Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 476

Chapter 476 Sang Tong Tribe

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Dumby waved casually, and souls floated above the few corpses of the familiars on the ground. Tong Ying, Tong Xiang, and Tong Ling simply fainted.

The One-Eyed Giant Demon and Tong Mo were completely sealed inside the ice mountain.

At that moment, most of the higher-ups in the Nihon District had their eyes on this battle, because the Nihon District wasn’t a large landmass. Although after the Cataclysm, the Nihon District’s island had become larger in size, overall, it was still only considered a large island, not a continent.

Under the condition that both the Cherry Sky God Tree and Taira No Masakado were dead, their defenses were seriously crippled, making them completely powerless against King-tier familiars. As such, the result of the battle between Gao Peng and the group of mysterious people affected their decisions greatly.

If the situation really turned into an emergency… Some of the higher-ups of the Nihon District had already made preparations to move. Other Nihon District higher-ups were pessimistic in regards to the result of this battle…

They would never have imagined that the battle would end so quickly, so fast that they couldn’t even react in time. How many minutes did that take?

It seemed like it didn’t even last longer than a school recess of ten minutes. The battle was over before a cigarette could finish burning.

“Why didn’t he come earlier? My father is dead! It’s all his fault!” In a military district in Xijing, a young man with the military rank of colonel said with red eyes, “If he had come and helped earlier, then my father wouldn’t have been on the front lines, and he wouldn’t have died!” The young man tightened his fist as he slammed it on the table, clearly suffering a lot of pain.

They had just talked on the phone before his father departed. Over the phone, his father had told him in a very relaxed tone, “I’ll take you to the Huaxia region for a vacation after this mission.” He would never have thought that these words would be his father’s last words to him.

The other higher-ups of the military district listened to him vent his anger in silence. The young man was Taira No Masakado’s only son. It was also because of him that Taira No Masakado was among the twelve elders of the Monster Trainer League closest to the military district.

“Take him away,” said a veteran general as he shook his head and sighed.

“Lock him up and leave him to that man,” said someone else.

“You…!” Taira No Masahara glared at the person who had said that. As he raised his head, a baton hit the back of his head, knocking him unconscious.

“It’s a crucial moment for the Nihon District right now. We… can’t let him mess things up. It’s not impossible for us to sacrifice him at the crucial moment,” said the second-in-command of the Xijing Military District.

“I concur.” The other higher-ups supported this notion.

Taira No Masakado was already dead, so even if they had owed Taira No Masakado favors in the past, they had all disappeared along with his death.

The most important point was… Taira No Masakado was killed instantly by the skill of the mysterious black hawk familiar, not even having the chance to attempt to escape, and the black hawk that killed him was killed in one shot by Gao Peng’s familiar.

Just how big was the gap in their ability? The more one thought about it, the scarier it became.

The eerie and cold gale that surrounded Dumby, who had transformed into the Yin Soul Dominator, gradually subsided. Its white bones pierced through the black mist as the body of the Skeleton Dominator landed firmly on the ground. With both its hands behind its back, the dark golden crown shone, looking especially eye-catching.

The Desolate Frost Lion’s white muscle moved smoothly, its sharp claws shining under the white ray of light as it clawed down powerfully.

Rumble. The ice mountain collapsed. The man and beast inside turned into pieces along with it.

“Let’s go.” Gao Peng took Dumby and Desolion away from the battlefield.

The battle had been a complete accident. Gao Peng had only come to find the one who was responsible; he hadn’t expected that things would develop into him lending a helping hand. Gao Peng couldn’t help but fall into deep thought.

As he looked at the three unconscious captives, Gao Peng pondered. Might as well let Dumby wake them up while we’re still on the road.

Rambling sounds and words that Gao Peng didn’t understand came out of the mouth of the three who had just woken up, but from their panicked expressions, one could easily tell what they were talking about.

“Master, they’re saying that they come from the Sang Tong Tribe. One said that its father is the high priest of the tribe. Another said that its father is the vice-captain of the tribe’s hunting squad. Their elders would be willing to pay a price for their heads,” translated Dumby.

Is that it… They have some status. Gao Peng was silent. He looked at them without saying anything. “Dumby, you ask them…”

After half an hour, all that needed to be known had been asked. However, the three of them really had backbones. Even if they were beaten up, they didn’t give up the detailed location of their tribe or the level of the tribe’s strongest’ familiar. However, the rest of the information that needed to be known was obtained by Gao Peng.

The group of people came from the Sang Tong tribe and they had lived in their world ever since they were born. They called the Earth Star the Ancestral Land. To them, the Ancestral Land was only a place that existed in the legends told by their ancestors, and before that day, they had all just treated it as a story.

From what they had heard from their elders, their ancestors had once moved away from the Ancestral Land. As for the reason for moving, they didn’t know.

The Sang Tong Tribe was a mid-sized tribe with a population of over a million people. The tribe had Overlord-tier monster trainers, and there were no less than 30 Emperor-tier monster trainers, as well as a huge number of King-tier ones.

It was due to the oppression of the Ancestral Land that at the moment, the strongest monster trainers they could send to the Earth Star were King-tier trainers. They were the strongest King-tier monster trainers in the entire tribe.

Unlike the Earth Star, they categorized the familiar grades from one star to five stars, used to differentiate from the Normal grade to the Legendary grade.

Even if the Legendary grade was also quite rare for the Sang Tong tribe, according to rumors, one of their ancestors had once possessed a Legendary-grade familiar, and it was that ancestor who had made the Sang Tong Tribe strong.

Apart from the Legendary grade, the Epic grade was something that one could only hope for. From the fact that even the Sang Tong Tribe could hardly put four Epic-grade King-tier monsters together, one could see just how rare they were.

All four of them had parents who were among the higher-ups of the tribe, and none of them were exempt. Due to the strict levels of the tribe, it was incredibly difficult to possess a high grade familiar when they were young. Moreover, even if they had a high grade familiar, without the sufficient background, it would be taken away very easily; the one who had been killed was the eldest son of the chief of the Sang Tong Tribe.

It was also because they had the resources afforded to them by their parents that they could easily become King-tier monster trainers at such young ages. It was because their familiars were heirlooms from their ancestors.

Tong Xiang spoke honestly and said that his Six-Tusked Brahman Elephant was a handpicked Six-Tusked Brahman Elephant of the highest grade that was the descendant of his ancestor’s Six-Tusked Brahman Elephant. After saying that, the three of them stared at Gao Peng, wide-eyed.

Gao Peng became silent after learning the information he wanted. Then he said happily, “Don’t worry, I’m a man of my word. I’ll make it a pleasant experience for you.”

“…” The three of them were on the brink of tears. Who asked you to make us happy? We just want to live.

Tong Xiang suddenly bit his lip and said, “If you’re worried that our parents won’t want to pay a ransom for our heads since we no longer have our familiars, you don’t have to worry. My parents will definitely pay a price to get me back because I’m the only son in my family.”

At that time, he no longer cared about his comrades. Tong Xiang had no intention to talk about the other two.

Gao Peng touched his chin to think. It was already a fact that he had angered the Sang Tong Tribe. Gao Peng also felt regret deep in his heart. It seems like I was still too impulsive. I only wanted to get some intel at first. It’s just that I overreacted after being attacked.

Who’d have thought that these guys would have such a high social status? I say, aren’t these guys crazy? To not send less important people to obtain intelligence. Did they really have to send their descendants to do this?

However, it wasn’t too worrisome. With the barriers in the world, the really strong couldn’t make it through anyway. By the time they did, Gao Peng’s familiars’ levels and grades would have also increased.

As long as he maintained a lead in grade, he would never be in a losing position. But… This does not suit my salted fish tactic! I want to slowly grow my familiars and plan for development so that I’m invincible when I leave this mountain!

This sort of revenge is just too boring! Gao Peng was speechless. How can I solve this issue in one go? I can’t be standing watch beside the spatial rift constantly, can I? To kill them everytime one comes through?

He rubbed his temples. Unless they don’t know that I’m the one behind it. What if they don’t know I’m responsible?

Gao Peng’s eyes shone. If I kill everyone who knows, doesn’t that mean that nobody would know that I was the one who killed these people?

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