Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 467

Chapter 467 The Return Of The Skeleton Master

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Dumby went back to the Land of 1,000 Streams. The subordinates who stood behind it were shivering in fear, as they didn’t dare to interrupt their boss, who was still deep in thought. In the past, anyone who had dared to do so was buried in the ground.

Dumby looked around and started roll call. “Broken Jade Devil Spirit, Six-tailed Sky Fox Skeleton, Stone Mountain Elephant Skeleton…” He called out a total of eighteen monsters’ names. “…All of you, come forward.”

All eighteen monsters came out. The ghouls, who had once acted brutally, seemed extremely anxious at that moment. It was as if they were preparing to accept the judgment of fate.

Dumby raised its right hand. “Since I have to go back, there’s no point in leaving the ghouls here…” It clenched its fist.

It was as if there was a slight explosion in the air. Bang.

The sound was very soft, as if a pouting little boy had gently opened his mouth. At the same time, countless ghouls who were ten thousand miles from the Land of 1,000 Streams died. A massive number of Flames of the Undead flew up to the sky and converged into several white streams that seeped into Dumby’s skull from all directions.


Dumby’s eye sockets were almost filled up entirely by the white Flames of the Undead. Flames spilled over the edges of its eyes.

The Flame of the Undead was the medium of Soul Power, and it was also the medium that could be absorbed best by Ghoul-type monsters. Dumby’s whole body was trembling; its skeleton rattled as it quivered.

Finally, the wild Soul Power calmed down. Dumby also regained its composure. However, the Flame of the Undead in its eyes seemed to be much richer. The aura around it had become even more unfathomable.

The eighteen ghouls were relieved that they were able to avoid death. They looked at each other with relief.

The Desolate Labyrinth.

Lusaka’s development of the Desolate Labyrinth was left abandoned after the Cataclysm.

No one knew if the monster whose level was far beyond the King tier would suddenly return for more destruction. However, the facilities that were built in the past hadn’t been demolished yet. Besides, there had always been an ongoing investigation of the effects of the Desolate Labyrinth on its external environment. At the same time, the nearby plants and monsters of the other world were collected and caught in a controlled manner, then sent back to the Huaxia region.

This was presently the only permanent Spatial Rift that could be found in the Huaxia region. Hence, it was extremely valuable and wouldn’t be given up easily, despite being fully aware of the underlying danger.

“Report to commander, this is scout 1156. There is a monster coming from the North region, there is a monster coming from the North region! The level of danger…” said the scout while looking at the frightened familiar beside him. He took a deep breath. “Extreme danger level!”

Without any further delays, the commander immediately sent out familiars and unmanned reconnaissance aircraft from the base to investigate the situation from a high altitude.

A group of ghoul monsters appeared on the horizon at the end of the barren terrain. Although most of the ghouls had never encountered any monsters before, their ferocious appearance was enough to convey a message that they weren’t to be messed with.

The pictures of these ghouls were captured and submitted to every single level of management. Finally, there was a response when it reached one of the levels. “Stop the alert, recover to second level surveillance.”

Second level surveillance was merely normal surveillance. Apart from the familiars in the military, all the familiars within a visible range would be monitored normally.

Dumby arrived at the front of the labyrinth. The door had long been opened, as a soldier had received orders to do so.

The only entrance into the Desolate Labyrinth was installed with a massive steel gate and fake vines on its outer walls. Usually, people traveled in and out of the base through the small gate; the big gate was hardly ever opened.

However, they had received the order to open the big gate that morning. The soldier who was responsible for opening the big gate and Dumby were staring at each other.

Dumby was patient and didn’t seem anxious at all. The soldier trembled and quickly lowered his head.

The Giant White Skeletal Wolf, which was approximately 16 feet tall, lowered its head when it passed by the soldier. Its bad breath fell on the soldier’s face…

The Desolate Labyrinth grew silent upon the arrival of Dumby and the eighteen ghouls that had levels of at least Lord-tier.

All the familiars were crouching on the ground. Even the familiars that were usually active had their eyes fixated in the direction of the big gate with their tails in between their legs or tensed bodies.

“Fat Tiger, what happened?” asked a female soldier who was trying to comfort her familiar, whose hair was spiked up. It was shivering as it looked to the east. Her familiar was usually courageous; there was literally nothing that could frighten it. It was unbelievable to see it so fearful that day.

In a minute, she understood the reason behind it. A dark gold skeleton was walking on the frontlines with bone spurs anchored on its head like a crown. There were a lot of gigantic monsters following behind it. The female soldier had an intuition that no matter how huge and ferocious these monsters looked, they didn’t seem stronger than the dark gold skeleton.

The ghouls remained silent and followed Dumby from behind. In the eyes of these ghouls, all the people and familiars in this labyrinth were too weak to be their opponents, so there was really nothing to be worried about.

The aura that was unconsciously being emitted from their bodies was enough to frighten the living beings around them.

All eighteen of the ghouls with a minimum level of Lord-tier followed Dumby from behind. Even the weakest among these eighteen ghouls was stronger than the leader of the labyrinth watchers. They were the best of the best among Lord-tier creatures.

In the center of the Desolate Labyrinth, a Spatial Rift spanning 30 feet in diameter had erected in the center of the labyrinth. Dumby traveled through the Spatial Rift and passed through the Baiye District.

The Mystical Mirror Diviner Turtle suddenly extended its head and turned around to look in the direction of the big gate.

“Oh my god… What is that thing coming toward us? It looks ferocious,” mumbled the Mystical Mirror Diviner Turtle.

The Primitive Jade Armored Crocodile, who was rolling in the mud, looked up and closed its mouth.

The familiars that were playing around also stopped whatever they were doing. It was in their instincts. Their strong sixth sense made them realize that a dangerous creature was approaching them.

“Master, I’m back.” A shapeless soul pierced through space. The fluctuation of waves from the soul was extremely domineering, as if it was the arrival of a king. Dumby didn’t do it consciously; its kingly aura came to it naturally as it had been leading millions of ghouls for a period of time. Even Dumby didn’t realize that such changes had occurred.

The little Silver Dragon grunted, looking rather displeased. Although it knew that Dumby wasn’t a weak opponent, it still released its dragon power stubbornly just to test Dumby.

Dumby was stunned for a while, but it didn’t pay any further attention to the provocation from the lake. After all, this was its Master’s home. If a conflict were to happen here, its master might not have been pleased.

Dumby didn’t pick a fight. The little Silver Dragon’s efforts remained fruitless. It felt powerless, like it had just punched the air.

“Daddy, Daddy.” A little figure jumped down from the treehouse and skipped toward Dumby.

“Hey, is this Master’s daughter?” The eyes of the ghoul who was standing behind Dumby lit up. It lowered his head down to take a look at the little master. However, its gaze was immediately met with Dumby’s icy stare.

The ghouls behind Dumby smiled in embarrassment and then dismissed themselves to a distance of 330 feet away.

“Dumby, you’re back. I guess you must have been getting used to living outside,” said Gao Peng, who welcomed Dumby’s return.

“Thank you, Master, for your concern. Dumby is consistently getting stronger and is always ready to fulfill the commands given by Master!” said Dumby solemnly.

Gao Peng looked at Dumby’s status. It had reached Level 59. Gao Peng was rather pleased with its speed of leveling up. “Come on, don’t just stand outside, let’s talk in the house.”

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