Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 527

Chapter 527 Eat My Eyes

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“What is that?” Gao Peng pulled down his black hood as the black spot gradually approached him from afar… As the black spot drew closer, it gradually descended.

“Retreat, go back into the cave!” Gao Peng’s expression changed significantly.

As it came closer, Gao Peng could clearly see that it was a giant pure white dragon. It was about to land in the same place where he was standing.

“Sh*t.” Gao Peng thought about many things, not just about the dragon, but also the disasters that would be brought about by it.

He immediately waved his hand and put most of his familiars into the familiar space, only leaving Sixth Baby outside. Gao Peng dragged Sixth Baby into the depths of the cave. Then, he crouched and hugged Sixth Baby.

“Quickly, release the Hypnotic Fog!” Gao Peng commanded Sixth Baby. The Hypnotic Fog unleashed from Sixth Baby’s body and diffused inside the cave.

The depth of the cave was more than 100 feet. The path also extended downwards with twists and turns. One couldn’t see the inside of the cave clearly from the outside unless he or she actually walked into the cave.

As commanded by Gao Peng, the Hypnotic Fog that spread from within the body of Sixth Baby had been limited to a 30-foot-radius, with Sixth Baby as the center of the circle.

With the Hypnotic Fog as their cover, no one from the outside would be able to discover them.

After half a minute of silence, a sudden loud noise reverberated from outside the cave. There were rock fragments falling down from the cave as it shook. Gao Peng embraced Sixth Baby without saying anything.

After a while, the activity outside ceased.

Gao Peng was incredibly excited. It was like having a treasure chest in front of one’s house. The nearby neighbors would soon rush over with their axes and chainsaws to fight for what was inside the chest. They wouldn’t mind hacking at him with an ax if they discovered him.

But… all of his keen neighbors had yet to show up. Should I go out now and steal something from the chest quietly?

Gao Peng was struggling.

The rational part of him was asking him to leave it, but his desire was like a greedy goblin that kept persuading him not to. It was extremely unpleasant for him.

“I’ll just go out and take a look…” Gao Peng showed indecision on his face. “I’ll just walk outside and take a look, no big deal.”

He snuck outside with Sixth Baby. There was a giant white dragon lying on the ground just outside the cave. There was an enormous hole in its head, though the wound had dried out with no blood flowing out.

Its eyeballs were grayish-white, and they were laced with blood capillaries. They looked upset and in pain. As it heard the movement from within the cave, the giant white dragon turned its eyeballs to them.

When the giant white dragon saw a sneaky human crawling outside the entrance of the cave to look at it, it was startled. It seemed unable to react to what had happened. Did I fall onto the wrong place? Is this not the Dragonfall Valley?

The human was giving it a perfect smile, even waving at the dragon. The giant white dragon was speechless.

After a short bout of silence, it looked at the Dragon Ant beside the human. The Dragon Ant was ready to do something. Instantly, the dragon understood what was going on.

It glanced at Gao Peng with all its might. Then, the giant white dragon opened its mouth. “Come, eat me. Come and eat me so you can become stronger.”

There wasn’t a sign of doubt in the giant white dragon’s tone. “Eat my eyes. I can see that there are other monsters approaching. There isn’t much time left for you.”

There were a lot of questions in Gao Peng’s mind. However, he knew that time was precious at that moment. Immediately, he summoned Second Baby and sent it over.

The giant white dragon was lying on the ground. Its huge dragon eye was like a glass ball, shining with color that was absolutely magnificent.

Although Second Baby had eaten quite a few dragon carcasses, they were all carcasses, after all. Now, there was a live dragon standing right in front of it. Second Baby didn’t dare to make a move simply due to fear. The formless but rich power of the dragon had startled it. Its body was rooted to the ground.

“Where should I eat?” Second Baby asked Gao Peng nervously. “Master, how can I eat it?”

The giant white dragon was severely injured, near the point of death. There was even a chain of negative statuses on it. Basically, everything on it was telling one that it would die soon. But it wasn’t dead yet.

It was still a living dragon, after all, even at the edge of death.

Gao Peng was silent for a moment, looking right into the eyes of the giant white dragon. There was calmness in its eyes. It was a calmness that displayed the acceptance of its own demise.

“Listen to Mr. Dragon and go eat its eye.”

When Second Baby didn’t know what to do, it saw the giant white dragon in front of it nodding towards itself.

Then Second Baby shuddered violently as it nervously held the eyeball and began to chew on it.

“If there’s a chance in the future, you can avenge me by killing some demons.” The giant white dragon smiled as it said these words. It was at the end of its lifespan. Even if someone were willing to treat the fatal injury it had for a price, it would only live for a couple of months.

Instead of saving it at an unnecessarily high cost just for it to live for mere months, it was better to make use of the dragon before its death.

The trees from the forest in the distance shook. A Three-Headed Dragon Wolf appeared. It ran out while spitting out scorching flames and stinky acid. It crumbled huge chunks of branches into pieces, showing its Overlord-tier strength.

The first thing it locked its eyes on was Second Baby, which was consuming the giant white dragon’s eyeball. Its eyes were showing a sign of monstrosity.

Two days earlier, it had been injured by a Dragon Ant as they were fighting for food. I couldn’t kill the large one, but it shouldn’t be any problem killing this small one.

From its point of view, the giant dragon the Dragon Ant was feeding on was completely dead. “Roar!” It plunged forward, the Three-Headed Dragon Wolf jumping over the giant white dragon.

The giant white dragon blinked its eyelid. With bloodstains on its dying body, its giant tail on the ground lifted. It whipped violently into the hip of the Three-Headed Dragon Wolf, which was the Dragon Wolf’s weak spot.

The Three-Headed Dragon Wolf wasn’t prepared for this whip. It hadn’t been expecting that the giant white dragon would attack.

Immediately after landing on the ground, it began to roll. God only knew how much of its guts had been torn because of that whip. It didn’t dare to stay and ran away with its tail between its legs the following instant. “Howl, howl, howl—”

After eating the left eye of the giant white dragon, a huge and horrifying hole was left in the left eye socket of the dragon. It looked appalling.

Second Baby got up and stood like a human. With both of its claws held together, it bowed to the giant white dragon several times.

The only eye left on the giant white dragon looked calm and gentle. “Go ahead and eat my other eye.”

Second Baby, who was bending its body for the bow, kept its posture, stunned.

“There’s no use for me to keep this eye after I die. Why don’t you eat it?” The giant white dragon knew the talent of Dragon Ants. It looked around with the only eye it had left. After a period of silence, it plucked out the eyeball with its dragon talon and threw it to Gao Peng.

“You won’t be able to leave if you don’t go now.”

Gao Peng embraced the bloody eyeball, which was warm and elastic. He didn’t think much and summoned for Dumby to take the eyeball inside his space. Then, he took Second Baby with him and ran back into the cave.

After some time, there was a chewing noise coming from outside. Some monsters were fighting over the carcass of the giant white dragon.

Gao Peng sat in the cave with his back against the stone wall. He bent both of his legs and embraced them with nothing on his mind.

Just kill some demons to avenge me. A severely injured dragon. Dragon Death Valley. Breeding monsters in the Dragon Death Valley with its own body.

All the clues linked together in his mind like a pearl necklace. Gao Peng had a vague theory about all of this.

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