Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 481

Chapter 481 God Bird Bi Fang Dragon Slaying Goddess

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The flames of dawn licked at the sky on the other side of the woods, dyeing the green leaves crimson. The morning mist dissolved into the light and faded back into the clouds.

A drawn out, echoing screech could be heard reverberating through the woods. Right after, popping and cracking sounds that resembled those made by the burning of bamboo drifted through the air.

A red one-legged god bird appeared from the woods. Flashes of fire flared up and dissipated around it.

[Monster Name]: Sub-Blood Bi Fang

[Monster Level]: Level 49

[Monster Grade]: Legendary

[Monster Attribute]: Fire

[Monster Abilities]: Flame Mastery Level 4 Wooden Heart Flame Level 3 Blazing Feathers Level 3

[Special Characteristics]: Wings of Fire (omitted)

Soul Exile (An ancient god bird known as Bi Fang. Emperor Huang was once cursed by the malicious spirit of Tribal Chief Chiyou, who afterward, was driven off by Bi Fang.

Passive Effect 1: Enhanced attack damage on Soul-type monsters.

Passive Effect 2: Bi Fang has a natural deterrent effect on all Soul-type monsters. They will be struck by fear if they catch sight of it.

Active Effect 1: Its screeching has the power to exorcise or drive away souls, as well as lift any curse. At the same time, it will cause damage to the soul of the enemy.)

[Monster Description]: A monster possessing the sub-blood of Bi Fang, meaning that it has inherited Bi Fang’s bloodline in its body. It also possesses some abilities of the original Bi Fang, likes flames, and is capable of repelling evil.

Flamy made an elegant figure, its slender neck in a streamlined shape, smooth and supple feathers shimmering in the light of dawn. The only flaw that marred its ethereal beauty was its round tummy.

Goldie pointed at Flamy’s tummy and exclaimed in shock, “You’re pregnant?!”

Flamy gave it an incredulous glare. “Stupid baldy, keep your mouth shut if you don’t know how to talk pleasantly!”

“But why is your tummy so round?” Goldie was puzzled.

Flamy’s expression changed slightly. It appeared wistful as it said, “Actually Bi Fang was just like me.”

“Huh, really?” Goldie felt sort of uncertain.

“Absolutely.” Flamy nodded gravely. “Actually, Bi Fang and all of his descendants had bellies just like mine, so our bellies were just naturally bigger. We were revered as godly birds since ancient times, and we were also known as the mythical pets of the God of Fire, so we were believed to be harbingers of auspiciousness that brought happiness to people. Tying in with that fact, you’re aware that round, plump bellies represent prosperity, right? Therefore, we actually developed round bellies in order to bring blessings to people. You see, we had to sacrifice our superficial beauty for the greater good.”

Goldie was dumbfounded by listening to this righteous and noble speech. Even Flamy also almost believed it. Seeing the naive Goldie look so gobsmacked, Flamy laughed sneakily and flew away.

At the other end, Moneymaker had finally stopped zoning out. It shook its head to clear it and ran in front of Gao Peng.

[Monster Name]: Treasure Sniffing Rodent

[Monster Level]: 41

[Monster Grade]: Epic

[Monster Attribute]: Mystic

[Monster Abilities]: Treasure Sniffing Level 3, Nimble Pace Level 2

[Special Characteristics]: Ultimate Treasure Detecting (A ghost has a ghost’s smell, a human has a human’s smell, and treasure has treasure’s smell.

Active Effect 1: Greatly improves the perception of treasures in a brief period. It can sift out the most precious treasure in the vicinity from the extremely faint smell of treasure in the air. Can find the most precious artifact in a certain range after activating this ability for a certain period of time.)

[Monster Description]: A greedy rodent that likes to search for treasures, it’s quick and nimble.

Looking at these three of his newly-evolved familiars, Gao Peng felt deep fulfillment. An indescribable sense of accomplishment was welling up from Gao Peng’s heart. It felt extremely good to watch his own familiars grow up step by step with his own eyes.

However, it had also been Gao Peng’s choice to let Flamy advance to Sub-Blood Bi Fang. In fact, he had intended to evolve Flamy to Bi Fang long time ago, another one-legged firebird. As a matter of fact, Bi Fang was the first monster that came to his mind when mentioning these three keywords.

Of course, Gao Peng wouldn’t deny that certainly there was a certain degree of sentiment attached to it, however, he would naturally encourage it to go down that path as much as possible, since it was the god bird of Huaxia.

“Oh yeah, escort the two prisoners down and serve them our best food and drinks, so that people won’t say that us Huaxia people can’t even afford to provide meals for our prisoners.” Gao Peng instructed his subordinates, then he sent his people to put the two prisoners in prison and keep an eye on them.

Tong Xiang had been silent since he came to Huaxia. At the same time, he was also discreetly observing his surroundings, but he didn’t dare make it too obvious.

Just one thing felt peculiar to him… Why were there so many Holy Individuals in the ancestral land? Along the way, he had met many monster trainers who commanded two familiars at the same time. Some of them had even owned three to four familiars simultaneously.

Tong Xiang was getting a little overwhelmed, as there were too many Holy Individuals in the homeland. Moreover, there were also so many people here! There were dozens of sprawling cities with millions of citizens that he had witnessed while passing through on the way. Where he came from, only a few of the largest tribes could maintain such large populations.

After wrapping up the advancement of his familiars, Gao Peng thought of the three prisoners that he had locked up in the small, black room—the three familiars that he had captured alive from Goddess Peak.

He had left them to starve for some time, but he had assumed that since it was just for a while, they wouldn’t have starved to death so quickly. He flung open the doors, emitting a loud clanging sound. A fist the size of a sandbag was unceremoniously hurled from the darkness of the house.

Boom!!! Gao Peng was knocked flying by a single punch before he could even react and defend himself.

Stripey, who was sleeping at the side of the villa, groggily rose and shook its back. Debris and boulder chunks that had fallen onto it were shaken off onto the ground. It opened its eyes, and the dark clouds above started to roll. Clouds of disaster and calamity started to boil, burning scarlet and spitting out wisps of flame from the cracks between the dark clouds.

Da Zi was the fastest to react. Lightning flashed as its six wings whipped up a strong wind, followed by a brewing thunderstorm. Da Zi charged towards the familiar that had attacked Gao Peng.

Bang! There was yet another punch!

Lightning flashed and struck everywhere, leaving large patches of grassland singed and burnt by the arcs of electricity.

The rough stone arm was slender but strong. Its clenched fist and the blocky muscles lining its biceps made the granite sculpture very powerful. Looking up the length of the arm showed that it was wearing a dress carved out of stone, and encircling the shoulders were round rings made of silk ribbons. There was a golden halo shining behind the good-looking face, and from the center of the halo flowed a golden waterfall that reflected rainbow light.

On its left hand, it held a pale off-white book that was about the height of two people. Of course, for a stone statue that was close to the height of three people, the book in its hand was more like a weapon.

Gao Peng was awestruck at the sight of this pretty stone giant. He rubbed his eyes.

[Monster Name]: Goddess Stone

[Monster Level]: Level 56 (King-tier)

[Monster Grade]: Legendary

[Monster Attribute]: Rock/Mystic

[Monster Abilities]: Hard Body Level 5 Enhanced Regenerative Healing Level 4 Enhanced Strength Level 4

[Special Characteristics]: Illusory Clones (Active Effect 1: It can summon two clones of itself once activated. The copies operate at 80% of the main body’s strength and will vanish after a certain time limit is exceeded.)

Secret Dragonslayer Mark (omitted)

[Monster Description]: A fusion familiar that was created through special means. Possesses monumental physical strength, has a violent personality, and is capable of suppressing Dragon-type monsters. It decomposed into its pre-fusion form after being destroyed, but now the fusion form has been activated temporarily.

Gao Peng stared at the arms that were thicker than an elephant’s legs, and the goddess’ physique, which was packed with so much muscle that it would put even a bodybuilding fitness coach to shame.

Gao Peng was rendered speechless. With this appearance, not even a single dragon, but ten dragons could be slain by it…

Gao Peng glanced at the left hand of the Goddess Stone. It was holding the Dragon Slaying Chapter (Water). The main fusion core of this monster would most likely be the Dragon Slaying Chapter, which was a significant detail, as the whole fusion and its characteristics would be based on the Dragon Slaying Chapter.

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