Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 530

Chapter 530 A Sudden Impulse

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Appearing to be in discomfort, Flamy released a huge burp. The beginning of the act was very satisfying. However, it still hurt a little afterward…

Nevertheless, flame swallowing was a contemporary act that required advanced skills. Despite being highly resistant to fire, Flamy felt a slight discomfort while swallowing flames into its stomach.

“Pew—” A strange noise released from Flamy’s buttocks.

Goldie, who was shocked, turned his head and looked at Flamy in disbelief. I didn’t know you would also…

Flamy’s chubby cheeks were flushed red. It glared at Goldie. “Old Baldie!”

Displeased, Goldie mumbled in denial, “I’m not Baldie! You can’t address me however you like. Baldie is the name of another familiar.”

“Of course, I know that you’re not Baldie. You’re old Baldie.” Flamy grinned contemptuously.

“Old… old Baldie?” Goldie was speechless.

“Yes. There is a young Baldie, and you’re the old Baldie.”

Goldie went silent.

“Don’t kill the mink toad,” Gao Peng comforted the greatly annoyed Goldie. “The mink toad is still useful.”

Flamy’s ability was able to grow by absorbing other flames. The absorption of flames was unlike the absorption of DNA, which only required a minimal amount for the absorption to be effective. The absorption of flames, however, was a long-term process.

Besides its own flames, the flames that were released by the other wild monsters were also targeted by Flamy. The flames would be consumed by Flamy, then be fed to the dominant flame, which acted like a pet for Flamy.

“Fine.” Goldie shot a glimpse at the Fire-Tail Mink Toad. It opened its mouth wide as it spat a blaze at Goldie. Before long, Goldie was surrounded by an ocean of flames. It was as though it was going to burn down the whole place, until… Thud!

With its mouth shut, Goldie retracted its right hand. “Close your mouth. Your breath stinks.”

The Fire-Tail Mink Toad was eventually captured alive by Gao Peng and turned into a barely certified power bank.

The moment it regained its energy, it was immediately extracted in the form of fire. It didn’t have any leftover strength to fight back. The fire that it strained to produce everyday was completely gone within seconds. It even had to receive a punishment if it failed to produce sufficient flames.

The Fire-Tail Mink Toad teared up every time it thought about its situation. Why did I choose to sleep there on that day?

“Oh, yes. We’ll slaughter it and make it into a snack that can go with my wine if one day it can’t produce fire anymore.” Gao Peng, who was lying on the beach chair, spoke nonchalantly.

The Fire-Tail Mink Toad was taken aback. What are you saying, you demon?

Within the empty space, a tiny and carefree centipede was loitering. It had a long and smooth body, with twelve pairs of wings growing out of its back.

Its body was coated in golden purple and decorated with patterns of a maroon color.

“Why have I not seen any food recently?” Da Zi muttered as it ranted. The food in the empty space had been reducing since some time ago. It was too much for one to bear.

It had started two months ago when Da Zi regained consciousness. As it was starving, it went on a binge. It ate everything that came into its sight. Meanwhile, its appetite had become surprisingly good, and everything was delicious to it. It could basically consume everything in the space.

However, Da Zi had no intention to grow its strength, as it had never encountered any enemy in this space. Devil-may-care, it spent all its days eating and sleeping.

It had occasionally thought of Gao Peng during the beginning, but, eventually, it had almost completely forgotten about Gao Peng…

After flying for a while, a crack appeared within the atmosphere, right before its eyes. An indistinctive yet familiar scent wafted through the crack.

Briefly startled, Da Zi recomposed itself and flew towards the crack. Earth Star?

Da Zi intended to squeeze through the crack. However, the spatial rift, which appeared to have no layer of protection, was covered by a thick invisible wall, making Da Zi unable to break through, even if it broke its head.

“There’s oppression in that world. As its ability is skyrocketing, it’s not possible for one to go through right now.” Conversation glided through the air.

“What should we do now? If it continues to stay here, the relieving of the world’s oppression might not be able to meet the growth of its ability.” The voice was filled with a slight disappointment.

“This young kid has a great appetite, but will it continue to stay here? It has been here for a considerably long time.”

“Then, send it to another world.”

“That’s out of the rules…”

“Rules are rigid, but we’re not.”

After a few failed attempts, Da Zi stared at the spatial rift as it slowly vanished. With its face covered and shoulders vibrating, it burst out into tears. Shortly after the spatial rift disappeared before it, another spatial rift, once again, gradually showed up beside where the previous spatial rift was located.

Da Zi, who was still covering its face in despair, paused its actions before it raised its head to look at the new spatial rift in shock. After a short period of contemplation, it flew towards the spatial rift and studied it meticulously.

It extended its dragon finger and gently touched the crack. This time, with no obstruction, its finger successfully penetrated through the crack and reached the other side.

“Ah!” Da Zi widened its eyes in amusement. How did it go through? Isn’t this the same crack as before?

After a long moment of hesitation, Da Zi cautiously peeked through the cracks. There was a clear blue ocean that seemed to have no boundary welcoming it with one wave after another.

“What if I drown in this enormous sea? It’s better for me to stay here and wait for the day when I can return to the place I came from.” Da Zi made up an excuse for itself. As it intended to remove its head from the crack, an abrupt yet powerful force of unknown origin landed on its buttocks.

“Hey!” Da Zi was kicked through the spatial rift. The moment Da Zi turned around to look at the spatial rift, the crack was completely gone in a blink of an eye.

“Damn it!” Da Zi was furious.

Strong waves, one after another, continuously rolled underneath its feet. The deep sea appeared to be full of danger as it saw a huge silhouette approaching it.

Boom! The waves erupted like a volcano as a gigantic silhouette broke out from the ocean.

Da Zi reacted instantly. Its reaction had improved tremendously from chasing the lightning monsters, which had run speedily in that space. It now had light-speed reactions.

It turned into a purple flash as it dodged and avoided the shark-like monster that came out of the ocean.

After successfully avoiding the ambush, Da Zi sneered before it opened up its twelve pairs of wings. The next second, lightning poured down from the sky like a waterfall.

It was literally a lightning waterfall, as the purple silhouettes intertwined, gluing all the lightning together and forming a ribbon that was falling like heavy rain. The deafening thunder echoed around the atmosphere!


As it was surrounded by the curtain of lightning, the gigantic monster that came from the ocean had nowhere to run. It was hit directly by the lightning.

“Ouch,” the monster cried. Attacked by the lightning, its every single bone and muscle was broken into pieces as its skin was charred by the electricity.


The body of the monster fell into the ocean and created a splash that was taller than 30 feet. Da Zi gave out a contemptuous laugh. It didn’t bother to stay for the monstrous fish that had been killed and decided to fly in a certain direction, hoping to leave this place.

The other monsters in the ocean were so frightened by Da Zi’s power that they refused to appear.

Meanwhile, Gao Peng, who had captured his second rechargeable battery was overwhelmed by a strange feeling. The feeling was almost like a sudden impulse.

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