Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 492

Chapter 492 Runaway Da Zi

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“Dumby, do you still remember the kind of state you were in just now?” Gao Peng questioned Dumby.

Gao Peng thought that that state was very rare and simply too strong. Under that state, Dumby’s power had increased frighteningly.

Be it strength or the hardness of bones, both increased markedly.

Before entering that state, it definitely would not have been that easy for Dumby to penetrate the Blackwater Nightmare Dragon’s defenses.

It was just like sticking a shovel into sand.

Although it could not be said that there was no resistance at all, it was not at all difficult for Dumby either.

Dumby thought for a moment, then shook his head.

He held up his right arm towards the Blackwater Nightmare Dragon beside him, and the immense soul power surged into Dumby’s body.

The aura in Dumby’s body continually grew, growing stronger and stronger…

Finally, reaching a certain threshold!

The increase in aura suddenly stopped. The aura of his soul had already reached the limits of King Tier.

The next step up would be Emperor Tier. When it came to Monster Grade or accumulation of power, Dumby had already reached what it took to ascend to Emperor Tier. However, in this land, it seemed as though there was an invisible barrier keeping Dumby stuck at this tier.

He had already reached the ceiling, any breakthrough right now was impossible. Unless he could shatter this ceiling… or perhaps make a small hole in the ceiling, but neither of this was possible for the current Dumby.

This ceiling was also known as this world’s limit, even if making a small hole was considerably easier that shattering the ceiling, it was still an extremely difficult task.

Dumby turned and placed a hand onto the corpse of the Blackwater Nightmare Dragon. The cold corpse suddenly shook, its flesh and blood shrinking away, its spine protruding upwards and looking menacing with its multiple white spurs.


A deep and expansive rumble reverberated through the lands.


The mountain tops shook.

Dragon talons tore at the sides of the mountains leaving a scratch mark hundreds of meters long from the top of the mountain all the way down.

The headless dragon corpse struggled to stand on the mountain top, with its headless neck stretching upwards to the sky. The moment it reached as high as it could, it fell back to the ground with a thunderous crash.

It became a corpse once more.

Dumby stood transfixed for a moment, then shook his head. “Master, it’s missing the dragon head, it can’t be resurrected.”

“No matter,” Gao Peng shook his head, indicating that it was all right.

There was no real problem even if it could not be resurrected. This was a corpse of a dragon at the peak of King Tier, and it was huge as well. [1]

After cleanly absorbing the Blackwater Nightmare Dragon’s soul, Dumby still looked slightly weakened, but much better than before. “Master, I feel that as long as I want to, I can still enter that state like before.”

Gao Peng’s heart leapt with joy. Although he still did not understand how that state worked, it was now another ace up his sleeve.

“Dumby, how do you activate that state of yours?” Gao Peng asked Dumby curiously.

Dumby was confused, and did not manage to say anything.

“Then, are there any aftereffects?” Dumby already possessed the ability to control souls, if there was any damage to his soul or body, Dumby would definitely be able to sense it.

“After entering the state, I will become a little weak, but nothing major other than that.”

“That’s good.”

Seeing the situation, Gao Peng did not press further. He will have Dumby properly train this ability whenever he could.

“Let’s go, we’ll bring the dragon corpse back.”

But the dragon corpse was too large, making it troublesome to bring back. Thankfully, Stripey managed to reach them at that time, providing pretty good manpower.

After Gao Peng and the rest had left, a team of Trainers crept their way over from the other mountain. One of them had a camera around his neck, looking down and looking through the photos as well as the video taken. Around him, the others gathered, letting out shocked gasps.

“We actually personally witnessed a dragon-slaying battle.”

“Too scary, even a dragon was killed.”

By the time Gao Peng had returned to the Southern Sky Group, the dragon corpse on Stripey’s back had shocked everyone within the Southern Sky Group and everyone who witnessed the sight along the way.

Xu Heti just knocked off from work and walked out of the Southern Sky Tower only to see a mountain clamorously making its way past the outer walls of the building. Naturally, he already knew that that was Young Master Gao’s Familiar.

But what made his jaw drop was the pitch black dragon corpse on the mountain peak that was still dripping with blood. Where the dragon’s head should be was a thick layer of soil that served as a cover to prevent blood from further flowing out of the wound.

A dragon???

When did Young Master Gao head off to slay a dragon?

Even a Lord-tier Familiar such as Xu Heti was in shock. Needless to say, others were even more in awe.

Back at the Southern Sky Group, Gao Peng summoned others to help with dealing with the dragon corpse. The corpse had to be handled as quickly as possible.

Xu Heti and other members of the senior management hurried over as soon as they heard the news. They had all seen a live dragon, but never a dead one.

Over a few hundred meters in length, the black dragon seemed mighty even in death. Their Familiars all stood dozens of meters away, not daring to approach.

Very soon, a few large trucks drove over. The soil cover was removed and the severed neck of the dragon was exposed to the air. Dragon’s blood flowed from the wound and dripped into the modified container at the back of the truck. Ten full trucks were needed to completely contain all of the dragon’s blood.

These dragon blood were premium materials. Gao Peng recalled that some monsters required dragon’s blood for their evolutionary pathways.

After using dragon’s blood on some monsters, they could be evolved into dragon-blooded monsters. The dragon’s blood could also be used to create medicines, or made into dragon blood pudding [2]…

Up next was the splitting up of the dragon corpse. Gao Peng had Flowing Light help cut up the dragon meat.

The scene was literally hot and buzzing with activity, with a whole flock of Familiars lining up at the side with puppy eyes waiting to get a share of dragon meat.

A bunch of laboratory supervisors under the Southern Sky Group had also flocked to the scene after getting the news, hoping for a share of materials from the dragon for their research.

Logistics Department, Weapons Department…

Not one to beat away all these people coming up to him pleading for a share, Gao Peng was extremely frustrated, so he left it all for Huang Ya to settle.

“Keep all the important materials such as the organs, bone marrow and spine for me. Other secondary materials like the bones, blood, flesh and scales can be partially distributed to them,” instructed Gao Peng.

“Yes, Young Master.”

“Oh, that’s right. Extract the dragon’s liver for me, and then send a chef over.” Gao Peng suddenly had an idea.

He had heard of “dragon liver and phoenix marrow” before. Although it was mostly used as an idiom for extremely rare and precious food ingredients, he had his hands on a literal dragon liver right now. There was no way could let such an opportunity go to waste.

“Where’s Da Zi?” Gao Peng shouted for Flamy. He realized that he had not seen Da Zi come over even after being back for so long. That fella was extremely clingy, for it to not appear after so long was extremely uncharacteristic of Da Zi.

“Da Zi left you a letter,” said Flamy as it brought Gao Peng to the place where Da Zi carved a message.

Gao Peng saw a row of words written in a shaky and messy scrawl.

——”I am leaving, I want to become strong, I will return when I am strong.”


That joker, does it even know the way home?

Gao Peng could not help but worry.

But with regards to Da Zi’s ability, Gao Peng was still at ease. Da Zi was already at level 50, just a step away from King-tier, there would hardly be any opponent for it on the entire Earth. Furthermore, Da Zi could fly, so he did not have to worry about Da Zi’s safety too much. It was just that the fella was simply not too bright. Gao Peng suspected that even if Da Zi were sold into slavery it would still help its seller count his change.

“Gao Peng, I already had others send a Familiar to follow Da Zi, Da Zi definitely would not be lost.” Flamy struggled to hide a smile as it saw Gao Peng’s worried face.

Translator’s Notes:

[1]: Which means lots of usable materials, in case this wasn’t clear. Our protagonist is mercenary 

[2]: 毛血旺 is a specialty dish from Yuzhou (Chongqing), which is made of duck blood pudding and beef tripe in spicy soup. The author uses 龙血旺, suggesting that they could use dragon’s blood for the dish instead.

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