Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 491

Chapter 491 White Skeleton Demon God Apparition

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The Black Flood Dragon’s already incorporeal head became even more transparent after being infected by the undead death aura.

“That annoying bunch behind me is catching up.” The Black Flood Dragon turned to look at the group of approaching undead with hatred in its eyes. The dead envied the living, but the living detested the dead, as well, because that was what they became when they died.

The Black Flood Dragon had little love for the undead, especially when this group of them was after its life.

The Blackwater Nightmare Dragon turned around and bellowed, “Roar!”

Gao Peng’s face was expressionless, ignoring the dragon’s fearful attempt at a bluff. Even if it were to go down on its knees and beg to become one of Gao Peng’s familiars, he wouldn’t show any mercy. After killing so many people, it had to go.

In the hundreds and thousands of mountains below, scattered trainers and monster hunting teams were making their way through the jungles. At this moment, they all stopped to peer through the canopy above their heads to observe the black dragon overhead.

“That’s a dragon…” someone muttered to himself.

Another person whispered, “Is that the familiar of that important figure from Yuzhou City? I heard that his familiar was a dragon.”

“Nope,” said the first person, shaking his head. “That man’s familiar is a white dragon, but this one is a black dragon.”

“How great it would be if I were to own a dragon…” These words were filled with yearning and admiration.

This was a dragon, and in the hearts and minds of the Huaxia people, dragons were always a special existence.

The black dragon stopped, turning around to face the group of undead behind it. “Don’t force me, or I’ll eat all of you!” roared the Black Flood Dragon viciously.

Gao Peng remained expressionless. Beneath him, the Black Lightning Eagle Skeleton’s eye sockets glowed strongly with blue electricity.

Two slim arcs of electricity shot forth. In the air, the arcs of electricity quickly grew in size as they intertwined, accumulating and forming a net of electricity that threatened to envelop the Black Flood Dragon. With a single thought, numerous swirling vortexes of water appeared around the dragon. The electric net clashed with the vortexes, sending out bursts of intense bluish-purple light. Light flashed at high speeds and spread outwards, surrounding the area around the Black Flood Dragon with a halo of bluish-purple light.


Dumby leaped off the head of the Black Lightning Eagle Skeleton and through the bluish-purple halo towards the Black Flood Dragon’s head. The dragon turned its gigantic mouth in an attempt to bite at the approaching Dumby. Behind it, the eyes of the Six-Tusked Brahman Elephant shone, and a soul attack hit the Black Flood Dragon right in the face.

Bang!!! With trailing whiskers, the Black Flood Dragon’s large head flew to the side. Dumby landed safely right on top of the dragon’s head.

Dumby’s legs bent, sinking its feet into its face, causing the scales on its face to cave inwards. Charging forward a few steps, Dumby stretched out its right arm and grabbed hold of the black horn on the dragon’s head.

Sensing a foreign object on its head, the Black Flood Dragon angrily thrashed its head around, trying to fling Dumby off, but no matter how hard it tried, Dumby stayed secure, grabbing onto the black horn on its head and not budging.

The dragon’s talons clawed at its head. Even though the dragon couldn’t see the top of its head, its strong ability to sense souls allowed it to accurately grasp Dumby’s exact location. With surgical precision, three slender dragon talons cut at Dumby.

Dumby remained expressionless. The moment the dragon talons that glinted with a sinister cold light landed, Dumby activated its Yin Soul Dominator, causing the talons to go right through. Dumby looked down at the dragon talons that went through its chest, actually feeling some pain…

Its claws can actually damage my soul.

But the damage wasn’t serious. In the Yin Soul Dominator state, the outer layers of Dumby’s soul form were made up of the souls that it had swallowed. The inner layer of souls was its actual core. The “inner” and “outer” layers here didn’t refer to spatial layers, but “inner” and “outer” layers in a conceptual sense.

The area of Dumby’s chest that had been pierced through by the dragon talons let out a large amount of gray-brown soul mist. It drifted outwards, swirling around the dragon talons and following them as the talons moved upwards.

Soul Power seeped into its dragon claws. As though it had been pricked by a needle, the Black Flood Dragon quickly removed its talons.

Dumby reverted back to its Skeleton Dominator state, then bent over to grab hold of the bone spear still stuck in the Black Flood Dragon’s body.

Thick and concentrated death energy was transmitted into the bone spear, causing it to tremble wildly. Endless amounts of death energy poured like a raging river into the Black Flood Dragon’s body, destroying its body from the inside.

For the majority of monsters, death energy was a negative substance, with the exception of Dark-type, Yin-type and Undead-type monsters, which possessed an extremely high resistance to death energy.

The Black Flood Dragon could feel cold and deathly energy spreading from its throat to the rest of its body. It thrashed around wildly, somersaulting through the air. Its tail came crashing down from the sky, sweeping across a mountain top. After the tail swept over it, the mountain’s peak was swept clean off.

Suddenly, the Black Flood Dragon looked towards Gao Peng. Resisting the pain, it opened its mouth, and a silvery gray swirl of light began to gather. Even if I die, I’ll make sure to drag someone down with me.

Sensing the Black Flood Dragon’s intentions, Dumby let out a loud roar. His arms flickered with a raging gray mist, which then materialized behind Dumby as the apparition of a White Skeleton Demon God. The White Skeleton Demon God Apparition’s two arms were wrapped with dark red demonic flames. The two figures, one big and one small, overlapped, and upon a closer look, the White Skeleton Demon God Apparition actually looked very similar to Dumby.

What kind of ability is this!? Gao Peng, who was standing behind Dumby, was shocked by the sight. This was the first time he had seen Dumby transform into such a state.

In this state, Dumby seemed to have entered some sort of mysterious and godly realm. Its aura became exceedingly terrifying as it looked over the Black Flood Dragon under his feet. Dark golden bone claws swept down from above, stabbing into the Black Flood Dragon’s brain.

The Black Flood Dragon’s head was already in a semi-transparent state. At that instant, its head looked like jelly, and Dumby’s claws like a spoon. Digging down, they scooped and stirred.

The Black Flood Dragon began to spasm. Viciously slamming downwards, dark flames quickly enveloped the Black Flood Dragon’s head. The dragon’s struggles gradually grew weaker… The silvery gray light that it was about to spit out of its mouth suddenly dissipated.

With a desperate wail, it could no longer maintain the ability to fly and fell down from the sky onto the mountains with a crash, shattering a large number of rocks.

Dumby only managed to maintain this state for roughly ten seconds. After that ten seconds, the White Skeleton Demon God Apparition behind Dumby vanished, and Dumby’s aura became extremely weak.

The Black Flood Dragon’s corpse lay across two separate mountain peaks, its pitch-black scales shimmering with a metallic sheen. With its death, its head that never actually completely materialized disappeared with a poof.

Blood dripped from the neck of the headless dragon corpse. The dark red dragon blood dripped onto the surrounding vegetation. The green leaves quickly swelled in size, turning a much glossier dark green that continued to turn into a richer and richer color…

The veins on the leaves also became clearer, with the thick leaf veins appearing like white bones. Some plants even grew dark green scales, their roots splitting apart and gradually growing dense, dark green scales.

However, almost all of the plants that went through such changes suddenly wilted and died after ten minutes. Mutations required the use of energy. Although the dragon’s blood provided a portion of that, the remaining energy needed was way more than the minute amounts that these plants had within their bodies.

Only a few lucky rare old trees managed to survive after coming in contact with the dragon’s blood. They only underwent the slightest of mutations, such as growing scale-like substances on certain areas of their bark.

Gao Peng jumped off the Black Lightning Eagle Skeleton and checked Dumby’s condition. After finding out that it had simply entered a state of weakness, Gao Peng heaved a sigh of relief.

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