Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 506

Chapter 506 The Excitement Of Flowing Light

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Goldie’s expression changed, “How could I have such an ugly relative?”

Staring at Flamy, Goldie whispered, “I have no relatives, my mum was eaten by a mountain cat when she was young.”

Flamy was about to continue comforting Goldie, but Goldie turned away and ignored Flamy after it had finished talking.

While they were casually chatting, two monsters were fighting in the distance.

[Monster name]: Six-armed Giant

[Monster Level]: Level 69 (Emperor)

[Monster Grade]: Epic/Epic

[Monster Attributes]: Earth/Rock

[Monster Skills]: Elemental Resistance Lv4; Earth Elemental Mastery Lv5; Enhanced Strength Lv5; Protection of Earth Lv5

[Special characteristic]: Boiling Power (Strange Unmatchable power originated from their blood.

Effect One. Passive Effect: Strength type Abilities Level +1

Effect Two. Active Effect: Burns the earth element inside the body and transforms the burnt earth element strength into one’s own power.)

[Monster Weaknesses]: Weakens when the sole of the feet leaves the earth, earth elemental mastery will disappear.

[Monster Description]:

The giants are the favored child of the earth. The Six-armed giant is one of the favorite illegitimate children of the earth…

They are resolute, they are passionate,

when they step on the earth, they obtain endless supplement from the earth,

when they leave the earth, their strength will be greatly impaired.


Behind the Six-armed Giant, there were six arms, each one was strong, as if freshly poured reinforced concrete, the well-defined muscles pulsing in the sun as if the muscles were dancing.


There was an enormous explosion when hand and palm met each other.

Where the hand and palm connected, the air twisted, as white cloud burst forth.

The strong legs bent downwards, it was visible to the naked eye that the ground was cracked in the place where the soles of the feet touched, just like a mountain shaking.

Goldie said deeply ” That was terrible!”

Dragon Ant had no fear, bending down its head, it was stable, its 12 sharp dark golden claws hooked into the ground deeply, no matter how the earth shook, it didn’t shake at all.

The aftershocks that seemed more exaggerated to bystanders were mere protest to them.

When the Dragon Ant slid its carapace behind its back upward, the dark golden carapace wrapped up the dragon’s head, as if putting on a helmet.

The Dragon Ant gradually moved toward the Six-armed Giant, looking for an opportunity to attack.

With a rumble, the earth shook violently. The Six-armed Giant leapt forward, its arms coming down from the sky, resulting in a thunderstorm, making rattling sound.

Angry fists rained down on the carapace of the Dragon Ant, letting out dense and crisp beatings.

The sound continued echoing between the heavens and the earth. This was a confrontation between strength and hardness.

Grasping the fist that was equivalent to the size of a car, the yellow light that protected the wrist and the back of the fist formed into a tough glove. Meanwhile, the sky’s whistling entangled with the sound of the wind.

The two giant beasts were entangled, and the earth sunk under the feet, as if they had been bombarded by countless bombs.

The Dragon Ant, who had been in a defensive stance since the beginning, did not move, it only hid its head behind the protection of the helmet.

Burning powerful flame ejected from the Dragon Ant’s stomach, the fiery flame devoured the Six-armed Giant’s back leg.


The Six-armed Giant’s sole was so hot that it kicked on the Dragon Ant’s stomach violently.

The ejecting flame suddenly stopped and then, the Dragon Ant burped suddenly.

Without having the time to understand why it burped, the Dragon Ant felt itself flying up to the sky.

The Six-armed giant knew that its weakness was that it could not leave the earth, therefore when it fought, and in daily life, it would consciously avoid letting its foot leave the earth.

And because of its own weakness, it felt that other huge monsters also had the same weakness of not being able to leave the earth.

Just as a human being would die when they lose their brain , it was natural for them to assume that other living things would die after losing their brain. This was the habit of most living things that had intelligence.

The Dragon Ant was not small, its length was around 20 meters. Its dark golden carapace looked rather bloated, thus it looked more like a beetle.

Even then, the Dragon Ant was easily lifted up. Its 12 claws danced wildly, but in mid-air, it had nothing to propel itself.

The Dragon Ant was lifted up by the Six-armed Giant.

In a low, angry roar, the power of the yellow earth exploded madly. In a flash, that part of the sky seemed to have been lifted up by it.

Even the air was trembling. Layers of transparent ripples spread in all directions.

“This power must be close to Lv7!” Gao Peng was a little shocked.

The Six-armed Giant gripped at different parts of the Dragon Ant’s body and tore them outward madly. It had stripped numerous number of enemies with this abnormal power, its eyes revealed a cruel excitement, “This monster will also be…. shred to pieces by me.”

Flowing Light looked at this scene shockingly. Its bright pupils reflected the outlines of two giant beasts. It could not help feeling a hint of envy.

In Flowing Light’s sight, strips of light red lines gradually emerged from the external body of these two giant beasts. The color of these lines darkened gradually.

Flowing Light looked at the knife’s blade in its own palm, the bloody blade had condensed into a touch of an astounding halo.

Heaving a long sigh, Flowing Light began to dream … it longed for the day when its own blade would one day chop up these large beings.

The Dragon Ant was in pain, its body felt extremely horrible under such monstrous tear, it even felt that its leg and other connecting points were about to break.

Without hiding, the savage dragon head suddenly burst. The sharp dragon teeth was biting the wrist of the Six-armed Giant closest to it.

At this particular moment, the eyebrow of the Dragon’s head cracked, then a dark, destructive light burst into the head of the Six-armed giant.

It was too late to avoid this destructive light though the Six-armed Giant might have noticed it at such a close distance. It went right into its left eye, blood was splashing everywhere.

In great pain, the six-armed giant howled. It didn’t let go, instead, its energy increased drastically.


“PSSsttt La!”

In cries and screams, the Dragon ant was torn into pieces.

The Dragon head that remained was still biting its wrist on the left side which was almost bitten off.

The Six-armed giant breathed heavily. The other three arms held on to Dragon Ant’s head and wanted to tear it open.

Flowing Light disappeared from where it was.

“Flowing Light!” Gao Peng couldn’t stop it from rushing toward the Six-armed Giant.

A few days earlier, Flowing Light had already been upgraded to the King tier. However its quality had temporarily been downgraded from Epic grade to Perfect grade after the upgrading.

“I will go after it.” Dumby followed from behind immediately.

At this stage, Dumby was the only force capable of facing those Emperor tier monster.

Flowing Light’s body prostrated slightly, with eyes glowing.

At this point, although the heart was beating wildly, and it was so excited that its carapace was trembling slightly, Flowing Light had never been so excited before.

“If I don’t go and kill a monster, I will become useless soon.”

“Even if I can’t win, even though it may be at th4 Emperor tier, at least I must…. I must thrust out this first cut!”

Flowing Light’s body began to burst, just like its name, it had truly became a ray of light.

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