Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 538

Chapter 538 Underwater Cave

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This Qingbai Wind Bird had a very high position within the flock, with many of the birds quite afraid of it.

For the next few days, Gao Peng lived on the island and became neighbors with this flock of white birds. The birds were originally afraid of Gao Peng and his familiars and guarded against them. However, over time, they relaxed their vigilance. As long as Gao Peng wasn’t near, they weren’t too bothered.

Gao Peng discovered that this Epic-grade Qingbai Wind Bird worked like a horse. It basically never stopped from morning to night. Aside from eating and sleeping, it was always around.

It didn’t need to hunt for food. Every day, a large group of Qingbai Wind Birds would painstakingly fish in the sea and give the captured food to this Epic-grade Qingbai Wind Bird.

In the dead of night, most of the Qingbai Wind Birds were asleep, with a scattered few on guard on the reef.

Gao Peng saw this Epic-grade Qingbai Wind Bird standing on a rock, gazing silently towards the sea, looking very pensive.

“This loser is actually pretending to be deep in thought,” Goldie spat disdainfully.

After a while, the Epic-grade Qingbai Wind Bird turned and walked down, circled around a few times, then went into a cave.

Floating Light told him that in the next consecutive days, the Epic-grade bird would enter the cave at night and leave the cave in the early morning. It couldn’t have been that it went inside to sleep, because this Qingbai Wind Bird had a nest on the outside, and when it came out early in the morning, it looked tired and would head to the nest to sleep.

As time went by, Gao Peng suspected that the Qingbai Wind Bird had hidden something in the cave. Could the cave have been his treasure hideout?

Another day passed with the Qingbai Wing Birds on the islands competing for mating rights with the Epic-grade Qingbai Wind Bird, which was male. After seeing Goldie looking slightly envious, Gao Peng said to it, “You aren’t getting any younger. Would you like me to find you a female duck?”

Goldie’s old face reddened, but the skin of its face was too thick for the redness to show. “I-I don’t want that,” Goldie stuttered. “This ambitionless life is so low-level.”

“Hmph.” Flamy took a cold glance at the female Qingbai Wing Birds in the distance fighting for mating rights. It proudly said, “These shameless birds are an embarrassment to all of us birds.”

After hearing Goldie’s words, Flamy couldn’t help but say sarcastically, “You look pretty envious. Couldn’t tell from your big eyebrows and big eyes, but it turns out you just like that white horse.”

Flamy’s temper was exceptionally bad that day. Even after mocking Goldie and the Epic-grade Qingbai Wind Bird several times, its anger didn’t subside. It looked at those birds doing sleazy things in broad daylight, opened its mouth, and shot out a series of fireballs.

A flock of birds fled off in fright. Even the Epic-grade Qinbai Wind Bird hurriedly flew off the reef.

After Flamy left and was a distance away, Goldie secretly returned, went up to Gao Peng’s ear, and whispered, “Master, why did that fat bird get so angry?”

Gao Peng looked at Goldie and said in surprise, “You don’t know?”

Goldie was stunned and scratched its head. “I know? What would I know? Unless… it’s jealous that I’m slimmer than it is… ?” As Goldie thought about the likelihood of this possibility, it couldn’t stop shaking its head. “It can’t help that its physique is the type that becomes fat even when it’s simply breathing. At most, I’ll stop saying that it’s fat.”

“You, ah…” Gao Peng glanced at Goldie and sighed. This silly monster was single for good reason. Even he could tell that something was amiss, but this dumb duck couldn’t.

Though Gao Peng had many familiars, who had Flamy looked for a chat with? At every chance, Flamy would mention Goldie. It was always “little Baldie,””silly Baldie,” and “what’s Goldie doing today?”

“Maybe other people just like your stupidity. Anyway, I won’t get involved,” Gao Peng said resignedly. Then he beckoned, “Goldie come over here. Let’s go check out what the Qingbai Wind Bird is hiding in the cave, and sneaking out to see every night.”

The cave wasn’t big. In fact, it was slightly short. Goldie had to bend over to enter. If one continued in deeper, it led downwards. While it was slightly damp, there was no water seeping in. Gao Peng bent over and proceeded inside.

The deeper they went into the cave, the more spacious the cave became. Very quickly, they arrived at the bottom, which was wide and clean. There were dense bubbles growing on the rock wall.

The bubbles were large, at an average width of three feet. Each bubble contained strange objects, such as octopus feet, crab claws, fish scales, and kelp—all ocean items.

Goldie was very curious and stretched out its fingers, almost bursting open a bubble near it. Gao Peng stopped it. One wasn’t supposed to touch things that one wasn’t familiar with. Goldie grunted in agreement, then stood behind Gao Peng without moving. Its eyes would still shift around, appearing very curious.

Burble. A very distinct snoring sound was heard in the cave, as though something was blowing bubbles.

Gao Peng vigilantly scanned his surroundings. Aside from the bubbles, there was nothing else. In the dark, he asked Goldie if it had seen anything. Goldie hadn’t noticed anything, either.

If Goldie couldn’t detect it, it probably meant that the thing in the dark was well hidden. Gao Peng couldn’t help but frown. Although Goldie didn’t have a high level, it had a decent grade. Goldie wasn’t smart, but it had a strong intuition. This was probably what people were referring to when they said that when God closed a door, a window opened.

Gao Peng wanted to retreat. The ocean was indeed mysterious. He was about to curb his curiosity and turned to leave when there was a bang behind him.

A bubble had exploded.

When Gao Peng turned back, he saw a transparent bubble blasting open. Inside was a bunch of dark seaweed. When the bubble exploded, the seaweed was also suddenly exposed to the air—this was not an illusion.

A rich salty taste filled in the air. Gao Peng was shocked. The exposed seaweed suddenly rose up in the air!

It swayed wildly, like a lock of dark dense hair, and started expanding. With every breath, its volume doubled. The plant was almost touching the other bubbles when it seemed to consciously avoid them and move inward, following the airspace, moving towards Gao Peng.

[Monster Name]: Mutated Seaweed Monster

[Monster Level]: Level 56 (King-tier)

[Monster Grade]: Perfect/Perfect

[Monster Attribute]: Water

[Monster Skills: Tough Twine-Wrap Level 4, Flame Resistance Level 3

[Monster Weakness]: Fire

[Monster Description]: Mutant seaweed with strong vitality, it’s good at strangling enemies and then injecting its roots into the enemy body to decompose them. Originally it was afraid of fire, but in the process of mutation, it was given flame resistance ability, so its only weakness has been compensated for.

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