Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 493

Chapter 493 Ferment

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After awakening, the Dragon Slaying Chapter fell into silence, refusing to respond to Gao Peng. Even when Gao Peng wanted to make it his Familiar, there was little reaction; it just rejected the Blood Contract.

From the looks of it, it seemed to have the gall to start a war of attrition with Gao Peng.

Back then, Gao Peng paid it no mind. Although the Dragon Slaying Chapter had a pretty good attribute and a rather decent level, Gao Peng already had Familiars with a grade equal to or even better than it, hence he did not think much of it.

“Gao Peng, that white book wants to speak to you,” said Silly as it drifted slowly towards Gao Peng with a bottle of juice.

With that, Silly drifted slowly away again.

Gao Peng was at home, just preparing for the next big thing that could happen. Hearing Silly’s message, he was stunned for a moment. He then put on a coat, packed his things and left the house.

Gao Peng had been wondering at that time, if he had never taken away the Dragon Slaying Chapter and the Goddess Stone in the first place, would the Blackwater Nightmare Dragon have made its appearance?

Back then, Gao Peng did not think too much. But now, this question was like a heavy stone in his heart.

In the specially constructed underground confinement room, Gao Peng met up with the Dragon Slaying Chapter.

The Dragon Slaying Chapter was quietly floating in mid-air, releasing its psychic waves. “I have sensed the aura of that black dragon. That black dragon is an evil dragon, it’s best that you avoid contact with it.”

Gao Peng stared at it. “I have something to ask you. Were you guys at the Wu Gorge

The Dragon Slaying Chapter seemed puzzled. It’s pages flipped open, and then closed again. “You want to face that black dragon? Give it up. With your current strength it’s not possible. The black dragon can fly, there’s no way that giant crab of yours can kill it. If you are unable to kill the black dragon, it will go eat people.”

“No, I just want to know, if I had never taken you two from the Wu Gorge, would the black dragon appear?” Gao Peng’s voice shook as he spoke. He only managed to steady his voice again after two deep breaths.

The Dragon Slaying Chapter seemed to have understood something and fell silent for a moment. “The black dragon had actually long been showing signs of awakening. Back then, that man had only managed to severely inure that black dragon and not kill it. Even if I had not been taken away it would still have awoken. It was just a matter of time.”

“Back then, while dealing with the black dragon, I was only able to provide some assistance. The one that had dealt a crippling blow to the black dragon was another Familiar, so if you are asking me to kill the black dragon, you’re getting ahead of yourself.” The Dragon Slaying Chapter continued calmly, “Nonetheless, I still advise you to stay away from that black dragon. Back in our time, it ate a lot of people and even brought about a huge flood. It is truly an infamous beast.”

“It’s dead.”

Dragon Slaying Chapter, “???”

“It’s been killed by my Familiars, its body is just outside.”

The Dragon Slaying Chapter began to flip its pages. From the front cover all the way to the back, and then back to the front again.

“You guys didn’t manage to kill the black dragon back then? Was it really that strong?”

Hearing Gao Peng’s doubtful tone, the Dragon Slaying Chapter snapped back, “We could kill it. How could we not? We even had its head chopped of, all we had to do was extinguish its soul to kill it. It was just that that man wanted to seal it under the mountain and use it to repress the fortune of the nation [1], that was why it was allowed to cling on to its life for so long.”

Afterwards, the Dragon Slaying Chapter could not hold back its curiosity and asked, “How did you actually manage to kill it?”

Gao Peng suddenly spoke in a serious tone. “Have you eaten cake? Just use a spoon, and with a gentle scoop, dig out the soul that’s in its brain.”

The Dragon Slaying Chapter shuddered. Although it had never heard of ‘cake’, it believed that it could not be anything good.

“Do you want to be my Familiar?” Gao Peng offered.

After knowing that Gao Peng had killed the black dragon, the Dragon Slaying Chapter’s attitude had changed, but it still did not immediately accept Gao Peng’s invitation. “I will need to consider first.”

“The saddest thing in the world is having a full set of dragon slaying skills but not a single dragon in the world for you to slay,” Gao Peng said enticingly.

“But… I’ve heard that you like to trick monsters,” said the Dragon Slaying Chapter, still doubtful.

Gao Peng stared back in disbelief, “When did I trick any monster?”

The Dragon Slaying Chapter glowed with a white light. “I heard that you once promised a monster to make it tall… but it probably ended up becoming even shorter…”

Gao Peng, “???”

Gao Peng was shocked, which darned individual had let this spread?

But Gao Peng was indeed at fault in this matter. He sheepishly coughed and then replied, “That was an accident, I did not expect it to grow shorter after evolving… but it did become stronger after that! It evolved to an even stronger Familiar did it not? If I gave you the option of promoting to Mythic Grade, but the price was growing 10cm shorter, would you do it?”

The Dragon Slaying Chapter showed visible joy. “When will you promote me?”

Gao Peng let out a smile as wide as the Cheshire Cat. “The opportunity will come.”

Flowing Light was on the dragon’s back slicing meat when it sneezed. With a slip of its blade, the piece of meat in its hand that was supposed to be 5kg suddenly became 8kg.

Dressed in beach shorts and carrying a plastic washbasin, Uncle Liu beamed. “How nice of you, lil Flowing Light. Uncle Liu will buy you something good to eat later so that you’ll grow big and tall.”

After establishing the Blood Contract, the white book floating behind Gao Peng as they left the underground basement.

“You’re a white covered book, so let’s call you White Paper then.” Gao Peng gave the Dragon Slaying Chapter a nice name.

The Dragon Slaying Chapter had never been to school, so it thought its name was not bad.

At the same time, the matters regarding the destruction of Wu Gorge Base City had finally fermented.

News had exploded and spread like wildfire!

In just a matter of a few hours, the news head spread across the entire Huaxia, and had continued to spread outwards.

What started as a ripple had caused a huge wave!

The destruction of a base city was not something new, and Wu Gorge Base City was no big city either, it was just considered a medium sized base city, and this was based on the high population density in Huaxia areas.

But the most important reason for the uproar is that no one managed to escape Wu Gorge Base City alive, every single person died!

The Blackwater Nightmare Dragon’s ability to control souls in an area to instantly kill all within it was terrifying. Soul-based attacks are a truly unreasonable attribute.

Because many life forms had weak defenses against soul-based attacks, leaving them with no means to withstand any attacks to the soul. Hence, in the face of a soul-based attack greatly exceeding what they could take, the only result was instant death.

Of course, no matter what the reasons were, what happened had already happened.

The total annihilation of Wu Gorge Base City had begun to ferment, and within that area, created widespread panic amongst the citizens.

Some were worried that disaster would befall them next. The world was getting more and more dangerous. Today was Wu Gorge Base City, could their city face the same fate tomorrow?

Online forums and social media exploded with activity, with people sending out posts and messages.

In the streets, in companies and groups, in public places, people were uneasy and in panic. Some debated loudly, while others whispered in quiet discussions. This seemed to be the only way to dispel some of the fear and unease in their hearts.

Upon receiving the news, the world government had immediately took steps to shut down large forums and deleted related threads from dominating discussions online.

A raging dark current had been hidden under the peaceful exterior of the world.

Translator’s notes:

[1]: this is probably based on fengshui (Chinese geomancy). In this case, it probably comes from the belief that having certain important objects placed at important locations could influence the luck and fortune of the land. Similar to the idea of ley lines and having objects along them that could boost or block the flow of energy along the ley lines.

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