Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 512

Chapter 512 The Valley Where The Dragons Fell

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“Baldie?” Gao Peng sighed. Why did you give it such a… weird name? Suddenly, a thought emerged in Gao Peng’s mind. The one who was called Baldie before was…

“Damn you, bald duck! Just because you’re bald yourself, you can’t give these cute little ants such nasty names!” Flamy flew over and spat at Goldie.

Goldie was mad. “Fatty, don’t think I’m afraid of you just because you share the same name as the snake and you can play with fire. You don’t even have a grandfather!”

“They aren’t bald! Ants don’t have hair. It would be stranger if ants had hair to begin with!” Flamy retorted.

When the youngest ant, who was walking at the back, heard this lovely older familiar speaking highly of it, it immediately burst into tears, extremely grateful, and nodded repeatedly. Yes, we don’t have hair to begin with!

By the time it had heard that six of its older siblings were named Elder Baby, Second Baby, Third Baby, and so on, the seventh kid, who already knew how to count, started to think what it would be called. Finally, the outcome was obvious; it would be called Seventh Baby!

Although Dragon Ants weren’t taught Arabic numerals, they did have a similar counting system, so that wasn’t difficult to deal with.

However, when it was its turn, suddenly, it heard a word.


It was as if a sledgehammer had hit the back of its head, making everything a blur. Little Seventh was as stunned like a stiff chicken. Had there been a mistake? Was the number after six not seven, but bald?

Its six older siblings came and took turns comforting it, and they reassured it that the number after six was seven, not bald. “Don’t think too much about it,” they consoled it.

“I don’t care. It has no hair anyway!” Goldie was suddenly anxious.

“I wasn’t born without hair! I just lost my hair after evolving, so how dare you call me Baldie!”

Anyhow, Goldie was not pleased. Gao Peng promised to let me name it!

“Ah, old Baldie,” Flamy sneered.

Gao Peng had walked inside with a few familiars and arrived in front of a cave. This cave was built at the bottom of the hill, clinging tightly to the foot of it. Surrounded by dense shrubs, the huge cave was revealed when the shrubs were uncovered. Because the size of an adult Dragon Ants was huge, the size of the cave wasn’t small.

The opening of the huge cave was pitch black, and only the blurred interior could be seen through the light. They didn’t have to bend down when they walked in, as there was a lot of space, even when they walked with straightened backs.

The Dragon Ant’s nest was simple, without any complicated structures. Perhaps it had been confident that no monsters nearby would dare to break into its nest.

At the base of the nest was a large open area. At the edge of the area was a storage area like a warehouse, piled with a few items. Among them, the monster carcasses occupied most of the space, and there were also many monster bones that seemed to have been used by the Dragon Ant to grind its teeth.

There were some materials in the corner. An animal skin scroll seemed very striking and unique among the other materials in the pile. The animal skin scroll was folded in several layers, but even then, it was as big as a tabletop. The scroll was white, and the white skin felt good to the touch. The soft, warm skin was smooth, fresh, and perfectly preserved, except for a tear in the upper right corner.

Opening the animal skin scroll, Gao Peng almost thought he was looking at a cartoon. There were black lines on the scroll, smooth and simple. The simple lines looked odd, but they were enough to tell that this was a map.

The map recorded a path from the lower right corner of the scroll to the upper left corner. There were also rough arrows that could be used to determine the direction according to the pattern.

In the bottom right corner was a drawing of a big-headed lizard, its head almost a third of its entire body, and it had two little tiny wings. Gao Peng had never seen such a strange animal, but this was supposed to be the place the Dragon Ants had come from.

Gao Peng couldn’t help but think of three words—Dragon Death Valley. Could this be Dragon Death Valley?

Going up to Dragon Death Valley, they would pass a river and forest along the way, and also a terrain that Gao Peng was unable to identify from its depiction.

There were also patterns of labyrinths along the way. There was one located next to the final destination shown in the upper left corner, and a matchstick figure with six arms was painted next to it.

This isn’t a six-armed giant, is it?

No one knew how far Dragon Death Valley was from there. Before, Gao Peng might have thought that it was too far away, but if he could tame these seven small Dragon Ants and train them in Dragon Death Valley, they could become seven powerful combat forces.

Maybe I can try to tame these seven Dragon Ants, Gao Peng secretly thought to himself. The White Dragon Tribe’s ace familiar was a dragon. Gao Peng thought he could also tame monsters that could restrain dragons, so as to be prepared.

Gao Peng left the Dragon Ant’s nest after putting the materials and the monster carcasses and bones into Silly’s portable space.

“Do you know what this is?” Gao Peng squatted down in front of the seven small Dragon Ants and showed them the animal skin scroll.

“No idea.”

“It smells like home….” said the small Dragon Ants, bewildered.

“I know! Mother told me that this is the map to home,” Second Baby announced loudly. It looked around haughtily after speaking, as if saying, None of you knew, only me.

“Then how did you know?” These babies weren’t convinced at that moment.

“The last time I saw it was when I snuck in for a snack. I even took a bite, and then I was scolded by mother,” Second Baby recounted proudly.

“Ah, we’re so jealous. We can’t believe that mother punished you behind our backs,” said the other small Dragon Ants in envy.

Gao Peng was speechless.

In the next few days, with the flesh and blood essence of the King-tier monster found in the Dragon Ant’s nest, Flamy was able to break through to the King tier easily. In the myths, the Bi Fang bird had blue feathers, while Flamy’s feathers were only red. However, after breaking through to King-tier, a circle of blue feathers had appeared around its neck.

The flames that it spat out were no longer pure red, but rather, red flames with many light blue spots, not to mention that Gao Peng had noticed that the flame was more powerful. This was mainly reflected in Flamy’s new monster ability, Spiritual Burning Level 3.

Perhaps because Goldie had named them, the group of Dragon Ants baby liked to play with Goldie, besides Little Seventh, of course.

But Little Seventh followed Flamy all the time, likely because Flamy had stood up for its name before.

“Stop following me. You can’t even fly!” Flamy was about to go crazy.

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