Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 483

Chapter 483 Lu Zhiduck Unroots The Carrot

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The Desolate Frost Lion flexed its neck as it looked at Stripey, who had managed to overwhelm the Goddess Stone. It was rather shocked as it muttered to itself, “What is this extraordinary familiar?! It’s too crazy!”

Now that Stripey was sitting on the Goddess Stone to restrain it, Stripey wasn’t able to move, or else the Goddess Stone would escape at the same moment.

Stripey twisted its body, swaying from side to side. “Gao Peng, this stone beast isn’t staying still and wants to escape. It’s drilling a hole.”

Drilling a hole? Gao Peng was unsure if the hole was going up or down.

“But I’m using Earth element to harden the dirt underneath, so it won’t be able to drill a hole.” Stripey was expecting a compliment from Gao Peng.

“Stripey, you’re awesome,” Gao Peng complimented it.

Things can’t go on like this. Stripey can’t repress the Goddess Stone forever. Instead, this is holding one of my strongest battle forces hostage.

Gao Peng wasn’t embarrassed as he summoned for Desolion and Dumby. The Amorphic Hell Tree stood nearby as it extended its aura to provide backup.

The Slaughtering Aura hovered over all the familiars, a faint blood-reddish glow tainting the surface of their bodies. The Violent Aura was also activated as a layer of faint purple light shed upon the opponent’s familiar.

Flashes of red and purple light spread across the place.

“Gao Peng, I have nothing to fear now.” Goldie was now 164 times stronger and four times its usual size, with a height up to 65 feet. Goldie walked towards Stripey and looked up to it. “Stripey, let go of it. I want to have a fair one-on-one battle against it.”

At this moment, Gao Peng happened to be ordering Stripey to let go of the Goddess Stone. Stripey lifted its butt and moved backward.

Goldie lifted its right arm mid-air as it eyed the Goddess Stone. Both parties made eye contact to lock on their opponent and the battle began. Boom!

As both fists met, Goldie’s arm trembled, and it was pushed five steps backward. The Goddess Stone had it worse. It was like a nail being hammered into the ground after taking a blow from Goldie, with its calves sunken into the soil.

Although there was a gap between them in terms of level, Goldie’s physical state had been enhanced 164 times. Therefore, the Goddess Stone wasn’t able to beat Goldie in terms of strength.

On the other hand, this also proved that the Goddess Stone had incredible power. If Goldie hadn’t boosted its powers, it would have been completely overpowered by the Goddess Stone.

It wasn’t a surprise when Da Zi was unable to escape from the Goddess Stone’s grasp, for it seemed like an adult bullying an infant, hence it had been defeated with the book.

It was highly possible that this had happened because Da Zi was a monster of Dragon-attribute, which the Goddess Stone might have naturally had hatred for. After all, this monster had possibly been created to fight against Dragon-attribute monsters, so the Goddess Stone’d had a natural instinct to slap the book on Da Zi.

But Gao Peng remembered that the myth recorded in the Twelve peaks of the Shaman Canyon was Yu the Great relieving the water disaster. The Goddess Stone had presented Yu the Great a way to solve the water disaster. If that was the case, it should have been the type to restrain Water-attribute monsters. It was puzzling for it to be the type to counter Dragon-attribute monsters.

Could it be that Yu the Great didn’t face a water disaster, but a dragon disaster? Gao Peng was still in the midst of his thoughts.

Goldie shouted with rage, then rushed forward and held onto the Goddess Stone’s neck, like Lu Zhishen pulling a carrot from the ground, Goldie picked up the from Water Margin, one of the Four Great Classical Novels in Chinese literature and smashed it onto the ground!

At this moment, Gao Peng saw a resemblance to a wrestler. The ground was fortified by Stripey with his Earth element powers.

Wham! Pow! Boom!

The Goddess Stone was thrown onto the ground into different positions. Even the ground that was hardened was smashed into pieces due to such a strong attack. The Goddess Stone laid on the ground, stunned.

Dumby stretched out a finger, its Soul Power forming a rope that wrapped around the Goddess Stone. Desolion jumped into the air and breathed Frost Breath to freeze the statue.

The ice quickly froze the Goddess Stone. It seemed that the ice had a certain restraining effect. Gao Peng remembered that ice was the Goddess Stone’s weakness.

Stripey lifted a leg that it then thrust it onto the ground, which formed many cracks and split into pieces! Under the cooperation of the familiars, the King-tier monster was forcefully defeated.

As the Goddess Stone was ripped open, three lines of white light shot out from its body. It had been made up of three kinds of monsters before the fusion, but two of the monsters were badly injured, and one died on the spot.

The Wu Gorge’s Goddess Stone’s body surface had several cracks that almost broke its waist in half. The cracks were so deep that it was terrifying to look. Its status was already displaying the word ‘Dead’ in gray.

Gao Peng sighed. They were already seriously injured when I caught them. Why bother to fuse into a monster and cause trouble after I visited Nihon to let them heal for a month? Now, one of them is dead and two of them have critical injuries.

Stripey carried two young yellow familiars, Nan Ju and Bei Zhi, over before they jumped off its back. They ran to the Dragon Slaying Chapter and the Holy Spring Spirit’s side. The two young familiars held oranges in their palms as they squatted to place them on the ground. “Have some oranges. They’re good for your body.”

Gao Peng was happy that the two young familiars were so kind-hearted.

The other familiars also nodded in agreement as they looked at the younger familiars in adoration, like elders to a younger generation. The two young familiars were rather adorable.


It was a definite that the Dragon Slaying Chapter and Gao Peng would sign a Blood Contract. As for the Holy Spring Spirit, Gao Peng wasn’t interested.

The Holy Spring Spirit’s ability could be duplicated by the reflection of the holy spring, as it was able to copy its target and produce three living reflections at most. The living reflections could possess ninety percent of the original subject’s combat power.

Such ability sounded amazing, right? But there were two conditions that could cause its ability to diminish by half.

First, to activate this ability, large amounts of energy were required. In terms of energy, it needed to use the Holy Spring Spirit’s power to show its target. This would create a large restriction for the Holy Spring Spirit on the selection of a target.

Second, the Holy Spring Spirit was unable to show the monster’s special characteristics if the monster was above Legendary-grade. This meant that if it were to choose Goldie or Da Zi, it could only project their physical ability. As for Stripey…

Gao Peng was dubious of the Holy Spring Spirit’s ability, as it needed to be at least ten levels above Stripey to work well. Therefore, this ability was rather useless, as it could only fight against Epic or lower-grade monsters. It would only be a punching bag if it went against Legendary-grade monsters.

A good monster attribute could increase a monster’s combat power. Legendary-grade monsters would possess at least two or more monster attributes. If one was lucky enough to possess Goldie’s Gui power, which was extraordinary, then it would be able to evolve into a different type of species.

For now, we lack raw materials, so it could take forever to evolve the Holy Spring Spirit into a Heart-Confusing Mindshadow. Instead, we should put it on hold and ask if Grandfather would like to have it once he’s back, Gao Peng thought to himself. As for the Dragon Slaying Chapter… This monster has to be in my control!

The Dragon Slaying Chapter had a huge restraining ability for Dragon-attribute monsters. Besides that, its restraining ability wasn’t a basic restraining attribute.

If it had simply had increased damage on Dragon-attribute monsters, similar to harming Soul-attribute monsters like Flamy, then it would be okay, but the problem was, the Dragon Slaying Chapter had the effect of weakening groups of enemies. Furthermore, when the Dragon Slaying Chapter possessed the higher grade, it could even perform anti-magic. It was a strategic advantage that the whole team of familiars could benefit from.

Grandfather had two Dragon-attribute familiars, and I have one on my own, too. If such a naturally restraining familiar cannot be under my control, I’d rather destroy it.

Gao Peng stared coldly. He lowered his head to face the unconscious Dragon Slaying Chapter lying on the ground.

“Everyone did a good job,” Gao Peng complimented.

“It’s because Master has taught us well.”

“Master’s commanding is the best.”

“Master is wise.”

A bunch of the familiars flattered Gao Peng. The air was quickly filled with a cheerful atmosphere.

After things calmed down, Gao Peng asked Dumby, “What did you think of the battle earlier?”

Dumby didn’t answer immediately, but replied after much thought, “Goldie lacked patience, Da Zi placed Master first, Desolion didn’t give its best, and Stripey had no strategy. All of the above happened because they have yet to face a strong enemy and they have little combat experience.”

Gao Peng nodded his head as he patted the back of Dumby’s hand. “You did a great job. Go be with Xiao Hua.”

“All right.” Dumby nodded as it left.

Gao Peng turned around to face the lively bunch of familiars as he smiled affectionately. His signature beaming smile slowly crept its way onto Gao Peng’s face.

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