Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 540

Chapter 540 Big Fat Sea

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When Gao Peng looked back, he saw a confused fat blue… fish tumbling on the ground. This white-headed, blue-bodied creature with small alert eyes the size of pearls and two circles of blush on its face was a fat fish.

Sitting on the ground, the fat fish was dizzy. It laid its head down and made a strange sound with its mouth. “Goo goo.”

“Hey, five hundred.” Goldie came over and lifted the fat fish’s tail. The fat fish tried desperately to wiggle away.

The fat fish suddenly stopped struggling and stared at Goldie with its set of dead fish eyes. The evil gaze gave Goldie the chills. “This fish… looks to be worth more than five hundred dollars.”

“You stupid, disgusting duck with an underdeveloped brain. Quickly put me back into the sea, or I will give you a taste of pain, bald duck.” The fat fish clearly articulated every single word.

Gao Peng was listening silently on the side. Though this fat fish seemed to be speaking to Goldie, the words should have been addressed to him. Otherwise, why would he use Mandarin Chinese to speak to Goldie?

Smack! Goldie’s face changed, and it slapped the fat fish on top of its head. The fat fish wiggled in its hands. “You dare to scold me?”

The fat fish looked coldly at Goldie, but it seemed that the slap had been a painful one, because it didn’t continue speaking.

Goldie cupped his hands to Gao Peng’s ear and said softly, “Gao Peng, this fat fish can speak, so it’s definitely worth more than five hundred dollars.”

Upon hearing Goldie’s words, the fat fish, who wasn’t supposed to speak, couldn’t help but laugh harshly. “Do you know who I am? You actually dare to treat me like this? You will face the wrath of the ocean, and you will be punished by the storms, you stupid mortal creatures.”

After, Gao Peng looked at the fish’s attributes and started developing a little interest in this creature. “Hey, fat fish—”

[Monster Name]: Sea…

[Monster Level]: Level 50

[Monster Grade]: Excellent/???

[Monster Attribute]: Water

[Monster Skills]: Legendary Body Level 4, Son of the Sea Level 4

[Special Characteristics]: Corrosive Abnormality (Powerful and vigorous ocean power that gives it superb vitality in the sea, this unique powerful vitality enables it to erode and mutate marine life.

Active Effect 1: Strong vitality allows it to mutate marine life.

Active Effect 2: ???

[Monster Description]: An unknown monster with strong and unique vitality, able to infect and mutate other organisms.

It was a monster whose information couldn’t be seen.

Gao Peng had a strange glint in his eyes. Up to that point, there had been very few creatures that had question marks in his data frame. Moreover, this question mark seemed to involve a mysterious rule. As long as it involved rules, he had his own question marks about it.

If it had been another person without his ability, even if they saw this fat fish, they would have regarded it as a regular talking monster simply because it had no combat power. Maybe, its only merit was its resilience while being beaten up.

Gao Peng’s look made the fat fish’s hair stand on end. It couldn’t resist scolding, “You cheap lowly mortal, just try to look at me, your father, once more, and I’ll hammer your eyes.”

Smack. Goldie gave it another slap. The fat fish spun seven to eight times like a spinning top in its hand.

“Don’t you take that tone with my brother,” Goldie said faintly. Goldie swung around its nimble wrist and occasionally slapped the fat fish. The fish was like a little punching bag spinning around in its palm.

The fat fish had a bad temper, so the more Goldie hit it, the more it lashed out. It even used new words each time, and all the vicious words tempted Goldie to beat it to death.

Gao Peng suddenly stopped Goldie. “Don’t kill it.”

Gao Peng looked down at this fat fish, the fat fish fearlessly staring back.

Gao Peng rubbed his beard and murmured, “I have a feeling that this fat fish is trying to agitate you on purpose in the hopes that you’ll be reckless.”

He suddenly bent over and looked into the eyes of the fat fish. Gao Peng furrowed his eyebrows. “I came to the sea to look for a water monster to make a contract with, but this fat fish looks so weak and has no combat power. It’s useless.”

The fat fish rolled its eyes upwards, then kept looking down.

“But this fat fish looks really cute. It’s not a bad idea to keep it as a familiar.”

“Cute… You banana skin. I, your father, am ferocious and evil. I kill people with no remorse,” the fat fish suddenly cursed loudly.

“That’s great. I was just looking for a ferocious and evil familiar.” Gao Peng looked like he was going to laugh.

The fat fish was stunned. This human was so cunning.

Gao Peng let Goldie take the fat fish out to have a heart-to-heart and ponder about life, but with the instructions to control himself and not kill it.

If it had been another monster, Gao Peng wouldn’t have dared to use this method, but this fish looked smart, and the more it pretended to be ferocious, the more it indicated that it was worried about being weak.

That night, the Qingbai Wind Birds that had been scared away returned. They carefully circled the reef, then checked their eggs on the island. They were greatly relieved when they found their eggs safe.

In the quiet of the night, when all the Qingbai Wind Birds were asleep, the one that was several sizes bigger than the rest stood up and sneakily went to the cave. When it saw the damaged entrance, the Qingbai Wind Bird panicked and hopped in quickly.

Ten minutes later, the Qingbai Wind Bird came up from the cave. It turned to look at Gao Peng and his familiars, its eyes filled with very complex human-like emotions. It then lowered its head and let out a melancholy cry.

It was like it had lost something important. Though obviously angry, it didn’t dare to go near Gao Peng’s group.

Bending over with a drooping shoulder, it slowly made its way back to the flock. This Epic-grade Qingbai Wind Bird lay in its nest and looked stonily towards the sky.

Three days had passed, and Gao Peng realized that the fat fish was truly stubborn. It refused to become Gao Peng’s familiar. As a compliment to its stubborn spirit, Gao Peng affectionally called it “Big Fat Sea.”

Since its monster name had ‘sea’ in it, and it was a big fat fish, it was given the dignified name Fat Big Sea—although it didn’t really like it.

“Why must you insist on a big fat fish like me? If you want a monster with a high grade, I can help you with that.” Big Fat Sea was finally speechless. It had never seen a scoundrel like Gao Peng.

“I only want you, Big Fat Sea.”

“What do you see in me? I can change that.” Fat Big Sea stared angrily.

“I’m seeing in you that you’re a fish.” Gao Peng lifted his eyebrows.

Big Fat Sea was stunned by his response.

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