Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 477

Chapter 477 Feedback From The Soul

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Gao Peng clapped. What a great idea! No one will know that I’m responsible if I kill everyone who knows something!

As if sensing what his master thought, the soul flame in Dumby’s eyes expanded as a chilly killing intent emanated from Gao Peng. Although the three of his familiars didn’t know what Gao Peng was thinking about, they could clearly feel the murderous aura.

Tong Ying, who had been silent the entire time, suddenly roared, “Kill me! The men of the Sang Tong Tribe aren’t afraid to die!”

“Then I will fulfill your wishes,” said Gao Peng casually.

Dumby’s mind moved, and Tong Ying’s soul was forcefully taken away, the life in his eyes instantly vanishing. Life was like a flicker of flame. Sometimes, with just a simple whiff, it was gone.

“Who’s next?” Gao Peng glanced at the other two, his voice trembling a little.

For some odd reason, the Gao Peng seemed very dangerous to them right then. Tong Xiang immediately shook his head, while Tong Ling almost cried out as she bit her lip, tears in her eyes.

“Master, your emotions aren’t right at the moment,” Dumby suddenly said.

Gao Peng stumbled. “I’ve been influenced by external forces?”

Dumby shook his head. “No… but yes.”

“What do you mean?”

“Master, you’re emitting a malicious aura right now.”

Gao Peng only detected something wrong after Dumby’s comment. I really was emitting a lot of malicious intent just now. I actually had such a dangerous thought, and I didn’t think anything was wrong.

Gao Peng quickly shook his head and rubbed his face before heaving a long sigh. “Why did that happen?” Gao Peng asked Dumby through the Blood Contract.

Dumby paused briefly before answering, “Master, you might have been affected by me.”

“After I became stronger, I provided you with souls to nurture yourself. I strengthen my soul by killing the living. Although I’ve filtered most of the malicious aura, and practically no malicious aura would be left in the souls that I’ve transferred to you, the number of souls has just been too much,” Dumby answered honestly.

“I didn’t think that it would affect you,” Dumby added.

“Then why wasn’t I affected before?” Gao Peng was puzzled.

“It might be because it has been improving too quickly and its grade is too high.” Desolion was feeling slightly sour. It uttered a single sentence. “But this influence shouldn’t be too big. It should fade after a while.”

The prerequisite is that the skeleton slows down his leveling speed… Otherwise, if it keeps increasing its level at this pace, your malicious aura will only become thicker and stronger. The malicious aura isn’t that bad; it just makes you a little more violent.

The Desolate Frost Lion thought that Gao Peng was too well-tempered. Although he wasn’t a saint, he always had a very complacent “salted fish” mentality, whereby he was always satisfied with the status quo, never really proactively fighting for things.

The Desolate Frost Lion had given Gao Peng suggestions, but they had been disregarded. This lazy b*stard is just like this. If Gao Peng could just be more assertive and authoritative, that would be great.

As for violence, the Desolate Frost Lion had never really thought it was weird. It had always been a monster, and its principle was that the strong would prey on the weak, so there was no such thing as violence or cruelty.

The Desolate Frost Lion, who was lying beside Gao Peng, showed a hint of its expectation. It really hoped that Gao Peng’s personality would change.

Dumby has been leveling up pretty quickly recently. No wonder… Gao Peng breathed a sigh of relief. Now that he knew the reason, he didn’t have to worry anymore.

It only affected his mood and emotions. As long as he knew the reason, he would be fine if he just controlled his emotions a bit more.

Gao Peng displayed a bright smile. He turned around and with a very bright smile, said to the two remaining people, “I was joking with you guys just now. Don’t mind it too much. Now, let’s talk business. As long as your parents or elders can provide me with one of the following materials or ingredients, I’ll send you guys back.

“All right, remember well: True Dragon Fruit, Great Destruction Source Stone, Light of Zero Degree, Body of the God of War, Flame of the Sky Center…” Gao Peng read out a list of names in one breath.

Tong Xiang was at a loss for words. Apart from the True Dragon Fruit, he had never heard any of the other items before.

After the interrogation, Gao Peng knew that their level of using the materials and ingredients was at a very crude level. One could even say that they weren’t scientific at all in their way of thinking.

They had simply inherited things for generation after generation. Every bloodline would only have corresponding research on certain types of familiars, as they excelled at the development and grade upgrade methods for those familiars. Moreover, most of them only passed familiars within their families and wouldn’t share them.

Apart from the familiars they were used to, when it came to familiars they didn’t know much about, their method was to let nature take its course.

They were limited to the knowledge that taking the Flame Flower in the long term would be beneficial for Fire-type monsters, and when taking the Flame Flower, the familiar shouldn’t consume any Water-type material. Otherwise, it would weaken the effect of the Flame Flower. After taking the Flame Flower, it could continue eating Light Leaf to increase the beneficial effects.

This was the kind of awareness and understanding that they had. Moreover, this sort of knowledge was considered extremely precious to them.

Are these materials? But even if I know the True Dragon Fruit, there’s no way I can get it. No one in the entire tribe would have the True Dragon Fruit. That’s a legendary material. I heard that after a secondary dragon or dragon blood monster takes the True Dragon Fruit, it’ll be possible to extract their pure bloodline.

Every True Dragon Fruit can cause crazy battles and fights between Dragon-type monsters, and the weakest of the weak among the dragon type monsters are at least at the King tier. There’s no way to obtain it!

However, Tong Xiang only nodded like a good boy as he said, “I remember.”

“Don’t lie to me. Oh, that’s right, how will you tell your tribesmen the information that I’ve just provided you? It’ll be impossible for me to let one person go back to tell on me.” Gao Peng threw him a glance. You, fatty, you’re pretty crafty. You sure look honest and nice, but in truth, you’re the one with the most crafty ideas!

“I have an idea.” Tong Xiang sighed. This b*stard is too vigilant.

In the end, Tong Xiang took a beast skin scroll out of his chest pocket and wrote some words on it with a black charcoal pen. Then he rolled the beast skin scroll and threw it through to the other side of the spatial rift.

Suddenly, Gao Peng extended his hands and caught the beast skin scroll.

Tong Xiang was stunned as he stared dumbfoundedly at Gao Peng.

Gao Peng frowned as he looked at Tong Xiang, then he looked at the incredibly nervous Tong Lin. He smiled and said, “I suddenly remembered something. If I can’t read your writing, how do I know what you’ve written? What if… it’s the wrong information?” Gao Peng playfully rolled the beast skin scroll into a scroll.

Gao Peng turned around and said to Dumby, “Dumby, help me leave a comment.”

Dumby nodded and extended its hands into the void. A gray mist condensed into a muddled gray crystal, then the information that it wanted to convey was left inside the gray crystal. After, it threw the gray crystal into the spatial rift before bringing the two captives out of the spatial rift with Gao Peng.

After three hours, Gao Peng arrived in Xijing. After a friendly discussion, Gao Peng plundered the storage of the Nihon District’s Xijing government. It was no wonder it was called a government; the number of materials they had was too high. Even Gao Peng was unable to take them all. He only picked some of the rarer materials.

Xijing was the capital of the Nihon District, and half of the high-class collection of the large area was put inside Silly’s space before Gao Peng left, satisfied.

This left the higher-ups of the Nihon District speechless, along with a half-empty warehouse.

By now, Silly, who had reached the Lord tier, had a portable space as big as a football field. A space as big as that could store a lot of items, even an entire villa.

When he had arrived, he had brought eighteen Lord-tier ghoul subordinates with him, but when he returned, he had added four King-tier ghouls and an entire football field of materials and ingredients.

Gao Peng sighed. What a loss. Really, what a loss this time was.

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