Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 528

Chapter 528 Diurnal Pupil

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Gao Peng had stayed in the Dragon Death Valley for three months. In these three months, Gao Peng had never met a monster above Overlord-tier. They had met several Overlord-tier Monsters, but he only looked at them from afar.

They had never met a monster above Overlord-tier. This also led to Gao Peng’s confusion about what the tier between Overlord and Quasi God was.

Gao Peng now lived in the central area of Dragon Death Valley, where at most, only Emperor-tier monsters visited. Overlord-tier monsters didn’t dare to come near this area, except for the occasions when there was a dragon corpse around.

Gao Peng sometimes wondered if the monsters in Dragon Death Valley were at most Overlord-tier, or if there was a powerful monster of a very high rank maintaining Dragon Death Valley from the very center.

Everything there seemed chaotic, yet it was orderly. There was an invisible order maintaining the rules. First of all, it was incredible that such a small valley had so many Overlord-tier monsters without becoming a bloodbath. There had to be a strong presence here that was probably a dragon species.

The flesh that fell at his feet that day was likely that existence that had thrown it in front of him. Gao Peng thought in silence.

The Dragon Death Valley wasn’t the graveyard of the dragons. Instead…

Gao Peng looked up at the sealed rock wall that seemed to be trapping him in a cage. This was supposed to be the dragon clan’s maggot farm.

This may also have explained why, for so many years, there wasn’t even a single monster that was above Overlord-tier. All the monsters that had grown above the Overlord-tier had already been taken away.

Second Baby squatted at his side while hugging the dragon eye and earing it without a word.

Gao Peng breathed a sigh of anxiety. If there was a monster willing to drill inside their cave, then everyone would be caught off guard…

Looking at Second Baby eating so well, Gao Peng smiled. He was still worried about whether there would be any monsters barging in, whereas Second Baby was enjoying its meal.

Considering the attributes of the white dragon just now and the eyes it had given Second Baby to eat, Gao Peng also had a little guess about Second Baby’s imminent ability. He shook his head with a smile.

It had been a coincidence. Now, it seemed that he and these seven children had really formed a puzzling relationship. While Gao Peng was worrying, the monsters outside gradually left.

When these monsters had their fill, it was already evening. After the Overlord-tier monsters had their portions, the Emperor-tier monsters had their turn to eat. In the Dragon Death Valley, there were strict ranks. Under the chaotic order, rank was power, and the Overlord tier and Emperor tier were the best and the worst, respectively.

Gao Peng put Second Baby into the familiar space, bringing out Sixth Baby and Dumby and leaving quietly. He didn’t fear these Emperor-tier monsters when Dumby was with him.

The reason why they left was that most wolves held grudges and wanted revenge. When the Three-Headed Dragon Wolf recovered, they would probably come to trouble them, so they took the chance to run away while it was healing its wounds.

A wolf’s nose was very sensitive, so Gao Peng was very careful along the way to clean up the traces and smells he left behind.

Seven days later, Gao Peng let Second Baby out for a good rest. It was a good thing that the Three-Headed Dragon Wolf hadn’t come after them in these seven days.

During the week, Second Baby had successfully digested the dragon meat. Its size didn’t increase much, but the color of the shell on its back changed from light gold to platinum.

The ratio of its eyes to its body was several times greater than it originally had been. Now, it looked like a cute version of ants one saw in animations.

[Monster Name]: Dragon Ant

[Monster Level]: Level 32 (Commander-tier)

[Monster Grade]: Epic

[Monster Attribute]: Light

[Monster Weakness]: Dark

[Monster Ability]: Enhanced Eyesight Level 2

[Monster Attributes]: Diurnal Pupil (Inheritance to the Diurnal Light Dragon’s congenital pupil that can see through gloom and alleviate disasters.

Passive Effect 1: Pupil-type ability level is increased one level. It weakens the negative effects of fog, blindness, and hallucinations relative to the host’s level.

Passive Effect 2: When Pupil-type ability reaches Level 5, it acquires the effect to see through. When Pupil-type ability reaches Level 7, it acquires immunity to light. Visuals can no longer be affected by light. When Pupil-type ability reaches Level 9, its visual distance increases greatly.

Passive Effect 3: ???

Tip: The effect to see through will be affected by the content of elements and other factors.)

The diurnal pupil sounded very powerful but had almost no lethality. However, in this foggy Dragon Death Valley, it had quite some uses. At least, the influence of the miasma on Gao Peng’s vision had been significantly weakened.

It was worth mentioning that Second Baby’s eyes were big and bright, but they never shone. This also reduced the possibility of exposing oneself in the dark.

So, Second Baby stayed outside for almost 24 hours to look out, like a super-small telescope scanning the perimeter.

In order to see farther from above, Gao Peng let Goldie place Second Baby on top of its head, just like it was holding a puppy, so its two clear eyes could scan the area like car lights. Any slight movement could be immediately detected by Second Baby like a mini radar.

Relying on Second Baby’s ability, Gao Peng killed many King-tier monsters in the next few days. After decomposing, the King-tier monsters restored the quality of the lowest-ranked familiar.

Moreover, Gao Peng also found a very good method of grinding ability fruits!

Some, such as elemental control ability fruits, could be compared to chicken, but the others, like elemental resistance ability fruits, were very effective.

Abilities recovered from consuming the fruits could be overlapped, but the latter had to be of a higher level.

For example, Dumby took a Fire Resistance Level 3 fruit, then took a Fire Resistance Level 4 fruit. This overrode the Level 3 resistance one it had eaten earlier.

For some ability fruits, Gao Peng would also need to consider whether they would conflict with their existing abilities. However, with resistant fruit, there were no such concerns.

If conditions permitted it, Gao Peng would even grind all the resistant fruits and arrange one each for all his familiars.

After a month of peace, Gao Peng began to think of leaving. He had now seen that it depended on luck whether there were dying dragons returning to the Dragon Death Valley. If he was lucky, it was possible to have a few in a day; if not, there wouldn’t be even one for several months.

There were no restrictions on the duration for familiars to stay in the familiar space, but everything in it was stagnant, including their growth. Move forward, or fall behind!

Although it made it easy to carry familiars around and there was no danger to it, their growth was also restricted.

But to take out all the familiars…

Gao Peng thought about the number of Overlord-tier and Emperor-tier monsters in the valley and considered the danger of exposure too great. He would be deeply distressed if he lost any of his monsters.

He could continue to search for opportunities in the Dragon Death Valley to stealthily improve the quality of the Dragon Ants, but this would affect the level of their other familiars.

He could also leave the Dragon Death Valley, although there would be fewer chances to improve the quality of the Dragon Ants. The Emperor-tier and Overlord-tier monsters outside weren’t clustered in the Dragon Death Valley and didn’t need to stay in the familiar space for a long time, so their growth rate was accelerated.

Gao Peng thought for a long time and finally came up with a way to achieve the best of both worlds.

Although this method had a certain failure rate, there were no other ideas…

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