Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 497

Chapter 497 The White Dragon Tribe

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The man on the back of the Aquatic Dragon flinched in fear before he rubbed his eyes.

The crowd that was initially in the midst of discussion gradually quieted down as they turned around to stare at Stripey gravely.

“This is my grandson’s familiar, Stripey. It’s adorable and very obedient,” Ji Hanwu introduced it to the crowd.

Adorable? Haha. Furious, the crowd desperately wanted to cry their anger out. Yet they didn’t even dare to scoff. Didn’t we agree that only King-tier familiars were allowed at the ancestral grounds? What is this? What! Is! This!!!

“Grandpa, you’re back.” Alongside Gao Peng, there was the Desolate Frost Lion, Dumby, the Dragon Slaying Chapter, and the subordinates of the King-tier Ghoul. They were welcoming Grandpa on the lawn.

Gao Peng was wearing a knitted brown-collared top with a fitted white windbreaker on the outside. On his legs, he wore straight cut dark blue jeans. With a gentle smile on his face, he appeared clean and tidy.

Bai Yin hopped down from the back of the Chalky Aquatic Dragon. In disbelief, he was stunned by Gao Peng’s beauty.

“Roar,” warned the Chalky Aquatic Dragon as it glared hostilely at Dumby. In the meantime, it reminded its master through their Blood Contract, “Master, this skeleton is very dangerous!”

The Chalky Aquatic Dragon squinted, and its pupils become as thin as needles. The scales on the Aquatic Dragon’s body were leaning closely against each other with no gaps in between. Its sharp claws left scratches on the ground.

Bai Yin looked at Dumby with a frozen grin on his face after he heard his familiar.

It was wearing a black cape. With the hood hanging on his shoulders, its dark golden skeletal head was exposed. Its sharp humerus extended and formed the shape of a crown at the back of his head. A mysteriously white flame glared quietly within his orbit, perfectly demonstrating its ruthlessness. Despite not knowing the exact level and quality of the monster, one could easily deduce its fierceness by its appearance.

“I heard that the people at the ancestral ground were all Holy Individuals and are allowed to reserve familiars without any restriction. So, it’s true…” an audience member said in envy.

“Why are we being treated unfairly? We can only reserve one familiar for each person and are only permitted to reserve a new familiar after our familiars die.”

“Yes, that’s so unfair. I’m so envious that they can train so many familiars.”

“Do you think this is the reason why the ancestors have always wanted to return to the ancestral ground? Because we’ll be given the chance to have more familiars at the ancestral ground?” another person asked abruptly.

They were talking loudly and thoughtlessly, as though they knew that Ji Hanwu couldn’t understand their language.

They interacted with Ji Hanwu only via their familiars. Unlike humans, communication between the familiars was simpler, and there wasn’t much difference between their languages. As they leveled up, familiars could basically understand all other familiars. This seemed to be a part of their survival instinct.

Gao Peng remained still. Despite the fact that he failed to comprehend a major part of the conversation, he was able to grasp a few keywords, like familiars, envious, and die.

As his soul was receiving more and more Feedback, Gao Peng noticed the growth of his memory and learning ability. He had always been a smart student, and it had never been a tough job for him to learn the ancient language. By now, he had learned approximately two hundred basic terms.

Puzzled, Gao Peng looked at the crowd behind his grandpa and asked, “Grandpa, they are…?”

“They are the people of the ancient tribe,” Ji Hanwu answered. “They’re acting like psychopaths and won’t leave me alone.” Ji Hanwu seemed to have more to say, but after some consideration, the words died in his mouth.

“You might not know about the ancient tribe. In fact, they were part of Earth Star, but they eventually left Earth Star. Now, they intend to return to Earth Star. They’re a very strong tribe, and the ones who visited Earth Star now are a weaker group.”

“I know. I met four people from one of their tribes some time ago,” Gao Peng said softly.

Ji Hanwu raised his brows as he exchanged gazes with his grandson.

With the same expression, Gao Peng continued, “I killed two of them and captured the other two alive. I’ve also hired an expert to study the ancient language from them.”

Ji Hanwu nodded in acknowledgment. His grandson had definitely matured. “Yes. You should separate the two of them when the expert is doing the study and check the progress of the study regularly. This can prevent the two captives from colluding and teaching false phrases. You should punish them if you discover that their words don’t match,” Ji Hanwu lectured.

Happy to learn from him, Gao Peng nodded humbly. “Grandpa, I intend to depart to Black Fog World after I learn the tribe’s language completely,” Gao Peng said to his grandpa.

Ji Hanwu contemplated it. “You’re going to Black Fog World… It’s not safe over there. According to rumors, there are Emperor-tier familiars lurking around the entrance, and no one knows if they’ve left or not.”

Gao Peng shook his head. “That shouldn’t be an issue. Dumby is already at the peak of King-tier. It will immediately upgrade to Emperor-tier the moment it enters the Black Fog World.”

After a brief pause, Gao Peng continued, “Moreover, our objective is very clear. Although the majority of the population is within the normal range of intelligence, when Woody grows up, it might experience an unexpected rise in intelligence. I wish to take shelter in the Black Fog World. In the meantime, I can escape from the battlefield.”

Gao Peng had a bigger picture in mind. He didn’t wish to be a major villain, as there would be a never-ending list of challengers, especially when the challengers were backed up by a group of old men.

Despite being protected, the entrance to Earth Star was regulated. Gao Peng had no choice but to stay in the field forever if he stayed in Earth Star. That was why Gao Peng wished to leave. For that, he had set a short-term goal for himself to dominate the Black Fog World.

The tribes always sent their strongest and youngest team to Earth Star, trying to take control of the situation. For now, Gao Peng intended to leave the place and rejoin the game if he had the opportunity in the future.

Ji Wuhan fell into deep thought. After a while, he grinned suddenly. “Fine. I’m old, too. The world needs to be explored by young people like you. It’s a good thing for you to keep your enthusiasm.”

“Grandpa, you should tag along. The Southern Sky Group is strong enough to sustain themselves without us now.”

“Nah, that group is what this old man is leaving behind for you. How can I leave it alone? You go ahead with your adventure and don’t worry about me. I’ll take care of the family!”

Gao Peng only found out that the group of people had come from the White Dragon Tribe after speaking to his grandpa. From their tone, they were apparently very proud of their tribe.

During dinner, Bai Yin’s face was flushed red from the few shots he had taken. He burped, turned around, and grabbed Gao Peng’s hand as he said, “I’m so envious of you. You’re not facing any danger. Instead, you’re enjoying good wine and having delicious food.”

Later, Bai Yin heaved a sigh. He shut his eyes and sat under the bench. He made an indistinct and incomprehensible noise.

Gao Peng didn’t understand him. He merely looked at the drunk man on the ground and ordered the people of his tribe to take him away.

That night, Gao Peng visited Tong Xiang’s room, since he was on house arrest. He intended to ask Tong Xiang if he had heard about the White Dragon Tribe before.

Tong Xiang was startled. Despite not knowing the reason behind the question, he answered frankly, “The White Dragon Tribe is one of the three strongest tribes, right beside the Green God Tribe and the Mysterious Serenity Tribe.”

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