Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 544

Chapter 544 The National College League

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“Mr. Liu, what are you doing here?” Gao Peng smiled as he said teasingly, “Did you come here because you knew beforehand of my return?”

Teacher Liu smiled obsequiously and said, “If I had known of your return, not only me but the vice-principal and heads of each department would definitely have been present. We’re getting ready to participate in the college league. The preliminary round will be held in Yuzhou, and Chairman Ji wanted to let all the participating students come here to boost their spirits.”

“Oh, I see.” Gao Peng nodded, though in reality, he didn’t know anything about the college league.

He had been unable to continue holding the post of principal after he left Earth Star, so he had asked Grandfather to replace him as the principal of Tiange Academy to help him manage the school. He couldn’t trust others to take his post, so he’d had no choice but to trouble his grandfather.

Grandpa walked towards him from behind and threw him a glare. He felt irritated just thinking about the conversation he had overheard between Gao Peng and Miss Bei the night before.

How could he be so foolish? I was way better when I wooed his grandmother. His father was quite cunning, too, when he wooed my daughter. Why is he so inarticulate? I don’t even know when I’ll get a great-grandson.

Ji Hanwu walked over and the students who had been whispering immediately stopped talking and looked at the principal obediently.

“The second National College League will be held this year. You placed eighth last year, which wasn’t satisfactory, but your efforts were acknowledged. I hope you can work hard and strive for a better placement this year,” said Ji Han Wu solemnly.

“If you achieve a better result than last year, each participant will be rewarded a Commander-tier familiar of perfect quality. If you get into the top three, each participant can choose a Commander-tier familiar, including familiars of the Epic grade, depending on your foresight,” Ji Han Wu said with a meaningful look.

The students started breathing heavily when they heard the principal’s promise.

Ep-Epic-grade!! They all knew what this meant. It meant bright prospects and a promising future.

“Sir, what if we get first place?” one of the students mustered the courage to ask.

Ji Hanwu shifted his gaze to that student. The student’s courage almost collapsed under his sharp gaze. “If you win, I will reward you all with an Epic-grade familiar. The old principal will customize them himself.” Ji Han Wu suddenly pointed to Gao Peng, who was standing beside him.

Gao Peng was innocently dragged into the topic. He looked at the excited students and nodded. “All right. If you win, I will customize anything you want, be it a lion, tiger, wolf, or roe deer.”

“Quick, thank the principal.” Teacher Liu was just as excited as the students. He knew the godlike abilities of the principal. Even he was envious of the students. It was such a great opportunity to have the old principal to customize a familiar for them. Naturally, winning first place was also extremely hard. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that it was incredibly hard.

He sighed. He could only hope that the students would grasp this chance.

It was getting late. Teacher Liu bid goodbye to Gao Peng and Ji Hanwu and left with the students and their familiars in a huge truck.

“Grandpa, what is the National College League? This is the first time I’m hearing about it,” Gao Peng asked Grandfather after they had left.

“College League this, College League that, that’s the only thing on your mind!” Ji Hanwu grew angry while looking at his sloppy grandson, but after all, it was his only grandson… His expression brightened after a few seconds of Gao Peng’s shameless behavior.

He glared at Gao Peng and said softly, “Bei Qing Yan is a good girl. She’s kind-hearted and has big hips, so she can carry children. You better get married quickly, but if you really don’t have feelings for her, then don’t waste her time.”

“Ahh.” Gao Peng was stunned. “Th-this is so sudden…”

Gao Peng hadn’t even thought about getting into a relationship before this. Was it because the familiars weren’t interesting, or hunting monsters wasn’t thrilling enough?

“Grandpa, this… Monster trainers’ lives are prolonged, so I think it’s still too early to consider these matters now,” Gao Peng said as he forced a smile. “And even if I had feelings for her, she might not feel the same way about me. If she rejects my proposal, things would become awkward between us, and our friendship might be affected.”

“She doesn’t have feelings for you… Nonsense! Feelings don’t come out of nowhere! Do you think you’re handsome or rich?” Ji Hanwu paused, then looked at his grandson as he snorted. “It’s the inside that counts!”

“I’ve never wooed a girl before, and I’m afraid that I might mess things up and annoy her.” Gao Peng, who wouldn’t even be frightened in a battle with King-tier monsters, suddenly turned timid.

Ji Han Wu was silent for a moment, then said, “Just be sincere. Her heart will feel it if you treat her well.”

He patted Gao Peng’s shoulder, then changed the topic. “Ah, Tong Xiang and Tong Ling that you left at home were taken away by their tribe in exchange for news about a Real Dragon Fruit.”

Real Dragon Fruit?

Gao Peng was dazed. In reality, Gao Peng had prepared the Real Dragon Fruit for Grandpa. The ingredients needed for Da Zi’s evolution included Real Dragon Fruit, but it was just a supplementary ingredient, and moreover, Da Zi had leveled up to the Mythical grade, so the Real Dragon Fruit was no longer necessary.

Instead, it was Grandpa’s White Dragon that would need it to level up to a Legendary-grade Five Clawed White Dragon.

“Where’s the Real Dragon Fruit?” Gao Peng was interested. His casual words actually brought back valuable news; it could be considered making use of waste.

In fact, Gao Peng wasn’t planning to kill Tong Xiang and Tong Ling. If he killed them, too, he would definitely become the mortal enemy of the Sang Tong tribe, but if he only killed two and released the other two, it would cause trouble for the Sang Tong tribe.

Actually Gao Peng knew that Tong Xiang wasn’t as rough as he looked. Gao Peng even knew that Tong Mo had killed the cherry blossom tree because he had been bewitched by Tong Xiang.

Killing top-tier monsters from another world recklessly before having a clear grasp of the situation would be a silly move and not one that someone who was even a bit cautious would make. Tong Mo had been provoked by Tong Xiang to kill the cherry blossom tree. That, along with the fact that Tong Xiang was the son of the great priest, while Tong Mo was the son of the tribe leader, meant that both parties held the greatest power in the tribe, so there was constantly competition caused by their power struggle.

The leader of the Sang Tong tribe was not a hereditary position; the most outstanding person among the younger generation would take charge as tribe leader. The son of the clan leader had died, but the son of the great priest had returned. Just the internal strife within the tribe would consume most of their energy.

“The Real Dragon Fruit can be found in a world of legacies. That world hasn’t been activated yet, and will only activate once in a century. There are two more years left before its next activation,” said Ji Hanwu.

“Great. I’ll definitely figure out a way to get the fruit by that time.” Gao Peng nodded.

“Grandpa, we were eighth place at last year’s National College Cup?” Gao Peng hadn’t said this in front of the students, but he almost couldn’t believe it. The Southern Sky Group nurtured a lot of familiars, and he had also left behind many orders before he left. Additionally, Tiange Academy was a private school and could be said to be under the management of the Southern Sky Group, and yet still they had only been eighth place. Were high school students at that time that impressive?

“I know what you’re trying to say. The group didn’t provide a lot of assistance to the school. They were given full support in terms of educational resources, but they weren’t given familiars wantonly.” Ji Han Wu smiled and shook his head. “We can provide them with familiars anytime, but we don’t merely want a good ranking. We have to cultivate more outstanding monster trainers through this method. After we’ve trained the people adequately, familiars can be granted at any time.”

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