Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 534

Chapter 534 Command Lightning

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Gao Peng frowned at Da Zi. That snake would surely have given up its chase if Da Zi hadn’t been so cheeky…

He looked up at Da Zi and was shocked at what he saw. How the hell did it manage to grow so many wings on its back in just six months? Gao Peng had to count them a few times in order to reach an exact number. Twelve pairs?

Gao Peng was immediately reminded of a twelve-winged seraph. However, to him, Da Zi’s dragon wings looked a lot cooler than an angel’s “pigeon wings.”

“Wow, Da Zi! Where did you get all those wings from?” said Goldie, impressed.

“Oh, put a sock in it. I’ve been looking for Gao Peng for half a year. When I finally found my way out, I ended up right in the middle of the ocean. I didn’t have a single decent meal while I was out there,” said Da Zi, trying to sound as pitiful as possible in front of Gao Peng. “Do you have any idea how hard it was to fish for food from the ocean?”

“Watch out, Da Zi!” There was a loud boom as Stripey rose to its feet in order to shield Da Zi from something. It was now standing before Gao Peng and the others like a mountain, bearing the full brunt of the silver snake’s onslaught with its body.

The sound of its heavy breathing filled the air. The dark clouds above its head swirled ominously as flames rained down on the beach from its mountainous body.

[Monster Name]: Disaster Mountain Spider

[Monster Status]: Lightly Injured

Gao Peng raised an eyebrow at this. It had been able to hurt Stripey with just one attack. Just how strong is this snake?

Stripey’s body began expanding. Unable to bear the strain of its weight, the ground cracked audibly beneath its feet. The sea sloshed wildly around it. In an instant, Stripey’s body encompassed the entire beach, immediately squashing the silver snake beneath it.

A noticeable crack could be seen on the snake’s mountainous body. It was at least 100 feet deep and more than 300 feet wide. No monster could possibly survive such a wound. Even a normal-sized Stripey wouldn’t have the luxury of ignoring an injury of this magnitude.

The silver snake thrashed about madly beneath the mountain that had suddenly fallen over it, causing the latter to tremble uncontrollably. As the silver snake writhed about in the water, the sea began to recede from the beach. Towering waves bulged up from the surface of the water, tapering off into ‘hooks’ as the waves reached as high as 2,000 feet into the air. The evening sun glinted off the waves that had surrounded the snake once more, giving them a hazy red tinge.

Gao Peng frowned. This snake has quite the temper. He could sense that there was an incredibly dense concentration of water in these waves. A monster equipped with an Elemental Mastery ability would have some degree of control over not only a certain element but any naturally-occurring substance related to it, as well.

“Gao Peng, this guy’s really strong. I don’t think I can hold it much longer,” said Stripey through gritted teeth. “You guys hide behind me. I’ll cover you.”

Gao Peng quickly pulled some of his familiars back inside his Familiar Space before flying away on Flamy’s back alongside those that couldn’t fit inside his Familiar Space. Dumby and Stripey stepped forward to engage the snake in combat, with the Amorphic Hell Tree standing not too far behind them. The latter had let loose its aura, providing support for both familiars.

The snake’s water hooks surged towards them, crisscrossing the sky above their heads.


Gao Peng watched as the hooks fell towards his familiars like a rake. They nearly split Stripey in half. That idiot centipede! Of all the monsters it could have pissed off, it decided to piss off this one! He could feel a vein popping out on his temple.

“Stripey, stop pressing down on the snake. Let it go,” said Gao Peng.

He feared that if Stripey continued pinning the snake down with its body, it might actually be killed by the latter. The snake could even try to shield itself from Dumby’s and Da Zi’s attacks using Stripey’s body.

In any case, he thought it would be best to first check the snake’s stats before deciding on a course of action.

Stripey slowly pulled itself away from the snake, which erupted from the sand and into the air. Its body gleamed with a silver light. There were three shark-like dorsal fins on its back and three eyes on its face.

[Monster Name]: Deep Sea Silver-Winged Three-Eyed Snake

[Monster Level]: Level 74 (Overlord-tier)

[Monster Grade]: Excellent/Epic

[Monster Attribute]: Water

[Monster Ability]: Hardened Scales Level 6, Explosive Muscle Growth Level 5, Water Mastery Level 7, Sharp Snake Fangs Level 5, Corrosive Stomach Lining Level 6

[Monster Trait]: Iron Gut (Allows it to digest almost anything it eats.

Passive Effect 1: Digestion Level +1

Passive Effect 2: Its stomach’s volume and elasticity will increase in order to consume prey larger than itself.)

[Monster Weakness]: Earth

[Monster Description]: A sea-dwelling monster with a violent temperament. It likes to swallow its prey whole.

Gao Peng’s face fell as he read the snake’s stats. Level 7 Water Mastery… no wonder it was able to hurt Stripey with its water attacks.

A monster equipped with an Elemental Mastery ability would be able to manipulate a certain element in nature. For instance, a monster with the Flame Mastery Ability could “enchant” any naturally occurring sources of fire by channeling its power into them. It could then easily burn through anything with the resulting enchanted fire.

The fact that the snake was a Level-74 Overlord-tier monster was enough to send a shiver down Gao Peng’s spine.

He then turned to look at Da Zi. As it had been a while since he had last seen it, Gao Peng was curious to see how much it had grown.

[Monster Name]: 24-Winged Lightning Sky Dragon

[Monster Level]: Level 69 (Emperor-tier)

[Monster Grade]: Mythical/Mythical

[Monster Ability]: Lightning Mastery Level 7, Thunder Shell Level 6, Lightning Resistance Level 6

[Monster Trait]: Thunder Wings (Omitted)

Eye of the Heart (Omitted)

Command Lightning (After consuming a certain divine artifact, it now has the ability to manipulate various types of Lightning energy without any issue.

Passive Effect 1: It can store a wide range of Lightning energies inside its wings. Every time it gains five more pairs of wings on its back, not only will it be able to store a new type of Lightning energy in them, but it will also have complete mastery over it.

Note: It now has complete mastery over four different types of electrical energy.

Mastered Lightning Energies: Silver Lightning, Howling Lightning, Explosive Lightning)

[Monster Description]: A type of monster that once existed only in the realms of myth. There have been legends of sky dragons and earth dragons roaming the earth since ancient times, of worms transforming into earth dragons and centipedes into sky dragons. A centipede’s ultimate form is that of a sky dragon. Lightning is usually described as unyielding like steel and radiant like the sun. The Lightning Sky Dragon is said to embody the radiant side of lightning.

After reading through Da Zi’s stat sheet, Gao Peng rubbed his eyes. It was even more spectacular than the Deep Sea Silver-Winged Three-Eyed Snake. Even though the snake’s power was greatly enhanced in the ocean, Da Zi shouldn’t have had such a difficult time with it.

One could only attribute this sad state of affairs to Da Zi’s lack of experience and the power boost the snake had received in the ocean.

Da Zi’s twelve pairs of wings allowed it to store three times the amount of energy a typical Level-69 Mythical-grade monster could store inside itself. It was literally artillery with wings.

“You’ve grown strong, Da Zi. Now’s your time to shine,” said Gao Peng. “Haven’t you mastered something called Explosive Lightning? Well, go blow up that snake with it.”

“Ah, um…” Da Zi sounded nervous. Stripey was one of the strongest familiars it had ever known. If the snake was able to hurt Stripey, what chance did it have against it?

As Gao Peng had given out his orders, Da Zi had no choice but to take on its opponent, regardless of the consequences that could follow.

Spreading out its wings, it tore through the air towards the snake. Red streaks of lightning danced around the tips of its wings, rocking the air with bouts of thunder.

Red electricity began gathering on both sides of Da Zi like a pair of wings, visibly distorting the air around it…

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