Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 498

Chapter 498 Leaving In The Night

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“Other than the three strongest tribes, there are seven other tribes that are secondary to them,” Tong Xiang explained cautiously. He was discreetly observing Gao Peng’s expression as he spoke. He realized how talented the man before him was, as Gao Peng had taken merely three days to learn their tribal language.

Despite his lack of proficiency, Gao Peng was able to conduct simple conversations. Tong Xiang was extremely shocked at Gao Peng’s ability to achieve the impossible. Was this a gift that came from being a Holy Individual?

After being in captivity for such an extended period of time, Tong Xiang knew next to nothing about the outside world. He still thought that Gao Peng, who had caught him, was the only Holy Individual.

“Then, is your tribe one of the seven secondary tribes?” Gao Peng asked.

Awkwardly, Tong Xiang took a deep breath and replied, “No.” Raising his voice, he continued, “Despite not being on par with them, our Sang Tong tribe has a huge population, and we’re united.”

“I see,” Gao Peng replied with a grin. Initially, Gao Peng thought that the Sang Tong tribe wouldn’t have a vast difference despite not being one of the seven secondary tribes. However, based on Tong Xiang’s tone, it seemed that the Sang Tong tribe had a lot to catch up on.

“So the familiars of the White Dragon Tribe are White Dragons?”

“Yes. They have a herd of White Dragons. The elite members of the tribe are allowed to choose their familiars according to their talent and ability after they reach adulthood… The best among them will get a White Dragon.” Tong Xiang strained to hide the envy in his tone.

Without much expression, Gao Peng agreed, “Yes, that does make people envious.”

After a few days of rehabilitation, Desolion had almost recovered from its injury. Although it wasn’t yet capable of fighting in an intense battle, it was able to carry out daily activities. It was even able to run around.

The Desolate Frost Lion turned around and told Gao Peng, “The Black Fog World is a huge place, and there are a lot of powerful monsters.”

“But going there is my only option. I have no choice.” Gao Peng shook his head.

“Why are you smiling?” The Desolate Frost Lion was puzzled.

“You’ve made a mistake.” Gao Peng put on a straight face.

“Were you smiling?” The Desolate Frost Lion frowned.

“I think you’ve recovered from your injury. You can train with Dumby now.”

“Gao Peng, are you a demon?”

Gao Peng had learned some new information about the Black Fog World from the Desolate Frost Lion. The Black Fog World was an enormous, almost borderless world. There were humans who had escaped to the Black Fog World and accidentally offended a few overlords there. They were then chased out. Eventually, they’d had to escape to other worlds.

Legend said that a very long time ago, there had been two powerful gods fighting against each other. The defeated god fell from heaven and landed in the Black Fog World. The western side of the Black Fog World had been covered in black fog throughout the years, and that was how it received its name.

The Desolate Labyrinth and the Black Phoenix Mountain Range were located at the border of the middle and southern regions of the Black Fog World.

At the center of the Black Fog World sat hundreds of millions of mountains. The mountains were huge and steep, and most of them were volcanoes. Rumor had it that there were many powerful monsters that resided in the mountains.

The southern region of the Black Fog World was a wide plain, occupying the biggest area of the five regions. And in the southern region, there were numerous… labyrinths. Labyrinths of unknown origins were found at multiple places, on the ground, at the bottom of lakes, and even on the peaks of mountains.

Most of the labyrinths were made of rocks compared to other types of labyrinths. Besides rock labyrinths, there were rumors saying that there were also gold and jade labyrinths. These unique labyrinths were popular among the monsters.

The Desolate Frost Lion sighed in disappointment from time to time when it spoke of the labyrinth. It was reminded of how close it had been to finding these rare labyrinths years ago.

Besides labyrinths, there was absolutely nothing in the southern region. Even forests were rare. It was as if all the life in the area had been plundered by the labyrinths.

In the east was the sea. A profound number of islands were spread sporadically across the ocean.

And the north… was too far away.

The Desolate Frost Lion had almost no knowledge about the north. Every region in Black Frost World was huge.

“My master of masters, I have peeled an orange for you.” The extremely ugly Nan Ju, who was wearing a yellow gown, swiftly used its claws to peel the orange in its palm before it handed it over attentively. The translucent red flesh sat in the middle of the peeled skin, making the orange look like a blossoming red chrysanthemum.

“Don’t worry and hand me a protection fee! Give me a protection fee, and I, Goldie, will take care of you in the Black Fog World,” Goldie told Bei Zhi confidently.

Bei Zhi promptly nodded to acknowledge it, not arguing. In fact, it didn’t have the courage to argue.

“Oranges are important if you want to please someone.” Goldie smirked as it rubbed its bald head.

“Hey, Da Zi, how could you just go like that? Master wants to bring us to the Black Fog World. We won’t meet again in the future.” Flamy sighed in sorrow as it wiped away its tears with a wet tissue.

Stripey ate a Guise Fruit, as it had been chosen to tag along with Gao Peng this time.

The crack at the center of the Baiye district was already 160 feet in diameter.

Stripey’s body began to shake. After a brief quiver, a few rocks fell from the top and hit its head. It shook on. This time, more than ten huge rocks fell off its chest. It appeared as if Stripey didn’t think that was enough, as it carried on to scratch its body and rub its more than dozen legs against each other while the gray rocks continued to fall like rain.

On the edge of a tree branch, Flowing Light lay on its stomach with its crossed arms supporting its chin while it stared blankly, dwelling on deep thoughts.

Dumby held its resting daughter on its shoulder. The young monster was reluctant to let go of Dumby. “Be a good girl and stay at home. This is the safest place. You stay right here and wait for Daddy’s return,” Dumby said in a soft tone while it gently patted its daughter’s shoulder. Its voice was hoarse as usual but overflowing with care.

Xiao Hua knocked Dumby’s chin with its head, letting out a snort of displeasure.

“You’re so naughty,” Dumby scolded it, yet its tone was full of affection.

Xiao Hua was unwilling to leave its father, although it always said that their home was the safest place. No matter how safe this place is, it’s the loneliest place without Daddy.

Dumby was reluctant to leave, as well. It understood that the trip to the Black Fog World wouldn’t be a short one. After much consideration, Dumby made a request to Gao Peng to bring Xiao Hua along.

With its arms wrapped around Dumby’s neck, Xiao Hua’s big and round eyes misted over with tears.

Gao Peng heaved an inaudible sigh, rubbed Xiao Hua’s head, and said, “…Fine.”

After intense and prolonged exercise, Stripey dusted off the Earth Armor that it was wearing. Its size had been significantly reduced.

It shrank from an approximately 230-foot-tall fat kid to a 130-foot-tall thin kid. “How did I get shorter?” Stripey looked at its shrunken body, feeling strange.

Flowing Light, who was right beside it, rolled its eyes. It turned around and faced Stripey with its back.

They went through the Spatial Rift, as Gao Peng planned to leave Earth Star and head to the Black Fog World that night.

Stripey’s body size was overly conspicuous. They had been discovered by many reporters despite departing at night. The next day, the internet was flooded with the news.

“Breaking, why did this man leave Earth Star in the middle of the night?”

“An unidentified monster trainer has left town in the middle of the night. Is he trying to run away from the limelight?”

“Which tribe has the strongest trainer? A list of the strongest monster trainers over the years.”

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