Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 524

Chapter 524 Ancient Bloodrage Dragon

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Given the ability of the Smoke Dragon, once Sixth Baby obtained a higher grade, it might be of good help. Gao Peng and the rest could hide in the dragon fog to attack or defend. But as Sixth Baby’s level was still very low, even at its best, the dragon fog could only reach 65 square feet. Even though Gao Peng’s tracks could be covered in the dragon fog, in an empty space, an area of moving smoke spanning 65 square feet would simply be too obvious.

Though three Dragon Ants ate the dragon meat, only one obtained the abilities of the Smoke Dragon. Currently, it looked like there was a one in three chance. If all seven little Dragon Ants ate the dragon meat, then theoretically, two of the little Dragon Ants should have been able to inherit the abilities of the Smoke Dragon.

But Gao Peng wasn’t certain of the attitude that the adult Dragon Ants had towards the little Dragon Ants. If they turned and stomped on them, it would be heartbreaking to see all seven little Dragon Ants dead, which was why Gao Peng had to test his theory out slowly. Only when one little Dragon Ant returned would a second and third head over.

He was slowly testing the threshold of the adult Dragon Ants, but it had to stop at some point. Three was already too risky. If the number continued to increase, Gao Peng couldn’t be sure if the adult Dragon Ants would take drastic action or become curious and walk over.

He didn’t need to bite off more than he could chew, as safety was key. Anyway, there was plenty of time. He wasn’t in a hurry to head back. Grooming these little Dragon Ants here at Dragon Death Valley wasn’t a bad choice.

The two little brothers told Gao Peng what the Adult Dragon Ants had said. From the conversation, it seemed like the number of Dragon Ants in Dragon Death Valley was quite significant. If this was the case, this golden opportunity should be seized. Gao Peng considered wisely.

It was a pity that these little Dragon Ants’ levels were still low. Perhaps when they increased their levels, he could try to find a way to make them part of the enemy camp and do a quick attack from the inside.

It wasn’t known if these Dragon Ants had a habit of adopting children. Otherwise, handing over these little Dragon Ants to adoptive parents wasn’t a bad idea. He didn’t mind if they had another adoptive parent.

Gao Peng wasn’t able to find any opportunity to feed on any dragon meat in his next few days in the Dragon Death Valley. Although the place was called Dragon Death Valley, Gao Peng didn’t find many dead dragons. He wasn’t sure if it was because all of the corpses had already been eaten.

But there was something very strange. Why would these dragons come to Dragon Death Valley? This may have been the graveyard of the dragons, but there were also many monsters that devoured dragons living there.

They were like a group of hyenas lying in the grasslands, greedily guarding the basin, silently watching the lions enter their graves when they were old. This scene was odd and unsettling.

Gao Peng didn’t dare to explore too far. As this was near the heart of Dragon Death Valley, the nearby monsters were of a very high level. King-tier creatures were everywhere, and there was no lack of Emperor and Overlord-tier monsters, either. It was truly an eye-opener for Gao Peng.

The outside world was unbelievable. Where he came from, a single Emperor-tier monster could be in power and control thousands of miles of land. There, they were at the top of the food chain. But in Dragon Death Valley, an Emperor or even an Overlord-level monster would all put aside their pride to gather and crowd this large valley.

Maybe it was the attraction of dragon meat.

The six brothers stood far away, divided into two different small groups, one with five monsters and another with just one.

As Seventh Baby, Baldie was a long-time follower of Flamy. It didn’t have the best relationship with its six siblings, but at that moment, they all shared the same expression and emotion—envy.

Sixth Baby stood on empty land, the small holes on its back emitting a large amount of smoke. The smoke covered Sixth Baby’s body and then gently released outwards. When the smoke was in the air, it was able to create different shapes. One moment, the smoke was the shape of Goldie, and the next, the shape of Gao Peng.

“I don’t envy you. This smoke has no attacking power,” Fifth Baby murmured.

“Yeah, and you even have nine holes on your back. It’s too weird,” Fourth Baby agreed with Fifth Baby.

Where the other Dragon Ants could be described as envious, these two could be described as jealous. Both of them had eaten the dragon meat, but they hadn’t gained any skills.

“Argh—” A long dragon call echoed in the sky.

This time, it felt closer. Gao Peng and the team felt a strong sense of oppression. Above in the sky, a large flash of blood-red tore across the empty sky. A dark red light loomed over the air and ground, and the thick stench of blood spread throughout the valley. Suddenly, the valley was in a frenzy, with numerous monsters becoming agitated.

Gao Peng looked up and was astounded to see a blood-colored giant dragon descending from the sky over his head. Its blood-red wings covered the sun, and when its wings were spread out, they were as wide as a football field. Wait, they were wider than a football field. If an analogy needed to be made, the size of its body was like a floating stadium.

Its large shadow covered the daylight, and in the blink of an eye, it flew out of Gao Peng’s sight and landed in the deeper end of the valley. Even a minute after this Epic-grade super dragon flew away, Gao Peng was still unable to stop thinking about this fierce and domineering blood-red dragon.

Its dark red eyes were like two burning suns. It had a dense set of thick white teeth, and its strong muscular dragon limbs were filled with strength. This giant dragon seemed to have a large cut across its stomach. One could see the flesh and blood shifting gruesomely in the wound. However, there was a striking purple ray that suppressed the wound, and any flesh or blood that oozed out of the wound would become a newly formed body part.

Drops of thick blood dripped from the wound. Gao Peng saw a drop of blood land on a tree nearby, and the leaves and branches corroded entirely.

[Monster Name]: Ancient Bloodrage Dragon

[Monster Level]: Level 91 (Quasi God)

[Deification Progress]: Heart Deification

[Monster Grade]: Legendary

[Monster Condition]: Heavy injury (irritable)

[Monster Attribute]: Blood

[Monster skills]: Dragon Power Level 9, Strengthened Endurance Level 7, Heart of the Blood Dragon Level 9, Speed Healing Level 8, Blood Power Level 8, Blood Halo Level 7

[Special Characteristics]: Blood Soul (A naturally astute control over blood, extreme sensitivity to blood, and the ability to be awoken by blood.

Passive Effect 1: The heavier the injury, the greater its strength and healing power will be.

Passive Effect 2: Each time it kills a unit, it will see an increase in physical fitness for a short period.

Note: The greater the increase from the Blood Soul, the stronger the kill will be.)

Blood Stomach: (A stomach full of blood will naturally hunger for the blood of enemies.

Passive Effect 1: When the Ancient Bloodrage Dragon devours an enemy, the blood of the enemy will stimulate the blood stomach and enhance its control of blood power.

Passive Effect 2: When an Ancient Bloodrage Dragon devours an enemy, the blood stomach will heal its wounds through the digestion of its enemy.)

[Introduction to Monster]: Within the dragon race, the Ancient Bloodrage Dragon is known for its aggression. It loves violence, is cruel, and enjoys eating. Of the Dragon race, this group is one of those who loves fighting.

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