Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 542

Chapter 542 Three Years

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Yuzhou, Earth Star.

It had been a full three years since Gao Peng had left Earth Star. It required a long time for one to grow his or her popularity, from a nobody to a person who was able to influence the world. However, most people forgot that Gao Peng had only needed three months.

Three years had passed, and it had been eight years since the metamorphosis of Earth Star. Back then, everyone would be reminded of this man once someone mentioned him, but now, no one discussed him anymore.

This was similar to the situation before the Cataclysm, when the celebrities from the Country of Goryeo were able to attract a lot of fans in Huaxia region. However, due to their unique military regulations, most of the well-known stars failed to escape from the military service and were enrolled in base camp. A major number of the fans swore their faithfulness towards their favorite celebrities. “We will definitely wait for you, Oppa!” Yet, when the celebrities were finally discharged from the military, the fans had shifted their interest to someone else.

Armenian Street was a famous pub street in Yuzhou. At the beginning of the Cataclysm, many monster trainers had left the city to hunt for monsters. As they were risking their lives all the time, they needed a place to vent their overflowing energy and passion.

Coincidentally, a stable spatial rift had appeared at this region. The appearance of the spatial rift brought the popularity of Armenian Street in the Baiye District of Yuzhou City to a new peak.

“Hey, who do you think the best monster trainer on earth is now?”

“I think it must be the Sun King from the Great Britain region.”

“The Sun King? Didn’t he get beaten up by Dark Asura from Hua Lun?” A fat boy in a blue T-shirt who was standing beside him let out a contemptuous laugh.

“The Sun King was ambushed by him back then. That’s the reason Hua Lun is being hunted down right now.” The white-shirted boy with a sleeve tattoo who spoke earlier lifted his beer mug and emptied it before he continued, “In my opinion, I think Sun King is the most powerful.”

A few people beside him were confused. “Why do you think it’s the Sun King? Despite being exceptionally famous in Great Britain, his popularity is limited only to the west. There’s Young Master Qingluan from the east and the Northern Ice King. They’re both top-notch monster trainers.”

“Don’t you think the Sun King looks very sexy?” The tattooed man with a full sleeve was extremely furious when someone insulted his dream lover.

“I heard that the Sun King is a man…” an unidentified voice mumbled.

A few others changed their expressions instantly as they heard these words. Then they shifted their arguments discreetly.

“But, come to think of it… Almost all the top monster trainers originated from the ancient tribe. Will we even have a place to stand in the future? Are we destined to be lower class? Rumors say that the World Allied Government is ready to propose a new plan, and I heard that it involves the ancient tribe,” said the man as he heaved a sigh of despair. A hint of sorrow wafted through the atmosphere.

“What is wrong with you? You’re boosting your opponent’s confidence while diminishing your own reputation. I’m upset just listening to your words,” A muscular man who was sitting at the table beside them, stood up furiously. “It’s unfair to say that Earth Star has no elite monster trainers. There are already two marvelous monster trainers in Yuzhou, not to mention the rest of them who are spread across the world. We’re yet to develop and merely started a couple of years ago. In a few years, billions of people from Earth Star will be able to wipe the floor with them!”

The man with a Herculean build had a loud voice. At his table sat another ten or so men. A few people on the other side exchanged gazes with each other. Vexxed, the sleeve-tattooed man rebuked, “So, who are the two marvelous monster trainers you are talking about?”

“Ji Hanwu and Gao Peng from the Southern Sky Group,” the sturdy man said as he glared at the tattooed man and continued, “They’re Earth Star’s very own seasoned King-tier monster trainers. Three years ago, Gao Peng was even given the title of ‘strongest man.’”

The tattooed man sniggered as he raised the corner of his lips. I’ve been waiting for you to make this statement. He replied, “I second your comment regarding Ji Hanwu, but I will not acknowledge what you said about Gao Peng. He left the people and ran to the Black Fog World when he heard that the people from the ancient tribe were coming. Whether he’s alive or not, no one has heard of his whereabouts since then. A coward like him doesn’t deserve to be called the strongest man.”

The muscular man remained silent. The friends of the tattooed man nudged him with their elbows. It’s fine if you speak about this somewhere else or in private, but we’re in public… Worse, we’re in Yuzhou now.

Everyone in town knew that three points of Armenian Street weer under the surveillance of the Southern Sky Security Company. The guards who were on duty shifted their gazes towards the group as their discussion went on.

Despite being slightly intoxicated by the alcoholic drinks, the tattooed man wasn’t utterly dull-witted. As he saw the unfriendly, almost hostile looks from the guards, he quivered, waking up a bit from his drunken stupor. Then, he sourly left the pub with his company quietly.

“That was my bad, Young Master. I’ll send my people to throw them into the Jialing River right away.” Wang Zhao, who appeared to be somewhat embarrassed, spoke as he bowed to the young man in a tracksuit beside him.

“Forget about it. We can’t control what others say. They have their freedom of speech, so let them be.” Gao Peng waved his hand, looking unbothered.

“You’re so understanding, Young Master,” Wang Zhao responded immediately.

Gao Peng replied with a faint smile, “You’re too young and impulsive. You have to learn about patience.”

“Understood. Thanks for the lesson, Principal.” Wang Zhao nodded his head firmly.

Wang Zhao was from the first batch of graduates from Tiange Academy. He had joined Southern Sky Group after his graduation and was assigned to manage Armenian Street. He was completely in charge of the management of Armenian Street.

The next moment, Gao Peng ordered Xiao Cao discreetly via Blood Contract, “Place a curse on that group of people. Make them sick for a few days.”

Gao Peng squinted his eyes. It’s fine for you to speak poorly of me as long as you do it behind my back. Now that you’ve done it in front of me, you have to face the consequences.

Xiao Cao shook its head. A few black fluffs quietly disappeared into the dark as they blew with the wind and chased after the group of men.

Gao Peng retracted his gaze. Subsequently, he scanned the surroundings with a grin. “Fine. You go ahead and arrange transportation for me. I don’t need a big car. A small off-road vehicle will do.”

All his spare clothes were worn out after staying in the Black Fog World for three whole years. Gao Peng didn’t head home directly after he arrived at Earth Star. Instead, he sent out his people to research the current situation at home beforehand.

Grandpa had been doing well. He was served with good food every day and had been very healthy. However, Grandpa had rarely worked ever since Gao Peng had left Earth Star. If there were any problems, Grandpa would send out the ‘labor workers’ of the White Dragon Tribe. It was a mutual deal, as they desired fame, while Grandpa could save his efforts.

Three years had passed in the blink of an eye. As Grandpa hadn’t been working, and Gao Peng had left Earth Star, the Southern Sky Group was no longer as famous as before.

Criticism came along with popularity. After a three-year hiatus, the Southern Sky Group had moved away from the limelight. This had been within Gao Peng’s expectations when he had planned to leave Earth Star.

“I didn’t expect that the suppression of Earth Star has yet to be removed. The strongest monsters that can survive on Earth Star now are still the top-ranked King-tier monsters. But, there’s also good news. Now, we can bring home our familiars by carrying them in our own familiar space…”

Gao Peng turned to look at the well-built white homo habilis that was standing behind him. The homo habilis had arms that were so long that they could reach below its knees. On its back, it carried a pair of wings. It had green eyes and red lips. It was moving its tail actively. Despite its drastic change of appearance, Xiao Hua’s features were faintly recognizable.

“Let’s go. We’ll head home and check things out.” Gao Peng left the pub

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