Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 541

Chapter 541 A Fair Contract

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“I know where some of the very highest grade ocean monsters are located… Why not make a deal with me? If you’re not satisfied with yours, you can find yourself another one and only sign the contract when you’re happy with it. Sound good?” Big Fat Fish was too tired to argue with Gao Peng anymore, as Gao Peng was unbelievably brazen. I had been firm with my stand. Yet, you insisted on a Blood Contract.

Should I say you have no shame or… have good taste?

Gao Peng, who had been holding Big Fat Fish, found a reef and rested on it.

“To be frank, I can understand why you refuse to sign a Blood Contract with me. An outstanding Big Fat Fish like you would definitely refuse to be owned by anyone as a familiar. Am I right?” Gao Peng said in a sincere tone.

Big Fat Fish rolled its eyes but didn’t reply Gao Peng’s question. However, its thoughts were clearly spoken.

“Do you not wish to recover your ability?” Gao Peng pinched its big round head. “It’s not easy for you to recover your quality, right? Otherwise, you would have reached the Excellent grade again a long time ago.

“How about this? There’s absolutely no way for me to release you after I’ve got my hands on you. But, I can provide you an easier way to regain your grade. I won’t kill you even if you don’t agree to these terms. I’ll keep you by my side, then bury you inside a hole. I’m positive that you’ll be able to live for another eight to ten years inside that hole,” said Gao Peng genuinely.

Gao Peng’s words were true and unhypocritical. Big Fat Fish was speechless. It stared at Gao Peng in silence and thought, I’ve never seen someone like him.

Gao Peng rested his palm on the forehead of Big Fat Fish as he intended to communicate with it via Soul Power to persuade it to sign the Blood Contract.

He utilized Soul Perception to enter Big Fat Fish’s consciousness space and penetrated through the completely dark fog. When he relaxed his soul the next second, a borderless world of consciousness appeared before him.

A boundless ocean came into sight. At that moment, it was extremely calm. There wasn’t even a slight movement on the surface of the sea, making it resemble a gigantic mirror. It was as though the sea in the consciousness space had already died and had zero energy.

Gao Peng lowered his head to look at a small area of the water underneath his feet that was still ‘alive.’ Occasionally, the surface bubbled and rippled.


Blue lightning shot out from the sky towards the surface of the ocean, as though it was trying to break the sea into half. Abruptly, the dead ocean was awakened.

One after another, angry waves ran across the ocean. The foggy sky was covered by the lights as two dim yellow clouds of light shone from the deepest part of the sea. The size of the light clouds was enormous, to the extent that they were greater than an island.

With a straight face, Gao Peng said in an even tone, “What are you doing, Big Fat Fish? Your childish tricks are so disappointing.”

“How dare you! A petty commoner—”

“Do you want to try hitting me with lightning?” Gao Peng interrupted.

Gao Peng was very clear that it was merely Level 50 and hadn’t even reached King tier. For now, it barely reached the Excellent tier. In fact, Gao Peng might have had stronger Soul Power if they were to compare them.

Nonetheless, he had signed two Emperor-tier familiars that had achieved Legendary grade or above. Hence, his Soul Power was definitely close to Emperor-tier. Therefore, he had nothing to be afraid of. If they were left with no choice but to battle, he wouldn’t have the lower hand.

Unstirred, the two yellow light clouds that were buried deep inside the ocean shone right at Gao Peng. Abruptly, Gao Peng had a vision. He felt as though he was watching a storm that was about to sweep out the whole world, accompanied by a huge wave that was coming towards him, about to swallow him alive.

The huge wave and the storm went past him, leaving him without harming him. It was only an illusion.

“Are you done considering? What’s your decision? The Blood Contract is only insurance. I’m always lenient with my familiars, and we all work as peers. Besides, I’ll respect your decision, too.”

“So, you were saying that you could help me to recover my grade?” Big Fat Fish asked all of a sudden.

“Yes… How about this? If you don’t believe me, I can help you regain your Perfect-grade status now, but you can’t bargain with me after that’s done.”

“That’s not necessary. I have my own ways to make you suffer if you dare to lie to me,” said Big Fat Fish in a spine-chilling tone.

A beaming red contract that looked as though it was drenched in blood appeared in thin air. What caught their eyes were the blue stripes in the middle of the contract, and the perimeter of it was shimmering in mysterious blue light.

“Do you dare to sign it?” Big Fat Fish asked.

Frowning, Gao Peng looked at the contract before him. It looked considerably similar to a Blood Contract in terms of its appearance and pattern. However, the Blood Contract was named that because it required the signees to make a cut and bleed from their fingers. This was only done when a monster trainer wasn’t powerful enough. When a monster trainer had gained sufficient Soul Power, he or she could communicate directly with the monster to seal the Blood Contract.

It was named a Blood Contract mainly because of its bright red color. It resembled a scroll that had been soaked inside a pool of fresh blood for months, but there were blue symbols on the Blood Contract that had been summoned by Big Fat Fish. The symbols reminded Gao Peng of the ocean and storms when he saw it. It didn’t look like a proper contract.

“This is also a Blood Contract with a few amendments on the terms,” Big Fat Fish said nonchalantly.

Gao Peng extended his consciousness towards the contract. Before long, he had successfully perceived the contents of the contract. He examined the contract meticulously with his eyes closed.

This was a fair contract, stating that Big Fat Fish would assist Gao Peng in his battles to the best of its ability. In the meantime, Gao Peng was required to do his best to help Big Fat Fish with its grade advancement.

Furthermore, the contract came with a time limit, as well. If Gao Peng failed to follow the timeline to help Big Fat Fish recover its grade in ten years, a hundred years, three hundred years, five hundred years, and a thousand years, respectively, then the Blood Contract would be dismissed automatically. Simultaneously, Gao Peng would suffer from Soul Antiphasic.

Big Fat Fish threw a glimpse at Gao Peng, trying to challenge Gao Peng. “Do you dare to sign this Blood Contract?”

Gao Peng calmly extended his right hand and pressed it against the Blood Contract. Immediately, the Blood Contract exploded into a golden beam and vanished into Gao Peng and Big Fat Fish’s bodies.

A thousand years? Ridiculous. Even if I can’t fulfill the contract, it will still last for a thousand years.

Gao Peng exited Big Fat Fish’s consciousness space after they sealed the contract. After he opened his eyes, he patted Big Fat Fish’s big round head, saying, “Didn’t you say that you know the location of the highest grade sea monsters? Since you’re my familiar now, we’re comrades. C’mon, guide me there.”

When Gao Peng revisited Big Fat Fish’s attributes, he noticed some attributes that had been hidden earlier. It might have been proof of their closer bond after they had sealed a Blood Contract.

[Requirements for Promotion to Perfect Grade]: Five Hearts of a Snake-Dragon Monster, 100 tons of Deep Sea Giant Kelp, 10 tons of Back Bone of King-Kong Palpus Shark, etc…

Are you an idiot??? Gao Peng was stunned by the variety of the required materials. After a detailed calculation, the total materials weighed a few hundred tons, but the Big Fat Fish barely weighed 33 kilograms even after it stuffed itself.

Big Fat Fish’s instincts told it that it had been cheated by Gao Peng. Yet, it couldn’t tell what had gone wrong. “Fine, I’ll bring you there later.”

“Oh, yes! Do you know where can I find a Snake-Dragon Monster, Deep Sea Giant Kelp, and King-Kong Palpus Shark?”

Big Fat Fish squinted its eyes as it pondered before it eventually listed a few locations. “I have to make this clear. I may not know about the monsters on earth, but I know every single monster that lives in the ocean.

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