Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 508

Chapter 508 Blood Of The Dragon Of Destruction 13

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Not far away from southwest of South Sky Group was Jialing River.

Since the previous period, Jialing River and the mountain near it had become the new base for the visitors of White Dragon Tribe.

Numerous trucks rumbled on as they traveled on the hillside, continuously transforming the mountain and land, at the same time constructing buildings.

Dragons like water. Most dragons like to live in cold and humid environment, except those from the fire element, which loved to build their nests on volcanic craters.

The water temperature of Jialing River was cold, much much lower than that of the Yangtze by a few degrees.

Large monsters were rolling in the river.

The scales were brightly lustrous under the moisturizing water.

By the shore, Bai Yin, covered with tiger hair, stared at the river beneath him.

A girl came from behind as she held Bai Yin’s waist, resting her head against the back of his shoulder.

Bai Yin held the girl’s hand and remained silent.

The girl looked at him compassionately. She was Bai Yin’s wife. People from the White Dragon Tribe usually married early. Most boys married when they were 15, while the girls at 14. They had already been married for four years.

She knew her husband’s identity, he was the 37th son of the White Dragon Tribe Head and one of those unfavoured sons.

Actually, being the eldest son of the White Dragon Tribe, and as long as his talent was valued, it wasn’t difficult to sign a contract with a white dragon familiar.

But her husband’s familiar was just a Chalky Aquatic Dragon, even among the Aquatic Dragon it wasn’t considered a top grade.

To many people, returning to the Ancestral Land was considered a dangerous matter. Nobody knew how dangerous the Ancestral Land could be, if it were not for the fact that he was unfavoured, otherwise who would be sent here.

Other minor tribes might send the cream of the crop to the Ancestral Land to grab their first opportunity. But to the White Dragon tribe, which was the most supreme, no matter when they chose to return to the Ancestral Land, they would be a force to be reckoned with, this was their confidence.

“Did you say that he is really the grand priest?” Bai Yin muttered to himself, “I have seen the portrait of the grand priest in the temple, he looks exactly like him, I thought I was giddy.”

Naturally, Bai Luo didn’t believe that Ji Hanwu was the grand priest. She had not seen the portrait of the grand priest before. In her opinion, there were far too many people who looked alike in the world. It was just a coincidence. But after listening to her husband’s muttering, she quietly sighed.

Instinctively, she hugged him even more tightly.

“Probably, he is probably the grand priest.”

“I know that you don’t believe me, but truly, it isn’t just similar, but it is exactly the same, just like the person walking out of the painting.” Bai Ying wanted to continue talking, but in the end, he paused, shook his head, and smiled wryly.

Yeah, even if it was truly the reincarnated grand priest, there was no difference. His own familiar was only an ordinary white dragon, of the lowest blood grade, which was at the King tier.

Even the grand priest also couldn’t be of any help, after all, it was a world where strength and power made every difference, where there wasn’t any real power, there wouldn’t be any spoken authority.

“Brother Yin, the people from Yan Yi tribe is in town.” From a distance, a youngster ran towards him quickly, behind him floated a gigantic beehive with purple bees as large as the fist hovering around the hive.

“Yan Yi Tribe?” Bai Yin was stunned for a brief moment, and then he frowned. What are these people from Yan Yi Tribe doing here, although the Yan Yi Tribe is incomparable with our White Dragon Tribe, they are just next to White Dragon Tribe among the seven major tribes.

Are they here to make trouble for me?

Bai Yin’s thinking was stirred, but he dropped off his thoughts. Though he wasn’t the Tribe Head’s favorite, he was still his son. Apart from the three tribes that were of the same level, the people from Yan Yi tribe shouldn’t have such guts.

“Come, let us go and find out.” Being fromf the same ancient ancestry, Bai Yin’s first reaction was that they were after him.

Immediately, other tribe members went along together with their familiars.

Noticing Bai Yin and the other tribe members from the White Dragon Tribe, Yi Zhou was stupefied. Why is the White Dragon Tribe here?

“I was wondering who this is, so it’s young master Yi Zhou.” Bai Yin recognized Yi Zhou, who was the eighth, the youngest, and favorite son of Yan Yi Tribe Head. “Why are you here?” Bai Yin was rather unhappy. The homeland is so spacious, of all the places, why did you choose to come here, do you think that I, Bai Yin, is easily bullied?

Though I am not favored I still belong to the White Dragon Tribe, if anything happened, the person to be punished will be you.

If Yi Zhou knew what Bai Yin had been thinking, he would be full of queries and would scold him ferociously saying that he was too dramatic

Yi Zhou’s mouth twitched. “I am not here to look for you, I am looking for the champion from the Ancestral Land, Ji Hanwu, I wish to find out just how powerful this champion of the Ancestral Land is.”

Bai Yin’s doubts were cleared, so it was he who had made a mistake.

Bai Yin’s mind started to move, and then he said to Yi Zhou, “You should have found out about his familiars before coming here? What do you mean when you openly challenge him before me, who is from the White Dragon Tribe?”

Yi Zhou was stunned, glancing at Bai Yin, he then remembered Ji Hanwu’s familiar, a white dragon….. Suddenly, he understood everything…. Such a huge and forward-thinking plan. So, The White Dragon Tribe had predestined this since long ago, and everyone else had been unaware of it.

“So that’s how it was, that’s how it was.” Yi Zhou kept shaking his head, “Looks like I have intruded.”

“Now I understand, looks like I have caused some disturbance, goodbye.” With both hands holding his fists, Yi Zhou turned and left.

Bai Yin, “???”

What have you understood?

Bai Yin knew that Yi Zhou might have misunderstood certain things, but he was too lazy to explain.

In the Black Fog world, three days had sped by in a blink.

Goldie was doing push-ups on the ground. This time, Goldie’s size didn’t increase after being upgraded to King tier, it just maintained its present size of five meters.

This strange monster core crystal ran out only after Goldie had shot up to Level 54.

So, coming to this Black Fog World was a correct choice. Although the spirit on Earth Star was very rich, evolution through absorbing the elemental power from the heaven and earth was too slow, it was much faster to devour the monster core crystal of more powerful monsters that had similar attributes.

The disintegration of the corpse of the Dragon Ant on the altar had been completed. Though the corpse was in pieces, it was still fresh, the items that had been disintegrated were quite numerous.

There were five big lumps of light floating above the altar.

The most obvious one was the essence of flesh and spirit.

Gao Peng discovered the new uses of the essence of flesh and spirit, which made him rejoice greatly. That was to substitute the same property of the heavenly treasures that could restore the grades of the familiar when they were upgraded.

This, in turn, had saved Gao Peng a lot of energy. He didn’t need to spend much time searching for spiritual items that were of similar attributes, he only needed to continue hunting and killing monsters.

Gao Peng bestowed Goldie the flesh and spirit essence of the Dragon Ant, allowing Goldie to recover its Legendary Grade.

The next three disintegrated items were Gigantificatied Body Lv2, Wind element Mastery Lv3, and the thin Blood of the Dragon of Destruction.

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