Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 526

Chapter 526 Blood Rage

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“Were my words not clear enough?” Deep Meditation glanced at it, the golden Soul Flame continuing to burn. “If you can’t make this promise, then just return to your homeland and find another dragon to heal you.”

The Ancient Bloodrage Dragon, though upset, finally agreed. If it went back to its homeland… it would be more tormenting for the dragon than actually dying. The dragon was there to see Deep Meditation because it didn’t want to be mocked by those dragons when it returned to its homeland.

“All right. You’ve become more and more treacherous after guarding the Dragon Death Valley, just like the old white dragon,” the Ancient Bloodrage Dragon said in a low voice.

There was no other way. All of those that it knew that could heal its injury were in its homeland, except for Deep Meditation.

The dragon with black bones pointed its right claw ahead. All of its bones were black, even its nails. A touch of dark black color embraced the tip of its nail. As though the nail was a hook, it hooked accurately onto the Ancient Bloodrage Dragon’s wound, which was emitting a purple light. Like bait on a fish hook, the purple light was tempted and lured. Suddenly, the light flowed continuously into the tip of Deep Meditation’s nail.

The purple light covered its dragon talon. From afar, it would appear that its talon was shining with mysterious purple-colored light, but in just a moment, the purple light was completely absorbed, like one eating fast food and wiping their mouth right after.

This old fellow has become stronger again… Soon it’ll become godlike, thought the Ancient Bloodrage Dragon, feeling fearful and uncertain.

Amateurs had different curiosity than experts.

The only one who had a level on par with it could understand how horrifyingly strong Deep Meditation really was. Though the Ancient Bloodrage Dragon wasn’t remarkably strong, it was strong enough to understand that.

“Not bad,” said Deep Meditation nonchalantly.

Not bad??? The edge of the Ancient Bloodrage Dragon’s mouth twitched.

The Ancient Bloodrage Dragon didn’t add anything to the matter. After escaping the influence of the purple light, its wound started to heal quickly, while it glanced around its surroundings with its bloodshot eyes. Even if there were barriers, these monsters had nowhere to hide from its eyes.

Its gaze landed on Gao Peng for a millisecond. Human?

However, it ignored this frail human shortly after. All those monsters were tasty snacks in its eyes. Tasty, delicious snacks. Its wound would have soon healed had it eaten them.

Unfortunately, Deep Meditation is definitely not letting me eat them. The Ancient Bloodrage Dragon was upset, not only that it couldn’t eat them for its recovery, but that it even needed to serve them some of its own meat.

That really made the Ancient Bloodrage Dragon extremely unhappy. It pinched its nose and scrape a large chunk of its flesh off of its body.

“Only this much meat? Why are you so stingy? No wonder you’re nicknamed Miser, the most stingy Ancient Bloodrage Dragon in the Dragon Death Valley,” Deep Meditation mocked.

Miser was shocked. Since when have I had this nickname?

It knew that Deep Meditation was doing this on purpose, but it still failed to hold itself back. “Hmph, here you go.”

It opened its mouth and spat out a piece of its golden flesh, then flew away without looking back. However, it wasn’t flying the way it had come, but instead, towards a place outside Dragon Death Valley.

I must regain my strength by eating after this severe injury…

Deep Meditation waited for it to fly far away. Deep Meditation, which was floating in the deeper part of the valley, looked at where Gao Peng stood thoughtfully. Then it flicked its talon.

A chill went down Gao Peng’s spine for an unknown reason. The next moment, he saw a fleshy object land underneath his foot.

Thump. The fleshy object fell onto the ground. It looks a little like guts, but why is it still throbbing…? it keeps twitching in a regular rhythm. What is this?

The data continued to flow in front of Gao Peng’s eyes as he analyzed it.

Elder Baby, who was lying beside them after it stomach was filled, rolled towards the flesh with all of its efforts. After several rolls, it finally reached the chunk of meat. Then it bit it. Blood spilled everywhere, as though it was a soup dumpling that had been bitten open.

Gao Peng watched as some of the blood from the meat spilled onto the grass and they withered, corroded by the blood.

A bold guess appeared in Gao Peng’s mind suddenly. Is this the meat of the Ancient Bloodrage Dragon? Finally, the data refreshed.

[Material Name]: Ancient Bloodrage Dragon Heart (Fragment)

[Material Description]: The heart of the Ancient Bloodrage Dragon. It contains some godlike properties.

Elder Baby swallowed the heart fragment in a few bites. Gao Peng didn’t know whether he was hallucinating, but he thought he saw the flesh chunk shining with a golden light when it was being swallowed.

Gao took a glimpse at the deeper part of the valley. The black fog there was gradually dissipating. He thought that this chunk of guts wasn’t that simple. Gao Peng wouldn’t believe that this was just pure luck.

However, currently, the mysterious being seemed to have no malicious intent. Even if it did, he could still handle it at the moment. In the next few days, Gao Peng needed to take care of Elder Baby.

Three days later, Elder Baby had completely absorbed it. In comparison to before its evolution, Elder Baby’s form and size had changed significantly.

The most evident change was its size. Elder Baby’s length was now three times its size before the evolution! It was currently more than twelve feet long, and its appearance had turned from harmless to extremely atrocious, not to mention the golden ant armor, bloodshot eyes, and humongous thick claws.

All twelve of its feet were extraordinarily strong and huge, so it didn’t resemble an insect at all. In fact, it looked a little bit like a beast. Its feet, which were covered in scales, also had crimson red armor growing all over them.

[Monster Name]: Dragon Ant

[Monster Level]: Level 34 (Commander-tier)

[Monster Grade]: Epic/Epic

[Monster Ability]: Dragon Brutal Force Level 1, Hardened Dragon Scale Level 1, Blood Rage Level 1

[Monster Attributes]: Blood Rage (An ability gained after consuming the Ancient Bloodrage Dragon’s godlike guts, cultivated with the combination of the Dragon Ant’s talent.

Passive Effect 1: The more severe the wound is, the stronger its strength and healing power.

Active Effect 1: Shortly after activating, the healing speed is significantly increased and at the same time, it loses any sense of pain.)

Gao Peng discovered Elder Baby’s ability to awaken Blood Rage had some similarities to the Blood Soul, but they were also different in other ways.

If it was to say that the talent of the Bloodrage Dragons was more geared towards brutal fighting, then the talent of the Dragon Ant was geared more towards brutal tanking.

However, it wasn’t bad to have a tank, as it could fill up the hole in his formation. Currently, there was no tank familiar under Gao Peng other than Stripey. The passive stacking attributes of Goldie failed to make it into a qualified front line tank.

However, Stripey couldn’t be good for the front lines because of its size. When it was blocking enemies, it blocked its teammates, as well.

In the following period of time, Gao Peng settled down in the Dragon Death Valley temporarily. He was satisfied that his Dragon Ant had evolved after continuously consuming two dragon’s corpses. It was so much easier than gathering the ingredients by himself.

Within that period of time, he found a chance to put Stripey and the rest inside his familiar space. He also took Xia Hua and the others inside. After spending some time becoming familiar with the Dragon Death Valley’s environment, Gao Peng felt a lot safer there compared to the outside world.

However, for a total of three months, Gao Peng had yet to see any dragons, let alone dragon corpses. Just when Gao Peng was about to give up and leave the Dragon Death Valley, a small black dot was flying in the sky in the distance…

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