Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 494

Chapter 494 World In Chaos

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If this had been in the past, such a large event might still have been covered up, but the repercussions of this event were simply too great. The more effort that was put into covering it up, the more it fanned the flames of the citizens’ anger.

In the darkness of the night, the Southern Sky Tower’s lights remained lit.

Because the dragon corpse that they had just obtained had to be distributed and properly dealt with, the majority of the departments in the Southern Sky Group had to do overtime. Of course, all of the employees working overtime would be given two pounds of King-tier dragon meat as compensation.

The factory was roaring with activity, the sounds of its processing machinery reverberating across the night sky. Elsewhere, in other districts, branch offices were working hard, as well. The materials and live monsters that Gao Peng required were being transported overnight through various roads and channels.

“Things are going to get messy…” Gao Peng mumbled to himself, his brows furrowing.

Grandpa was still not back yet, so he needed to man the helm at the Southern Sky Group. He had just put down the phone when another person called to ask Gao Peng to join their organization. Gao Peng rejected the offer with thanks. If he had never met the person, Gao Peng very well would have thought it was a prank call. However, everything from the person’s tone of voice to their special telephone number told Gao Peng that this person was no fraud.

“How did things happen so fast…” said Gao Peng, a complex expression on his face. Indeed, time and tide waited for no man. The situation of chaos had come too quickly. Gao Peng had thought that he could give himself a few years to develop, but little more than a year had passed.

Over the past year, whenever he was back at the Southern Sky Group, Gao Peng would spend most of his time raising the grades of familiars that belonged to loyal members of the senior management or a select few members of the Explorer’s Union. Other than that, he would raise rare monsters and then reproduce them in large numbers.

After going through this large scale reproduction, he had raised monster armies one by one. Some were sent out to complete missions, while the others underwent training deep in the mountains.

“If I were given a few more years, I could even create a monster army comprising of only Lord-tier monsters.”

Knock, knock, knock. There was a sound from the door.

“Come in,” said Gao Peng.

“Young Master, this is the expert you asked us to invite over, and these here are professors of archaeology from the Huaxia district.” Xu Qingzhi, who had been a researcher all this while, was now Gao Peng’s temporary secretary.

The door opened and seven or eight old men walked in. These were all either proficient researchers of ancient history or professors with unique views on certain areas, accompanied by an old researcher who had done extensive research on ancient languages.

“Your humble student Gao Peng is honored to meet such distinguished teachers,” said Gao Peng as he turned around, smiling and bowing earnestly. Gao Peng’s attitude eased the anger of a few of the professors who had been forced to come over.

“You said that you had certain works of ancient literature for us to research?” The rosy-cheeked and white-haired old man standing on the left spoke up loudly. “Let me get things straight; if there’s no ancient literature for us to examine, I demand a return flight immediately. I still have a class to give tomorrow.”

Gao Peng smiled. “I wouldn’t dare make a fool of you all, but your humble student must admit that he did tell a lie. I don’t actually have a work of literature written in an ancient language…” Without waiting for them to grow angry, Gao Peng immediately continued, “But I do have two people from an ancient tribe with me here. I believe they can serve as research subjects for you, distinguished teachers.”

“What do you mean?” said the same professor in shock.

In the room, the seven or eight old men were surrounding Tong Xiang and Tong Ling, staring at them intently.

Dressed in a brown wooly nightgown and carrying a large watermelon, Tong Xian shifted uneasily in his seat. The sofa was nice and soft, but for some reason, he was seated very uncomfortably.

“You sure you aren’t joking with me?” Professor Wang was still a little doubtful.

“Don’t let this old man be happy over nothing,” warned another professor.

“Don’t worry. I’m definitely not,” Gao Peng said to the professors. The reason why Gao Peng had invited these professors over was to study writings of the ancient language.

Although these were ancient people, Gao Peng knew his stuff. He understood that these ancient people had a very unique understanding of monster breeding and had come a long way in developing their techniques.

If one knows themselves and knows their enemy, one will never taste defeat, even in a thousand battles.

Whether it was to facilitate communication or to understand their writing, learning their language and alphabet was very important. At the very least, it would prevent these two ancient tribesmen from speaking openly right under Gao Peng’s nose without him understanding anything that they discussed.

After he had learned the language, Gao Peng also planned to have the senior management of the Southern Sky Group, as well as a few of his loyal followers, learn the ancient writing system and language. This was to prepare before he spread it to the whole Southern Sky Group.

But Gao Peng wasn’t relaxed just having Tong Xiang and Tong Ling teach them. They were once his enemies, after all, which was why Gao Peng had sought out the authorities in this field. These were all legitimate old professors who had put in years of hard work. With both their expertise and the help of the ancient tribesmen, Gao Peng believed that he would be able to learn the ancient language and writing system in no time at all.

“Young Master, the Yuzhou City mayor is on the phone,” said Xu Qingzhi, running over with the phone in hand.

Gao Peng addressed the various professors, saying, “Let me take this call.”

While leaving the room, Gao Peng picked up the phone. On the other end, the Yuzhou mayor’s voice sounded tired and hoarse. He wanted to hear the detailed happenings of the events at the Wu Gorge base city from Gao Peng.

Although they roughly understood how the situation had unfolded through the use of satellite surveillance, the impacts of this matter were far too large, and they needed to know the exact details.

Gao Peng didn’t hide anything, except for the abilities of his familiars. With regards to all other details, he held nothing back, especially the abilities of the Blackwater Nightmare Dragon.

There was silence on the other end of the phone, then after a while came the reply. “Thank you.”

The next day, news spread that the Great Britain district had officially left the Allied Government, establishing the Holy Day Alliance.

In the afternoon of the same day, the Southeast Asia district, as well as Jiangnan base city, the Jinling base city, and the Modu base city of the Huaxia district, announced their independence, forming the Poseidon Alliance and the Freedom Alliance, respectively.

The authority of the World Allied Government plummeted. Base cities all around the world, along with wealthy corporations, all began to recruit trainers, hiring strong trainers by offering high salaries and valuable positions.

Suddenly, the market value of all the strongest independent individuals soared. Across various large online forums, the same few videos were at the top of the feed.

In the Great Britain district, up in the air above Big Ben, a giant red dragon soared through the city sky, giving off blistering flames that created a sea of fire that covered the sky.

In the middle of Stonehenge, a 160-foot-tall magma stone giant bellowed at the sky.

Along the shores of the Maldives, a giant turtle that was as big as an island with a black shell that looked as though it was covered in coral raised tidal waves.

In the sky of the Jiangnan base city, a giant green bird circled a green mountain. At the peak, a tornado materialized, creating a funnel that leading straight up into the heavens. Gray clouds swirled around the tornado, forming a spiral above the mountain.

All of these videos had one common point. On the heads or backs of each of these monsters was the tiny figure of a human. It was small, but its presence was one that couldn’t be ignored. This meant that none of these were wild monsters—they were all familiars with a master!

These videos were uploaded across various forums and video sharing sites and went viral immediately. An active forum member who was also a Lord-tier trainer left the message: “This is King-tier.”

Overnight, the global situation had turned completely. Storms were brewing ahead.

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