdomen.

Sparks flew out as Da Zi’s electric scales came in contact with the extreme heat. Loud pops sounded, followed by an enraged roar that tore through the silence in the air above the forest.

The huge claw collided with Da Zi’s abdomen. The centipede’s Level 4 Bone Harden ability allowed its abdominal scales to reach maximum Lord-tier hardness. Upon collision, the claw exploded into a fine black mist.

Through the broken canopy, Gao Peng and the others could see their attackers as clear as day. Masked men clad entirely in black and dispersed across the forest floor were staring at him. Their familiars were right beside them, either standing or sitting.

The black human-like creature was standing at the forefront. Its arms were as thick as logs, both of which ended with a pair of razor-sharp claws. Beneath its hairless scalp was a horribly disfigured face, devoid of all emotion.

“You dare to ambush the great Merciful Liberator?!” growled Da Zi, narrowing its eyes at its attacker. Wind and lightning began gathering around it. Its golden purple Lord-tier aura was now shining down on the forest floor.

“Just you guys?” asked Gao Peng, sweeping his gaze over the group of masked men. Frowning, he scanned the forest floor in anticipation of more of them. It didn’t feel good to be underestimated.

An inexplicable feeling of irritation came over the group of masked men. So what if it’s just us? You don’t even have your King-tier familiar with you. We’re more than enough to take you on! Everyone is born equal. No need to feel all high and mighty. I don’t believe even you could survive having your head ripped off of your shoulders!

A gray storm began brewing in the depths of the forest. A strange black crow with three eyes on its head had spread out its wings. Countless smaller crows swirled around it, filling the air with a cacophony of crows and squawks. An inauspicious atmosphere had fallen upon the forest.

A tree suddenly shook in a corner. A huge tail swept across the forest floor, felling every tree in its way. A massive scorpion lay splayed on the ground, its eyes a dark green shade and its body seemingly metallic. Its tail was aimed upward like an anti-aircraft gun, with red-hot plasma slowly building on the tip.

An expansive Plant-type monster was spread out across the ground in another corner like a mat of moss. After consuming and digesting the plants beneath it, the constantly squirming fungus mat spat out three thick bundles of spores at the Three-Eyed Crow General, the Radioactive Scorpion, and the Infernal Incinerator.

Gao Peng was now surrounded by four Lord-tier familiars. It seems like these people have trained their familiars well. He calmly scanned through all four familiars’ stat sheets, betraying no sign of panic on his face.

[Monster Name]: Infernal Incinerator

[Monster Level]: Level 49 (Lord-tier)

[Monster Grade]: Perfect

[Monster Attribute]: Fire

[Description]: A vengeful soul born from an inferno, it’s filled with vengeance and hatred. Being in constant pain, it’s an extremely bad-tempered creature. It likes novels and films about knights and princesses and hates tragic endings.

[Monster Name]: Three-Eyed Crow General (Variant)

[Monster Level]: Level 47 (Lord-tier)

[Monster Grade]: Excellent

[Monster Attribute]: Curse

[Description]: A peculiar Three-Eyed Crow General born from a mass grave. After absorbing the inauspicious air of its birthplace, it gained the ability to disable its enemies by casting curses on them. It likes scavenging corpses.

[Monster Name]: Radioactive Scorpion

[Monster Grade]: Excellent

[Monster Level]: Level 46 (Lord-tier)

[Monster Attribute]: Electric

[Description]: A scorpion that was mutated by the aftereffects of the nuclear explosion in the Dali Desert. It likes consuming highly radioactive substances.

[Monster Name]: Phytophagous Symbiotic Moss

[Monster Grade]: Normal

[Monster Level]: Level 48 (Lord-tier)

[Description]: A Plant-type monster that sustains itself by consuming other plants. It can absorb all types of nutrients and elements in order to achieve growth. It can provide support for others by splitting into smaller versions of itself and latching them onto the bodies of its teammates.

The Three-Eyed Crow General let out a chilling squawk that pierced through the air. It sounded like two panes of glass scraping against one another.

Suddenly, everything before Gao Peng wavered as he felt his strength leaving his body. His limbs began to feel like jelly. So this is its curse, thought Gao Peng.

Da Zi, the Desolate Frost Lion, and the White-Steel Bladed Beast seemed to have been weakened to varying degrees as well.

Suddenly, the weight of the crow’s weakening curse was lifted from Gao Peng’s body as soon as it was cast. It was redirected back to Stripey, who was a few hundred miles away.

Stripey, who was sleeping soundly in the backyard, awoke with a sneeze. It shifted its body slightly. Is Gao Peng thinking of me right now? Stripey then went back to sleep as if nothing had happened.

Da Zi’s power was reduced by three percent, whereas the White-Steel Bladed Beast’s was reduced by five percent.

Desolion stared at its paws in disbelief. “My power was reduced by one percent?!”

“Not bad,” said Gao Peng, smiling.

Da Zi narrowed its eyes as it eavesdropped on the exchange between Gao Peng and the Desolate Frost Lion. Look at these two, laughing and talking to each other like I’m not even here!

Da Zi suddenly patted its chest. “Oh my god, my power went down by three percent! What should I do, Gao Peng? Will I die?” said Da Zi, trying its best to sound as pathetic as possible.

Gao Peng rubbed the centipede’s horns reassuringly. “Don’t worry, you silly centipede. It’s just temporary. You’ll regain your full strength in no time.”

Da Zi nodded, still looking worried.

Upon seeing the six-winged beast swinging its appendages around in a panic, the leader of the masked men quickly said to the others, “That big one’s already been driven mad by the curse. Now’s our chance! Focus all your attacks on it!”




All three Lord-tier familiars unleashed their attacks from three different directions. The Radioactive Scorpion let loose a beam of red-hot plasma that scorched the air around it and left a bright red arc in its wake. The Infernal Incinerator clapped its claws together. In the next second, an unending inferno flooded the forest and a pair of fiery claws reached out from the sea of fire and swiped at the flying centipede in the air. The Three-Eyed Crow General swept its wings forward, sending an ominous wind blowing in Da Zi’s direction.

“Leave this to me,” said Da Zi with gumption. “Lightning Purgatory—Baptism of the World!”

Da Zi began flapping its six wings frenetically, causing the sky to be split apart by endless cracks of lightning. The White Steel Bladed Beast and Desolion held tightly onto Da Zi’s back.

Boom! The sound of thunder filled the air. Then, one final thunderclap rocked the heavens. It was as if Da Zi had turned on a heavenly switch it wasn’t supposed to touch. In an instant, electricity cascaded upon the earth from the clouds!

Boooom!!! The only sound that could be heard right then was the explosion of thunder and lightning. On the cliff, Chen Hanqiao and the others gazed at the scene before them with a mix of amazement and apprehension.

Pillars of lightning cascaded into the earth like purple trees whose roots were embedded deep in the earth’s crust. An explosion sounded as the Radioactive Scorpion’s plasma beam collided with it. Red and purple electricity began dancing with each other until they fused with each other to form the world’s most beautiful, yet deadliest, lightning ball.

Another streak of lightning came down from the sky like the spear of a god.

Kaccha! The Three-Eyed Crow General’s ominous wind was ripped apart by the lightning spear. Lightning now fell from the sky like rain, immediately putting out the Infernal Incinerator’s fiery claws.


Da Zi floated in the sky like a lightning devil that had descended upon this world. The sight of a lone draconic form hovering in the air beneath a sea of lightning would haunt the dreams of everyone present for years to come.

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