Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 515

Chapter 515 Inferno King Crab

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“Gao Peng, that Medusa is pretty good at playing games,” Goldie said casually. “It actually took the initiative to cut its hair off to save people.

“Why don’t you go make it yours?” Goldie suddenly touched on an idea.

“It’s not willing to be caught. I can’t just tie it to a tree and force it to.” Gao Peng laughed and knocked Goldie lightly on the head.


A clear, brisk sound indicated a good hit. Goldie smiled faintly; it still thought that this could really work. It didn’t matter if a forcibly plucked melon wasn’t sweet as long as it could quench one’s thirst.

It was beyond Gao Peng’s expectations that the artwork of the Big Dragon Ant was so quaint and elegant as to depict Medusa like a mermaid. They were lucky that Medusa wasn’t malicious, as this was the first time Gao Peng had confronted a neutral, and even friendly, monster. What a pity it was that just being friendly didn’t make one willing to join him.

Looking at the labyrinth on the map that seemed like a child’s doodles, Gao Peng couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable.

How about we continue walking to the south? Gao Peng was looking at the map of the next maze, where there was a marking in the monster’s doodles—a crab. It was a big, stout looking crab, with two claws occupying almost a third of its body.

Gao Peng pondered for a while, could this possibly have been… a spider? He glanced at his feet with a guilty conscience—a spider deviating from its course.

Stripey was happily playing with mud, pressing onto it while walking. With a swipe from its claws, the mud on the ground flung into the sky, crumbling into balls of dirt. These mud balls, with a diameter of nine to twelve feet, were considered tiny to Stripey. With one kick, the mud balls flew out with a thump.

Using its Earth element, Stripey had created a huge pit in the distant horizon. The mud balls rolled a few times and finally ended up dropping into the pit.

Goldie became excited and also started kicking. Boom. The mud balls burst, and the mud spilled all over Goldie.

There wasn’t much entertainment on the journey. For the Desolate Frost Lion who had already lived in the Black Fog World, the journey wasn’t boring at all, yet for the little familiars like Goldie who had lived in the big city since they were young and had already grown used to the comforts of the human world, the loneliness of this tedious life with no entertainment, movies, animations, dramas, games, or novels in the Black Fog World was beyond imagination.

Fortunately, these familiars were naive. They had adapted themselves easily to this kind of dull life, fully appreciating self-entertainment.

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city to the barbarous suburbs, they could have been in danger at any minute. Despite the risk, it was extremely thrilling.

Moving freely in the Black Fog World was still considered inconvenient for Gao Peng, who owned an Emperor-tier and a bunch of King-tier familiars, not to mention monsters with levels lower than the Emperor tier.

Bang! The ground ahead split open. Seven or eight brawny tentacles drilled through the layers of ground from different directions and launched an attack on Goldie, who was walking at the front. The top part of each tentacle looked like a ruptured mouth in the shape of a chrysanthemum, attacking Goldie with the malicious stench of murder. The teeth on the tentacles were tremendously sharp, leaving tons of bloody scratch marks on Goldie.

A purple light flashed, and Goldie grew in size along with the activation of its passive skill. The tentacles that surrounded Goldie were tightly stretched, and with an upward stroke of its arm, the tentacles of the King-tier ground monster were torn off alive as thick yellow blood sputtered out.

With a nasty grin, Goldie broke the ground beneath it with a punch, sticking its arm into the dirt as it caught onto something. Using brute force, Goldie pulled out a muscular tentacle with numerous beige teeth growing out of the side. The whole monster below the ground was pulled out along with its tentacles.

A frightening shriek cut through the air. The sound frequency of the ground monster was so low that it was almost inaudible to ordinary people. They lived underground and liked to hide in the soil when hunting for their prey. Once prey was close, they would burst out from the group and tie their prey up, then use their tentacles to strangle the victim to death, just like how a python killed their victims by strangling them.

There was quite a number of ground monsters living in these plains. The ground monsters that Gao Peng had encountered were between Commander and King-tier. They were a type of immensely sinister and fierce monsters.

They tasted good, too, just like squids and very chewy. The cumin, chili noodles, MSG, and pepper that Gao Peng had brought along came in handy. As the saying went, no matter what food it was, after grilling it with fire and sprinkling some cumin on top, the smell would be irresistible.

The ground monster coming out of the soil was just like a fish coming out of water, terrifyingly flapping its tentacles in the air, then a few punches from Goldie brought it to its grave… Ten minutes later, the older outer skin was peeled off, exposing the fresh light purple inner meat.

Flamy squatted at the side, spitting fire to help with the barbeque.

Goldie acted like a mentor, continuously giving advice to Flamy. “Slower, slower, your fire is getting strong… Here, I asked you to spit the fire here, not on top, your fire went off target!”

Flamy was flustered. “Fine. Spit fire and grill it yourself. Don’t order me around.”

Goldie sighed and shook its head. “Fatty, why are you so hot-tempered? I’m doing this for your own good. We can train your control of flame with this.”

“When did Goldie learn how to barbeque?” Flowing Light was astonished.

The Desolate Frost Lion crawled onto Stripey’s back and said softly, “When did you ever see him learn how to barbeque?”

“Then…” Flowing Light turned around and looked at Goldie, who was instructing Flamy in a serious tone.

Half an hour later, Goldie held a black piece of burnt ground monster meat and sighed. “Fatty, there’s a problem with your fire. You need more practice.”

Flamy was dumbfounded.

Continuing the journey down south, there were fewer and fewer plants growing out of the soil, as this was a desert. In the center of the desert, there was a labyrinth, where according to the map, there were many monsters.

The flesh essence of monsters could be used to restore the grades of familiars that were lowered during an upgrade in tier. Until now, Flamy’s grade still hadn’t returned to Legendary, and the grades of both the Desolate Frost Lion and Flowing Light were also lowered a level after an increase in tier.

“Um, isn’t this an abstract painting?” Gao Peng was extremely surprised while looking at the enormous flaming red crab ahead of him. It really was a crab!

On the back of the flaming red crab’s shell were immensely sharp barbs, growing tightly all over its back. From afar, it almost seemed like its back was on fire. Its two huge claws were extremely overbearing, while the eyes located on top of its head slanted sideways to look at Gao Peng and his team in disdain.

[Monster Name]: Inferno King Crab

[Monster Level]: Level 68

[Monster Grade]: Perfect/Epic

[Monster Attribute]: Fire

[Monster Weakness]: Water

[Monster Skills]: Hardened Shell Level 5, Rampage Claw Level 6, Energy Amplification Level 4, Flame Resistance Level 5, Flame Control Level 4

[Special Characteristics]: Swallowing Fire (Born in an inferno, the Inferno King Crab has an innate ability to swallow flames.

Passive Effect 1: Weakened by all flame attacks.

Active Effect 1: Able to swallow certain types of flames and transform its own flame power into these types of flames in a short span, lasting a certain period of time.)

[Monster Description]: The Inferno King Crab was born in the flames, likes to wallow in the fire from a young age, and is most eager to eat flames. When they were young, most crabs’ Flame Resistance wasn’t strong enough, hence, most Inferno King Crabs died by being burned alive in the flames at infancy due to their hunger.

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