Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 507

Chapter 507 Snatching Food From The Tigers Mouth

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To Flowing Light, the Six-armed Giant was as tall as a mountain.

But in its eye, nine bloody red lines also emerged on the Six-armed Giant’s body.

It knew that as long as it could strike at these blood lines, harm would befall the Six-armed Giant.

This was a belief that arose from deep within its heart, it was also this same belief that made it so brave.

Flowing Light fixed its gaze on one of the blood lines on the Six-armed Giant’s ankle, actually there were eight other blood lines above its knee, but these were overlooked by Flowing Light.

Because… they were too high.

Of course, Flowing Light overlooked them not just because these blood lines were too high, but it was the lowest one that attracted it the most.

The wind howled as its shadow burst forth, the wind along its path surrendered to its feet.

Within breathing moments, Flowing Light fell onto the leg of the Six-armed Giant, pulling out with arms crossed.

There weren’t any obstacles to the red lines, and it just kept on cutting by following the red lines of the wound.

Very tough, just like cutting the tough buffalo’s skin with a small knife.

Actually, in proportion to the Six-armed Giant’s size, the position that Flowing Light strode at was considered its external muscle, or even just scratching the skin….

But strange enough, after Flowing Light’s cut at the red line, a striking dark light spread outward from the wound.

A weird power began penetrating inward, and broke all the muscle and bones along the way.

The Six-armed Giant didn’t bother to pay any attention to Flowing Light, this was just a little monster of the King tier that was so short, and it couldn’t be bothered.

But the next moment, its ankle became terribly painful, followed by a brisk brittle sound.

The Six-armed Giant staggered and knelt on the ground with one knee.

The one leg that knelt down was twisted beyond shape.

The broken ankle looked extremely distorted, and the fracture was smooth as a mirror.

After making that slash, Flowing Light turned to look at the Six-armed Giant that was kneeling on the ground. Having hit it with a single attack, it jumped with great delight, its body was full of fighting spirit and strength.

“I actually did it!”

“I have truly accomplished it.”

“Though this is an Emperor tier monster, I was able to break its ankle with a single slash.”

For the first time, Flowing Light was aware of its strength after it had been upgraded.

Along with this, its initial dissatisfaction with its shortness in height after the evolution also decreased a great deal.

In conclusion, all who pay attention to their height stems from an inferiority complex, it is because one isn’t confident in oneself that one wants to find confidence from height.

Those with real strength would not be bothered by their physical outlook, that was because having inner strength was a real proof of being strong.

There was a change in Flowing Light’s attitude.

The Six-armed Giant looked at Flowing Light who had escaped to the distance angrily. “This detestable small worm attacked me and then ran off.” Its left arm grabbed at the ground and the gray rock began condensing in its palm.

Within this rock hid some terrible power, even if it were the earth element, it could get angry.

Focus and throw.

The rock was pulled out, just like a bullet out of the shell.


The rock exploded upon hitting the ground, leaving a pothole in the ground.

Flowing Light easily avoided such a huge rock, it even had time to cast a sarcastic glance at the Six-armed Giant.

“Such clumsy fellow.”

Dumby rushed forward, his body leaning forward, almost flat on the ground.

Spreading out the five fingers on the right hand, the fingers gently pressed against the horizon lightly that was retreating rapidly. The fingertips that tore the earth left a long trace, causing earth waves that burst and filled the air. In the midst of this, a huge bone broke through the earth in the spattered earth waves.

The earth waves rolled, and the white bones in the tumbling soil waves seemed to spur the devil to tear the earth.

As if a spine was being pulled out from the depths of the earth, the white bones that were like a spur on a sharp sword rushed upward.


For the last 300 steps, Dumby stamped its right leg suddenly. The action of rushing forward stopped abruptly, The right leg became the center that turned 180 degrees with the right arm crossed.

Along with this that flew out was the spur giant whip that had been hidden in the earth.

The shadow of the whip tore the earth and the sky to pieces.

In the midst of a series of intensive gas explosions, the head of the Six-armed giant was sharply beaten.

Sharp spurs were like saw tooth that tore off the cheek of the Six-armed Giant, the whole place was splashing with flesh and blood.

The Six-armed Giant’s head was pushed backwards. Its two arms supported the ground to prevent it from falling, the other two arms protected its chest, and the other two were lifted high up, just like two sets of heavy hammer, full of godly power that was on standby and will destroy the enemy with thunder completely.

Dumby jumped up, with arms crossed that protected its chest, extending the slim bone spear forward with both hands, as if it were a continuation of the body.


Leaping from the sky, the spear descended from heaven.

This spear landed on the arm of the Six-armed giant deeply, and almost pierced through the arm.

With an angry roar, the Six-armed Giant threw off Dumby furiously, then it pushed opened the main door of the labyrinth and plunged in.

Gao Peng stopped Dumby from chasing it, this labyrinth was the old home of the Six-armed Giant, nobody knew if there were some kind of traps in there. To be on the safe side, it would be better to wait till Dumby’s level had risen.

The Dragon Ant’s body had been torn to pieces by the Six-armed Giant, but its corpse was well maintained.

Gao Peng felt that he was like a hyena on the grassland, waiting for the cheetah to capture their prey and then rush to snatch the prey…

“It’s better to stay far away.” Gao Peng was also afraid that the Six-armed Giant would come after him after its recovery.

However, he was hesitant to sacrifice the Dragon Ant’s corpse.

After all, this was an Epic grade Emperor tier monster corpse. It was a pity just to sacrifice it. On the other hand, if he did not sacrifice it, Dumby’s resurrection level was not enough. Dumby was able only to resurrect monsters of the same level.

Shaking his head, he took out the monster crystal of the Dragon Ant, an egg-sized golden crystal was lying quietly in Gao Peng’s palm.

“I can let Goldie use this.” Gao Peng thought of Goldie and gave this Dragon Ant’s Crystal to Goldie.

Goldie put this crystal into its mouth and swallowed it just like chewing crispy bone. Its aura within its body calmed down gradually…

“You have been broken down.” The corpse of the Dragon Ant was pieced together and then used as sacrifices.

The dark small man had bloated to become a balloon, quietly floating on the altar.

“It will finish breaking down after three days. This time I will do my best to make some good stuff.”

Yuzhou Base City

A group of unknown guest had arrived at Yuzhou, the leader was not old, dressed in a red beast robe, with long shoulder-length hair, wearing grass wreaths on the forehead; there were about ten people behind him.

Familiars of different shapes and sizes followed along. There were many species with one common characteristic, they were of the fire element.

“So, this is the city where the so-called ‘First Champion’ dwells?” The youngster took a look at the tall Yuzhou city wall and laughed disdainfully. “Come with me.”

“How do you do, please show your pass,” the soldier on duty said politely.

The youngster looked a little lost, he couldn’t understand what these people were talking about.

Showing slight irritation, he waved at a person behind him,” What did they say, please interpret.”

The person from behind came and whispered at the youngster’s ear. After listening, the youngster frowned and left the matters to this person.

The person dressed in a suit nodded respectfully, then walked to the soldier, and said with a smile, “How do you do. We are from Holy Day Alliance. These are our identity cards, we hope to enter Yuzhou, we have some personal issues to look into in this trip.”

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