Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 487

Chapter 487 Black Flood Dragon

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Orders were coming out nonstop from the war room, along with attempts to raise the trainers’ morale.

“Fire all cannons!”

“Ready the missiles.”

“Trainers, don’t panic. Combine all your attacks towards it. Just hold on. Backup’s on the way.”

The dark clouds in the sky seemed to be on the verge of bursting beneath the weight of all the rain and wind that was raging. At that moment, rain fell down from the clouds like a seamless silver sheet.

In the heavens, a massive dark figure wound its way through the dark clouds. At times, a streak of lightning would explode overhead, illuminating the sky and what appeared to be a massive dragon’s body for all to see.

“Dragon, it’s a dragon!” Panic and fear gripped everyone on the ground as they looked up at the sky.

The trainers in a watchtower nearby were also beginning to feel despair slowly creeping into their hearts. The people of the Huaxia region had held dragons in high regard since ancient times. One could even go so far as to say that the awe they had for these creatures was deeply ingrained in their genetics.

To most of the people there, dragons were the ultimate beings in existence. Now one had appeared before them, and it didn’t seem to be on their side. This was the root of their collective despair.

“There’s no way we’re any match for a dragon. I remember there was once an ancient flood dragon deep in the Daxinganling mountains. That thing was a King-tier creature. I highly doubt that thing in the sky is than King-tier,” said someone in the city’s square despondently. Pandemonium had reached a fever pitch in the city.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Cannons exploded in the city, releasing their charges into the air.

The malevolent dragon flew out of the smoke in the sky unscathed. The downpour was growing even more intense. Suddenly, from outside the city came the sound of rushing water.

“The Yangtze River’s overflowing!” shouted someone from the watchtower.

In the distance, a wave was approaching the Wu Gorge base city at a frightening speed. The sound of rushing water soon drowned out all other sounds. Everything in the water’s path was swept up by it.

The incoming wave seemed to reach as high as the sky. The people of the base city were now being threatened by imminent flooding on the ground plus a malevolent dragon in the sky.

“Why did the Yangtze River suddenly flood?” shouted someone in the war room while angrily slamming the side of the table with his fist. “What are those fools in the monitoring division doing anyway? Why didn’t they notify us of such a crucial development in our situation?”

“This isn’t a natural event, sir. It must be the evil dragon’s doing… It probably has the ability to trigger flooding,” another person in the room explained.

He fell back in his chair limply, his face white with terror. “Doomed, we’re all doomed.”

“What’s your ETA, Master Gao?” a voice suddenly said into Gao Peng’s earpiece.

Gao Peng, who was standing on Da Zi’s back at that moment, sensed from the tone that something must have gone awry on the other end. “Is something wrong? Has something happened in the Wu Gorge area?”

In a pained tone, the voice in his earpiece explained, “Just a minute ago, the Wu Gorge base city was flooded by what appeared to be a black dragon. It has the power to cause floods powerful enough to break through city walls. Thousands of lives in the city are at stake as we speak.”

Gao Peng frowned. “I’ll be there soon.” Lowering his head, he said to his familiar, “Da Zi, we need to go faster.”

Da Zi was already flapping its wings as hard as it could, seeming flustered by what Gao Peng had said. “All right. I’ll try to go faster.”

Electricity began dancing around Da Zi’s body until a ball of electrical energy formed behind it. The electrical ball exploded, propelling Da Zi forward even faster than before. Any onlookers in the distance would probably have seen a ball of lightning carving a long, yellow trail in its wake as it hurtled through the air towards the Wu Gorge base city.

Gao Peng’s face grew solemn. How long would a base city with defenses that had been broken through last against a King-tier monster? He feared that there would be nothing left to save when he reached the city.

Why did a King-tier black dragon suddenly appear? Suspicion began growing in Gao Peng’s mind. His thoughts were now on the Dragon Slaying Chapter’s anti-dragon ability, the legend of Yu the Great controlling the waters, and the sudden appearance of this black dragon, which seemed to have the power to cause floods. All of this troubled Gao Peng greatly.

Had Yu the Great once been a monster trainer? This black dragon must have been wreaking havoc when he was still alive, forcing the latter to either kill it or seal it away.

Gao Peng’s brows furrowed even more. After all these years, why isn’t the black dragon dead? he thought. Thinking about how the Dragon Slaying Chapter was a relic passed down through generations, he figured that the black dragon still being alive wasn’t all that surprising.

The Yuzhou base city was only 400 miles away from the Wu Gorge base city. In the distance, Gao Peng could see the low-lying terrain completely submerged in water, which was endlessly surging past the banks of the Yangtze River. Most of the Wu Gorge base city was immersed in water, save for a couple of tall buildings that still remained exposed above the surface.

However, even the tall buildings that were still standing erect in the water weren’t completely out of the danger zone. Some of them had collapsed into the water, where countless corpses were left to float.

Ants. Gao Peng was suddenly reminded of ants.

When he was younger, he had once seen his neighbor’s kid pour water into an ant’s nest. Water had overflowed from the nest’s entrance, carrying countless ant carcasses with it into the open air. This was eerily similar to what was happening right then.

Weakness was a sin. Stronger people would jump at the chance to trample all over the weak, regardless of what they did or didn’t do, either because they were bored and wanted something to play with… or because they were hungry and just wanted a snack.

A black serpentine figure flew above the Wu Gorge base city in the sky, expelling black fumes from its nostrils. The cries of the dead could be heard from said fumes.

The black dragon was greedily gobbling up the souls of the dead from the city. The thousands of souls in the city below it were like an extravagant buffet prepared in its honor. In the past, it probably would have had to travel hundreds of miles just to feast on so many human souls, as opposed to then, since the human population had drastically increased.

[Monster Name]: Black Flood Dragon (Moderately Injured)

[Monster Level]: Level 59 (King-tier)

[Monster Grade]: Legendary

[Monster Attribute]: Water/Soul

[Monster Ability]: Water Mastery Level 5, Soul Devour Level 4, Sharp Dragon Claw Level 3, Fortified Self-healing Level 4

[Monster Traits]: Water Insurrection (The dragon has the innate ability to control all bodies of water, allowing it to manipulate them as it pleases.

Passive Effect 1: Water Mastery +1

Active Effect 1: Causes all the water in the air and any nearby body of water to have a sudden violent reaction. The higher the concentration of water is in an area, the more devastating this ability’s effect will be.)

Soul Consumption (The dragon’s malformed soul can absorb other souls as a source of power, allowing itself to become stronger in the process.

Passive Effect 1: It can heal any injury it has sustained on its soul or boost the power of its own soul through the consumption of other souls.

Passive Effect 2: Its attacks are capable of inflicting direct damage on its opponents’ souls. This effect also acts as a natural deterrent to all other Soul-type monsters.

Active Effect 1: It can activate this effect to momentarily suppress any other creature in its vicinity. It can also directly consume the souls of those significantly weaker than it.)

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