Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 513

Chapter 513 Earthen Medusa Bi Fang

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In the sky, this Dragon Ant liked to always follow behind its back. Whenever it flew up high, the Dragon Ant would stand up like a human and scream loudly. It sounded miserable, like a child that had been abandoned at home.

“I can fly! Someday, I will fly up to the sky,” Little Seventh said to Flamy in a serious tone. The expression in its eyes was extremely solemn, as if it was much older.

Looking into Little Seventh’s eyes, Flamy couldn’t bear to make fun of it. After all, it was good to have dreams. “Good luck,” wished Flamy.

Gao Peng took a look at the map and followed it, heading south. When he opened the map, it was difficult to see any obvious landmarks on the southern plains. The labyrinth was an eye-catching sign. This time, he was on the road for thirteen days until the labyrinth appeared before his eyes.

“It’s here, the labyrinth on the map,” Gao Peng said to himself. It was a common stone labyrinth and not that large. On the map, there was a mermaid with a tail that had become slightly more pointed and hair that had grown slightly longer.

Gao Peng looked like he was deep in thought. “This must be a mermaid, though I’ve never seen one before.”

Considering the size and type of labyrinth, one could usually tell the level of the monsters there. The level of this mermaid shouldn’t be higher than Emperor-tier. Moreover, legend has it that mermaids are pretty and kind. They’re man’s best friend.

The labyrinth looked old from the outside. The green front door was made of bronze, with two bronze rings hanging from the right and left.

“Flowing Light, go knock on the door,” ordered Gao Peng. With Flowing Light’s speed, even if there was any danger, it would still be able to escape.

Flowing Light didn’t decline. It went up and knocked on the door frame with the edge of its knife.

Dong, dong, dong. The knocking sound on the bronze door didn’t travel far in the spacious plain before vanishing from the air.

The owner of the labyrinth was startled. The sounds of sand rustling could be heard coming from behind the door; it sounded like something was gliding across the floor.

The strangest thing was how this mermaid had survived. Mythical mermaids all lived in the sea, or at least in rivers and lakes. After all, they had a human’s body with a fish’s tail.

Could it be that there’s a pool in the labyrinth? Gao Peng was suddenly curious.

The green bronze door opened slowly. Gao Peng had a feeling that danger was closing in on them. “This isn’t good, hide!” Gao Peng immediately ordered Flowing Light and the other familiars to retreat. This feeling of danger made Gao Peng’s blood run cold.

Flowing Light’s body withdrew immediately, leaving a ray of light behind. The other familiars all had their guards up and stared alertly at the open green-bronze door.

A charming and slender figure stood in front of the opened bronze door quietly. What were those eyes? Gentle, yet seductive, with two different expressions intertwined. Thick dark green hair hung down like dreadlocks, and on top of these dreadlocks were small snakes with closed eyes. Its skin was an abnormally light green. Its upper body was covered with interwoven wood and leaves. From its belly button down, it was completely a snake’s tail, and on the gorgeous tail were circular patterns.

When he made eye contact with its gaze, Gao Peng’s heart skipped a beat, and inexplicable energy entered his soul.

Snake hair and a snake tail; it was Medusa! The legend of Medusa was widely known, especially her weird and penetrating power to petrify victims.

Gao Peng quickly shut his eyes, but it was too late. The energy had already entered his body. This energy flowed around his bloodstream a few times and then was transferred to Dumby, who was beside him.

But when the energy came in contact with Dumby’s body, it disappeared without any trace.

[Monster Name]: Earthen Medusa

[Monster Level]: Level 62 (Emperor-tier)

[Monster Grade]: Epic/Epic

[Monster Attribute]: Rock/Mystic

[Monster Weakness]: Weaker close combat ability among creatures of the same level.

[Monster Skills]: Sturdy Scales Level 4, Venomous Snake Hair Level 5, Sharp Claws and Teeth Level 3, Snake Hair Regeneration Level 3, Snake Hair Toughness Level 3, Snake Hair Extension Level 3

[Special Characteristics]: Eyes of Medusa (every power that Medusa possessed is also their signature talent.

Passive Effect 1: Every element that comes in contact with Medusa’s eyes will have to undergo a petrifying test. Elements that cannot pass the petrifying test will then be petrified. This power cannot be shielded from.

Active Effect 1: Releasing a ray of petrifying light, any elements that are hit by the light will undergo the petrifying test even without meeting Medusa’s eyes. Elements that do not pass the test will be petrified.

Note: Earth elements have higher immunity against Medusa’s eyes.

Note: Medusa’s snake hair can lift the petrifying effect.

Note: Health condition will affect the element’s resistance against the petrifying effect.

Note: Medusa’s eyes are unable to petrify monsters of Mythical-grade and higher.)

[Monster Description]: Medusa, who lives on land, is quiet and likes to live alone. Because of its petrifying ability, it has few friends, therefore Medusa is often unsociable and will display odd characteristics after a long time.

At that moment, almost all the familiars under Gao Peng looked toward Medusa. Silly, seven Dragon Ants, Flowing Light, Flamy, and Goldie were all petrified to different degrees.

Among them, the seven Dragon Ants, which were at the lowest level, were fully petrified.

The only one that was able to escape was Desolion. The moment Desolion was warned by Gao Peng, it immediately turned its head. After surviving for so long in this dark world, it understood the weird powers of some monsters that it would easily fall for if it was careless.

Earthen Medusa glanced at Gao Peng and the others with a tilted head. Looking at the few familiars that were petrified before its eyes, it felt a bit sorry for them. Its hands ran through its hair as it chopped off ten strands of snake hair, grasping them in hand.

It threw the snake hair toward Gao Peng and coldly said, “Put the hair on their bodies.”

The ends of its chopped snake hair continued to grow. Strands of hair were growing out of the wound, and new hair formed in no time.

Gao Peng took the hair from it. The hair was like real snakes, so touching it felt icy cold, wet, and smooth, and even the scales on it were lifelike.

When the snake hair was put on the petrified bodies of the Dragon Ants, the closed-eyed snakes suddenly opened their eyes and bit the petrified bodies like they were sucking on jelly, swallowing a large amount of grayish-white mist from the petrified bodies.

As the grayish-white mist disappeared, the Dragon Ants’ stone-like bodies returned to their original pale gold color. When the mist was completely sucked away, the snake hair withered, falling onto the ground and decomposing into the soil.

It was the same for the other familiars. Soon, everything was lifted from them.

Dumby and Stripey were the only ones that could look Medusa in the eyes. One of them was completely immune because of its high grade, and the other had very high resistance against Earth elements.

Goldie stared blankly at the soles of its feet. This must be a very strong monster, since I can’t even look it in the eye. Is this the level of strong monsters?!

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