Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 468

Chapter 468 Journey To The East Nihon

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“Master was threatened again.” Dumby, who sat sprawled on the sofa, went blank before continuing in a solemn voice, “Goldie, Flamy, Da Zi, is this how you protect Master when I’m not around?”

Dumby’s voice was hoarse and cold. The flickering flame of the undead that was dancing fiercely in its eye sockets gave away its rage. The atmosphere in the room was tense and suffocating.

Desolion laid on the floor and snuck a peek at Dumby, chills going down its spine.

This skeleton was starting to give off an increasingly monstrous aura. Dumby should have evolved into a King-tier monster by now, but it felt like they were facing an Emperor-tier monster to Desolion.

It had to be an illusion. How could it be? Desolion recalled that Dumby had been a Lord-tier monster not too long ago. No matter how fast Dumby tried to increase its strength, it would be impossible to become Emperor-tier in such a short time. Nevertheless, the aura circling Dumby was still uncomfortable for Desolion, and it shifted its posture.

“I killed all the monsters,” Da Zi retorted. “Gao Peng was unharmed.”

“Hmm, you should be thankful that Master was unharmed, or else I would have had to reconsider your ability to protect Master.” Dumby’s voice was serious.

Da Zi snorted. It was too lazy to retaliate and unwilling to argue with Dumby. Da Zi held its head up and rose, its neck raised high above everyone else. The sky above it was so blue. Dumby, that shorty, couldn’t even see my face, Da Zi thought to itself.

“Dumby, this time we’ll be heading for the ocean.”

“At your command, Master.”

“Let’s take a walk in the Nihon district. Rumor has it that a Nocturnal Procession of a Hundred Demons appeared after the Cataclysm in the Nihon district. According to myths, there should be Eight Million Gods. Let’s check out what these gods look like.”

A fair amount of the familiars in the Nihon district were the ‘gods’ in legends and myths. Subsequently, scholars and researchers in the Nihon district found out that the familiars that resembled the gods in legends and myths were actually variants of native animals.

As a matter of fact, not just in the Nihon district, but people all over the world, came to notice the two categories of evolution for native animals. One was the evolution of native animals into mythical creatures and legendary beasts from legends and myths.

On the other hand, the other evolution would be for native animals to evolve into unknown monsters with no pre-recorded data.

Unlike the former evolution, the latter evolution wasn’t restricted to just one area and could be encountered throughout the world. For instance, the same unknown monsters in the Nihon district could also be spotted in the Huaxia region.

Both of these peculiar patterns fascinated scholars. No matter how small the area or the population of a micro-country, people were still able to catch sight of mythical creatures that were present in legends. Some scholars classified these phenomena as regional infection, but they couldn’t manage to find an answer for it.

Gao Peng brought Dumby, Desolion, Silly, and Dumby’s ghoul subordinates from the Black Fog World along with him as he embarked on his journey to the east. Gao Peng was decisive. He left on the very same day.

“I can’t believe Gao Peng left without me.” When Da Zi came back to its senses, Gao Peng was already gone. After a period of intensive training, Silly had evolved into a six-foot-long jellyfish. Nevertheless, Silly was a jellyfish with a high contraction ability. Silly could minimize its volume and size, so it seemed like it was the same size as it had been before.

The past few days without Silly made Gao Peng realize how troublesome it was to get around without Silly. Whether it was traveling or another activity, Gao Peng found it very inconvenient. How could he tolerate those bitter days of hauling a huge rucksack after tasting the sweet convenience of having a portable space?

“You shunned me for so long. Let me tell you this: without five bottles of fruit juice, you won’t be able to buy me,” Silly rebuked sharply, its anger flaring.

At that same moment, Gao Peng was riding on the skeletal upper neck of a winged dragon, which was also its smoothest part. Dumby had even removed a bone from that part and assembled a cushioned leather seat so that Gao Peng could sit on it comfortably.

Gao Peng was speechless. “Didn’t I just pass you ten bottles of fruit juice? Let me tell you what; you just keep five bottles for yourself and return the rest to me. Don’t even try hiding any extra bottles.”

Silly was at a loss, confused. It sat on Gao Peng’s head and kept quiet, pretending as if it hadn’t asked anything.

Gao Peng had locked Silly in the room before because Silly had been evolving too slowly. It wasn’t because of the traits of the species, but because it was simply too lazy. Silly and lazy—that was definitely a way to refer to Silly.

Gao Peng had no words to describe this lazy jellyfish. No matter how much Da Zi slacked off, it was still very keen and had the desire to grow stronger… Hmm, well, Da Zi did slack off occasionally, but that was still acceptable to Gao Peng.

But Silly was different! Silly was lazy every single day and hardly ever training. Gao Peng thought he had picked the wrong name for Silly. It shouldn’t have been called Silly, but Lazy instead. See how the name matched this creature!

“Lazy, get me my blanket…” Gao Peng had a slip of the tongue.

Silly was furious. “You even called me by the wrong name. I’m Silly. I’m not lazy!”

Gao Peng laughed. “Yeah, you aren’t lazy. You’re just a little silly.”

Silly angrily grabbed a blanket from its portable space and threw it at Gao Peng’s face. “Here.”

Gao Peng placed the blanket on his legs and raised the windshield, blocking the icy gust of wind blowing at him. Rushes of wind and clear skies accompanied them throughout their journey. When exhaustion hit, they would land and rest for a moment. However, ghouls weren’t troubled by fatigue. Thus, most of the time they would stay on the back of the ghouls.

There were eight ghouls that could fly. Those who could become Lord-tier flying ghouls had been huge when they were alive, so it was possible to fly this group of ghouls around.

They continued their journey to the east. After flying for two weeks, Gao Peng saw the ocean. Another four days brought them across the ocean, and they arrived at a whole new continent. This was the Nihon district.

The beaches were rows of reefs, and the jet-black sea was ferocious. The steep cliffs were covered with numerous white conch monsters that looked like a bunch of tumors growing off the cliff from a distance.

“Master, there are people down there. Should we capture two of them to show us the way?” Dumby spoke unexpectedly.

Keeping Dumby’s reminder in mind, Gao Peng removed his eye mask and turned to peek. On the crack of the cliff, two adults in fisherman attire were hiding in plain sight. They were frightened as they sneakily observed the group of ghouls that was flying toward them.

Gao Peng was deep in thought. It would be more productive to get a local from the Nihon district to guide him instead of struggling around to find the way on his own. Moreover, it was better to take control of these people first to avoid disclosing their whereabouts.

They landed in an instant. The landing of the group of skeletal beasts that was shrouded in a dark aura brought about panic. The local fishermen that were hiding in the crack were shuddering in fear, more terrified than ever.

“Come out.” Dumby transmitted his voice through a Soul Wave into the mind of the fishermen.

The fishermen were dumbfounded for a moment. They looked around, trying to find the origin of the voice. However, there was no one else except the skeletons standing outside the crack. After confirming again, the fishermen shakily came out of the crack.

“At your service, my lord,” said the fishermen as they kneeled on the ground.

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