Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 539

Chapter 539 Burning Cave

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The seaweed lay close to the black rocks, reaching outwards like countless snakes huffing and puffing. At a glance, the thick black hair seemed to be expanding at an exponential speed.

Hundreds of strands of seaweed wrapped themselves around Goldie’s arms; it looked like brown hair that was alive. Goldie tugged hard, the seaweed unexpectedly tough. As Goldie struggled, it continued to tighten.

Because it was attacking with strangulation, Goldie’s passive effect wasn’t triggered. As time went by, its strength grew greater, and the mutated seaweed gradually tightened and left marks on Goldie’s skin.

Goldie made a choking sound and struggled left and right several times, to no avail. As it wiggled its shoulders left and right, the seaweed became tighter and tighter.

It was now in a frustrating situation. It had power but was unable to release it. The seaweed wasn’t exactly hard, but it was very resilient. As hard as Goldie tried, it couldn’t break free.

Goldie’s passive effect couldn’t be activated, which meant that it couldn’t increase its strength. Goldie saw the surrounding seaweed at its feet move toward Gao Peng. It stomped on it with its right foot. The cluster of weeds under Goldie’s feet continued to shake and wind around Goldie’s legs. “Gao Peng, run, quickly. I’ll stop the weeds,” Goldie shouted while dashing towards Gao Peng.

Gao Peng couldn’t help but frown.

This kind of restrictive monster would be effective in restraining Goldie, because Goldie could only activate its passive effect when injured. A lockdown and restrictive ability like this wouldn’t give Goldie the chance to trigger the passive effect, but only force it to sit out the battle. This was also one of Goldie’s weaknesses.

“Doesn’t a baldie like you usually like to rush ahead?” Flamy’s voice was heard behind Gao Peng. Flamy bent over and entered the cave behind him.

It faced the weaving seaweed that was headed towards Gao Peng and spat out a bolt of flames. The flames burned along the ground, and the seaweed howled and wiggled in the flames.

Gao Peng wasn’t surprised. Although this mutated seaweed had flame resistance, its resistance level was only Level 3. It might have been able to resist a regular fire, but if the fire was too lethal, it could also be damaged.

The flames pushed the seaweed backward, the entire plant was covered in flames. Since the seaweed had wrapped around Goldie, Goldie was also covered in flames.

Goldie squatted silently, without saying a word. It only stood up with an unhappy look when the seaweed around it was fully burnt to ashes.

Gao Peng knew that it was unhappy because it had looked like a fool in front of Flamy. As the flames continued to spread, Gao Peng seemed to recall something, his face changing.

“Not good. Flamy, quickly control the fire. You don’t want it to continue burning inside.”

Flamy opened its mouth and swallowed the bolt of fire, the flames reduced into a line of flames in its mouth. But it was too late. Gao Peng could hear a symphony of bursting bubbles.

Pop, pop, pop— A strange inexplicable ambiance was released from the depths of the cave.

From the simmering light of the fire, one could see the twisted shadow of the rocks in the cave. From the depths of the shadows, huge black shadows woke up…

“Flamy, full attack towards the depths of the cave!” Gao Peng ordered.

Flamy nodded cautiously. There were… quite a lot of monsters inside. Taking a deep breath, the red fluff on the sides of Flamy’s cheeks fluttered slightly. The red feathers on its body swayed violently, the heat waves rose, and the air became contorted.

The flames leaped outwards, and a horrible heat filled the caves. Even the water on the ground evaporated into steam.

Bam! Like a fire dragon, flames swept up the entire cave, and the red flames cooked the rocks until they were red hot. Deep within the cave came the screams of monsters being burned by flames.

A green helmeted blue-headed crab general dashed out of the inferno, waving its big claws. The surface of its body shimmered with a faint blue light, but at this moment, the blue light had scalded its shell into many holes. Part of his cyan shell was transparent and red.

A half-cooked state made one the craziest. As it jumped aggressively forward, it smashed a large piece of red-hot rock. Its claws released sparks as they rubbed against the rock wall, moving forward with an air of hostility.

Goldie coldly grunted. I wasn’t able to use my strength with the seaweed, but do you think I’ll be afraid of a half-cooked crab?!

Seeing a kick coming towards its face, the crab general used its pincer to block the attack. A webbed foot stepped on it, and the crab general felt a huge force. Its pincer fell off, and it almost fell on its back. It had no choice but to retreat.

Behind the crab general, another group of monsters who were dashing out became stuck because of the swollen body of the crab general. The situation eased slightly.

In the pervasive flames, these monsters were in trouble. With fire and high temperatures, the place was a natural steamer. Whenever there was a monster who wanted to rush out, Goldie would run forward and enthusiastically “block” them. With its magic resistance, Goldie was used to being burned by Flamy, so it wasn’t afraid of this fire.

After half an hour of burning, all the fish, prawn, and seaweed monsters were thoroughly burnt. The air was filled with a strange seafood fragrance.

“Gao Peng! You’re eating good food behind my back!” Da Zi entered the cave and shouted loudly, like a husky who saw its owner keeping the good food for himself. Oh no, it was going to make a fuss.

Da Zi kept pushing its head in. The stones near the top of its head fell, and Gao Peng, who noticed the situation, had a change of expression. “Hush! Get out right now!”

“I won’t! You’re eating delicious food behind my back and still want me to leave.” Da Zi’s eyes turned red.

What… Gao Peng’s expression darkened. “I won’t eat secretly. I’ll bring it out for you.”

Da Zi retracted its head resentfully after hearing this.

When we were killing monsters, you were nowhere to be found. But after smelling the fragrance of food, you run faster than anyone else. Gao Peng had Goldie drag the bodies of these monsters out of the cave. Some of the monsters were too big for the entrance of the cave and were stuck. Gao Peng had to smash open the cave entrance before pulling out the bodies of these monsters.

Gao Peng only realized Flamy’s lethality after noticing that every monster was a King-tier.

“Ugh.” When Goldie was dragging the corpse of a shell-like monster, a grunt came from it. As soon as Goldie slowed down, the sound inside disappeared, as if it had just been an illusion.

Gao Peng and Goldie looked at each other. Goldie lowered its head and put its hands on the upper and lower edges of the shell, then pried it opened forcefully.

Crack, crack. The shell made a crisp sound while cracks appeared. The shell had lost its toughness and become brittle after being burnt.


There was a loud sound, and the shells burst into pieces. A blue figure emerged from the shell and began to flee.

Gao Peng extended his left foot and tripped it as it passed. It rolled several times on the ground, only stopping when it finally slammed into Floating Light with a bang.

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