Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 535

Chapter 535 Slaying A Snake

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There was a flash of crimson lightning in the air, followed by a piercing cry. Boom!

Dread gripped Deep Sea Silver-Winged Three-Eyed Snake the moment the flash of lightning filled the world around it. Even though this strange-looking monster was only an Emperor-tier monster, the snake still felt threatened by it.

The last time something like this had happened was during its years as a young snake, when it had been hunted by monsters a lot stronger than it.

Instinctively, it raised a water barrier above its head Stained a shade of dark red, the layer of water above the snake’s head should have been able to absorb its opponent’s incoming attack. However, the crimson lightning fell upon it heavily, like a hammer, threatening to shatter it into pieces.

The water barrier shook violently upon impact. The snake groaned as if it were shouldering some incredible weight on its nonexistent shoulders. The water barrier it had erected overhead seemed as if it could break at any moment. The transparent layer of water suddenly turned solid, then exploded.

Lightly placing one foot before itself, Dumby stepped forth, silently taking on its wraith-like form.


Still recovering from Da Zi’s attack, the Deep Sea Silver-Winged Three-Eyed Snake turned around and rushed headlong at Dumby.

Dumby deftly sidestepped the snake’s headbutt before landing a palm strike on the left side of its head.

The Deep Sea Silver-Winged Three-Eyed Snake immediately shut its eye. Sparks flew out from Dumby’s palm as it grazed past the snake’s eyelid.

The snake’s scales suddenly stood up on end like jackknives, sweeping past Dumby as the snake lunged forward. Dumby shielded itself from them just in time by holding up its wrists in front of itself.

Dumby’s black robe was torn to ribbons by the snake’s scales, exposing its body. Its dark golden bones glistened ominously from beneath its robe. The snake’s sudden attack was enough to push Dumby back, though each step it took backward left a huge crater on the sand.

However, the sand underfoot was soft. As soon as it was parted by Dumby’s footsteps, it immediately flowed back around its feet.

A dark flame began burning around Dumby’s body. It was coming from the mysterious white jade bone embedded in its body. Dumby rarely had the chance to use it in battle. Most of the time, it was able to finish off any monster with its other abilities, which it could use with greater finesse. On the other hand, Dumby’s mastery over the dark flame was still lacking, as it hadn’t been obtained via natural means.

At that moment, inspiration dawned on Dumby. It let the dark flame flow into its palm before slapping it on the three-eyed snake’s body, leaving a dark burning palm print on it. Its flames began burning fiercely into the snake’s scales.

At first, Gao Peng thought that Dumby’s dark flame was burning the water elemental energy in the snake’s body. However, looking closely, he saw that it was burning the seawater that was still clinging to the snake’s scales.

Incredible. It can even burn saltwater, thought Gao Peng, impressed.

The Deep Sea Silver-Winged Three-Eyed Snake held its head up high. The flames were now causing it incredible pain.


There was a ripping sound in the air as the water near the beach began to swirl, then a funnel-shaped pillar of water began to rise from the sea and into the air. Suddenly, countless water daggers flew out from the blood-red vortex, cutting through the rocks and sand on the beach. A deafening din broke out across the beach at that moment.

“It’s trying to escape. Dumby, stop it,” said Gao Peng, instantly knowing what the snake was trying to do.

The snake’s whirlpool attack seemed impressive at first glance. In truth, it was all bark and no bite. The only thing terrifying about it was the fact that the snake intended to use it as a smokescreen in order to facilitate its escape from Dumby and Da Zi.

Gao Peng calmly summoned Goldie to his side. Upon being summoned, Goldie placed its muscular body in front of its master, shielding him from the snake’s water daggers.

A couple of water daggers flew towards Goldie. As soon as they hit its body, they exploded, harmlessly splashing water across its face. The water daggers popped like water balloons, drenching Goldie’s body from head to toe.

Goldie’s water elemental resistance didn’t exactly allow it to completely negate water attacks of this magnitude. The extent to which they could be negated was probably only somewhere between 80 and 90 percent…

Goldie was enraged when it took the snake’s “attack” right in the face. It clenched its fists, raring to join the battle and smack the three-eyed snake senseless. It took Gao Peng quite a while to calm it down.

Sure enough, after spraying everyone on the beach with its water daggers, the Deep Sea Silver-Winged Three-eyed Snake quickly turn around to slink back into the water. However, it was stopped by Dumby. In the air, Da Zi let out its Explosive Lightning, continually pounding the snake with it like a hammer. Every strike fell on the snake’s scales with a resounding boom.

Da Zi’s Explosive Lightning attack was as violent as it was relentless. It was able to immobilize its target through sheer force.

After being pummelled by Da Zi’s lightning strikes a few more times, the Deep Sea Silver-Winged Three-Eyed Snake began to throw up blood. It was a few feet away from freedom when suddenly a mountain placed itself in front of the snake… Stripey was now standing between it and the sea, trapping it on the beach.

Stripey’s face remained expressionless. I never said you could leave, buster.

The Deep Sea Silver-Winged Three-Eyed Snake had coiled itself up at the foot of the mountain. Its three eyes were narrowed into tiny slits as they coldly observed their surroundings. Blood was trickling down from its mouth. Its internal organs had been ravaged by Dumby’s attacks.

Any other monster would have been dead by this point. However, the snake was a hardy creature. Despite being wounded so severely, it was still fiercely clinging to life.

However, Dumby and Stripey hadn’t come out of this unscathed. Dumby’s status had dropped to ‘Moderately Injured,’ whereas Stripey’s had fallen to ‘Severely Injured.’ Only Da Zi, which had kept a great distance between itself and the ground this whole time, seemed relatively unharmed.

Da Zi was surprised by just how awesome it had been back then. It hadn’t thought it would be able to beat its pursuer into submission… Who knew I would be this awesome?! It let out a sigh.

Dammit… The three-eyed snake hadn’t completely resigned itself to its fate yet. It was still looking for a chance to escape.

However, it hadn’t even been able to escape when it was still in its top form back then. What chance did it have of escaping now?

Dumby was able to see through the snake’s smokescreen tactic. When it tried to make for the ocean, it received another palm strike to the face from its opponent.

The Overlord-tier snake let out a roar filled with rage and discontent before falling dead on the beach.

Upon seeing the Deep Sea Silver-Winged Three-Eyed Snake’s lifeless body, Gao Peng realized that he had killed an Overlord-tier monster with the help of his familiars. Stunned by this revelation, Gao Peng came back to his senses moments later. His thumping heart began to slow down.

Of course, Da Zi had played a huge role in taking down the snake. If Da Zi hadn’t been there, Dumby and the others wouldn’t have been able to kill this Overlord-tier monster. They would have been forced to run for their lives.

Gao Peng didn’t know what Da Zi had been through to undergo such a huge growth spurt. In just six months, it had become his most powerful familiar. It had also somehow attained the Mythical grade in that time.

The name Da Zi had assumed after its evolution wasn’t listed in any of its Mythical evolutionary routes. Gao Peng took this to mean that Da Zi had been set on a new path by chance.

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