Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 552

Chapter 552 I Want You Guys To Win The Championship

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“If you tell me everything honestly, I’ll give you an easy time. If you don’t, I can only resort to other methods.” Gao Peng felt that his temper now was much better than last time. If he had still been his old self, there was no way he would have been so amiable or used such a mild method to resolve the problem.

Tong Cheng opened his mouth and said, “Assassinating you has nothing to do with other people. It’s my personal behavior. I’m only here to explore what is real and what is false.”

To explore what is real and what is false here… The more Gao Peng thought about it, the more it didn’t sit right with him. He lifted Tong Cheng, who was lying on the ground. “Since you’re here to investigate what’s real and what’s false, how did assassinating me suddenly come into the picture?”

Tong Cheng glanced at Gao Peng. He smiled but didn’t reply. His attitude and refusal to answer made Gao Peng very unhappy.

“Remove his shoes.” Moneymaker tore off the shoes on Tong Cheng’s feet in one bite. Instantly, there was an indescribable smell in the air.

“Use your tail to tickle him.” There were a few gold pale fluffs on the end of Moneymaker’s tail. His flexible tail circled in the air and then brushed Tong Cheng’s feet as if they were dexterous fingers.

Tong Cheng’s body trembled, and the expression on his face would have looked strange to anyone.

“Hurry up and laugh. You’re not allowed to hold it in,” Gao Peng berated him.

The expression on Tong Cheng’s face swiftly became strange and unbearable. He glared resentfully at Gao Peng as his facial features began to twist, and his entire body started trembling like jelly.

He glared hatefully at Gao Peng. “Oh… I will absolutely never… oh… tell you… Hahaha you’re the devil! Hahaha…”

Twenty minutes later… Tong Cheng’s face was flushed, and his hair was matted to his forehead as if by glue. He oozed beads of perspiration as big as beans, his chest undulated violently, and his eyes gazed vacantly at the ceiling.

“So, to be clear, you’re a member of the Hushan Group, and the reason why you came here this time was to investigate the depth of our academy representatives?” Gao Peng paced up and down the warehouse with his hands behind his back.

Tong Cheng didn’t speak. His heart was presently filled with remorse, but he didn’t expect himself to ultimately be unable to survive this devil’s coerced confession.

“And then you coincidentally saw me, so you wanted to handle me, as well?” Gao Peng tilted his neck. He still felt like something was off. So I was just to be eliminated because it was convenient?

“However, back to the topic, our academy only reached eighth place last time. Why did the Hushan Group come and monitor a weak group like us?” Gao Peng mumbled to himself and suddenly recalled something. One of the leading groups backing Huawu High academy was the Hushan Group! And Chen Zhantang of Huawu High academy defeated Li Junzhong in the previous competition. Theoretically, as long as the outcome was already decided, the blows shouldn’t have been too cruel. After all, there’s no deep-seated hatred, and only during the most important round will there be a need to resort to unscrupulous means. Tiange Academy was eliminated last time, and he’s coming for us again? Does he really regard Tiange Academy as an enemy?

“Tell me who the high-level experts in the Hushan Group are.” Gao Peng stared into Tong Cheng’s eyes.

“I won’t reveal anything again. Just kill me,” Tong Cheng shouted furiously.

Gao Peng nodded. “All right, I’ll grant you your wish.”

After those words, he picked Tong Cheng up and made use of the darkness to walk to the foot of the mountain. Halfway through, Gao Peng felt that this was too slow and sat down on Moneymaker’s back. Perhaps it was because of its short body, but not much swaying from Moneymaker’s movements could be felt.

Ten minutes later, they arrived at the Yangtze River. Tong Cheng watched as the water in the river took the shape of a human figure before his eyes and extended a hand to him… Immediately after that, he lost all awareness.

“Master, this is what I retrieved from his memory.” The Growing Brain handed the memory to Gao Peng. Gao Peng shut his eyes and started reading the piece of memory that the Growing Brain had given to him.

After a long time, Gao Peng opened his eyes.

This rascal had indeed lied. He was from the Hushan Group, but the reason why he was sent here was not so that he could find out news—he was there to cripple or kill the familiars of the five chosen competitors of Tiange Academy. The most important task was to eliminate the Stormcloud Sparrow of the Tiange Academy.

“There’s a spy on the inside.” Gao Peng’s face gradually turned gloomy. Not many people knew about the existence of the Stormcloud Sparrow. Moreover, his grandfather and the academy’s top management had also ordered that it was strictly forbidden for them to tell outsiders about this. The fact that the Hushan Group knew about the Stormcloud Sparrow was something worth pondering.

Moreover, Tong Chen was very well aware of the divisions of the familiars in the mountain behind the academy. This was confidential news.

Having an internal spy within the academy was something that had been predicted long ago, because the Southern Sky Group had also planted spies in forces, but for something like this to really happen, it was a very unpleasant feeling.

Gao Peng shut his eyes and inhaled a deep breath. He let it out after a long time. This silent and long sigh seemed to allow him to spit out all the pain in his heart. This time, all I wanted to do was bring the students there to look. I wasn’t even preparing to clinch the championship, but why do you guys always have to force me?

Can’t we have a fair and honest competition? Even if we lose, it just means that the students aren’t the best learners, and I’ll be sincerely convinced and ready to concede. This is just like having someone pour water on me during a fair play.

Don’t you know that this is very important? Don’t you know that this will mess up my running rhythm?

“Forget it. If I play dirty as well just because these people do, what makes me different from them?” Gao Peng shook his head. Even if I want to win, I must defeat them on the competition grounds, fair and square. I must turn the iron fist of kingly justice into a rolling wheel to crush all spirits and devils!

Then I shall set a target and obtain the first place in this high school championship—that will serve as a harsh slap for these despicable villains in the competition.

This time, the Huaxia High School Championship wasn’t being conducted in Mo Du. The venue was chosen to be in the eastern part of the Huaxia region. It was ironic that Didu was a territory of the Freedom Alliance, which also meant that this competition was being held in the large base city of the Freedom Alliance.

There was one week until the national competition. One week’s worth of time… It’s enough.

Gao Peng looked at the sky and saw that it was getting late, so he didn’t return to the academy. He would look for the five student representatives tomorrow.

The next day, the sky had just turned bright when Gao Peng summoned the five students and had them bring their familiars with them. After experiencing last night’s incident, there was still lingering fear on the faces of the five.

Even though it wasn’t like they had never seen King-tier monsters, it was the first time they had witnessed a battle as fierce as that one.

When they woke up this morning and walked past the academy buildings, they saw leftover traces of the malevolent fighting. Large wall tiles were damaged, and they had heard that several classrooms closer to the exterior of the school had been sealed. There were many cracks on the walls.

They drove along a winding path on the mountain, and after half an hour, they arrived before a flat and unusual mountain peak.

A clicking sound was accompanied by slight trembling as the mountain peak before them started to slowly move towards either side and open. Gao Peng, who was dressed in a white lab coat and wearing a mask, stood at the door and watched these five students calmly. “Come on in,” he said.

Wang Jiujiu, Cao Huan, and the rest walked into the secret lab hidden in the mountain with their necks stretched out as if they were Granny Liu visiting the Grand View Gardens.

Gao Peng was leading them in front, his voice calm. “Initially, all I wanted was for you guys to gain some experience from the high school championship, but now I’ve changed my mind. I want you guys to win the championship!”

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