Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 553

Chapter 553 Competitive Players

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When they heard the principal’s words, the eyes of all five students standing behind him lit up. The principal’s performance yesterday had made them all delighted and sincerely willing to work harder.

That domineering kick had smashed one of the walls in the classroom. They had heard that it was the principal’s kick that had caused the most damage in the battle. If they put themselves in the principal’s shoes and stood where he had been, they were afraid that they would have been killed instantly.

“I have to say something that you guys won’t like to hear—expecting to win the championship with the familiars that you guys have now is nothing more than a dream,” Gao Peng said mercilessly.

Gao Peng had been too lazy to attack them the day before, because he had wanted to instill confidence in them. However, since they were preparing to win the championship now, he had to make them aware of the gap between their dreams and reality.

It was a good thing to have ambition. However, it should never become an illusion. One had to know what one was lacking compared to other people before he or she could enter a battle with a modest heart.

“What, not convinced?” Gao Peng took in their expressions. “How about this; let’s learn by interaction. I won’t use my familiars either. I’ll use the subordinate parasitic beast on one of my familiars to fight with you. What do you think?”

The subordinate parasitic beast on one of his familiars… That doesn’t sound very impressive.

“All right.” Cao Huan accepted the challenge. Even though Cao Huan was an enigma in the group, her familiar’s ability had made her someone in the group who couldn’t be neglected.

Since Cao Huan had accepted the challenge… They could only harden their resolve. Furthermore, after the challenge had been accepted, these five individuals were actually rather eager to give it a try. Anyway, it was just for the sake of learning, not a battle of life and death. The five students grew a little agitated the moment they thought of that.

“If we can beat the principal, we can brag about it for the rest of our lives,” Wei Gongfan shouted, his eyebrows dancing.

“Come on in.” Gao Peng led them into a special room.

The room had been constructed with special materials. Only the presence of a King-tier monster inside the room could destroy it. Monsters beneath that tier couldn’t even inflict damage amounting to a crack.

A total of seven familiars entered the room, Cao Huan’s familiars included. Besides that, Bei Zhi was also present. The tall and skinny Bei Zhi looked extremely delicate at first glance, like a gust of wind would be enough to blow it down.

“This is the subordinate parasitic beast from the body of the principal’s familiar that he was talking about?” Mo Yingming scratched his head. He had a feeling that something was wrong.

“Isn’t this parasitic beast a little too big? How can it be ten feet tall?” Wang Jiujiu gestured. “I thought the biggest they could grow to is a foot and a half. Moreover, it looks like a tree demon. Is it a parasitic tree demon…?”

The five students were all at a loss. What’s a tree parasitic monster? These trees grow on mountain peaks. Could it be that the principal has a familiar as big as a mountain? This notion tickled their funny bones. They thought that they really had rich imaginations.

“The level of this familiar is very low, at only Level 50,” Gao Peng said calmly. “Moreover, it isn’t a familiar that’s good at fighting. If you guys can defeat it, you’ll be qualified to participate in the championship’s challenge.”

Its level is ‘so’ low and it’s only at Level 50? Then what does that make us…?!

“Roar!” The Ironbone Sabretooth Tiger pounced forward and bit down on the Bei Zhi’s arm.

Bei Zhi lifted its left arm and waved it away gently. Whoosh!

The Ironbone Sabretooth Tiger flew through the air. This slap caused it to fly 40 feet and smash against the wall. It then rebounded from the impact and promptly passed out.

On the other side, the Iron-Winged Armored Paladin was just about to turn towards the corner when Bei Zhi lifted its wooden right arm. Its hand closed into a fist, and countless long and thin branches extended along its fist, stretching towards the Iron-Winged Armored Paladin.

The Iron-Winged Armored Paladin rolled backward in retreat. Its armor, comprised of iron pieces, elongated and chopped off the branch nearest to it to annihilate the threat.

The iron sword made a dull and low sound when it landed on the branches. The blade was stuck in the branch, and the remaining branches were as flexible as pythons as they coiled around the Iron-Winged Armored Paladin until it was thoroughly surrounded. Some small branches slipped into the gap of the armor and surrounded it like a dumpling wrapper over its filling.

On the other side, the ability of the Devil Vine Mountain Climbing Monster was similar to that of the Bei Zhi. However, the difference between the two was 10 whole levels. Moreover, as the two main sources of combat power in the team had been instantly eliminated, it didn’t dare to go forward and display its slight skill before an expert.

Gao Peng turned his gaze to Cao Huan. The only chance of victory in this battle from start to end would be her Sky Sparrow.

Cao Huan was silent for a second. “I admit defeat,” she said.

“Ah! Why won’t you fight?”

“Why did you admit defeat before even trying?” The other four individuals were extremely shocked.

Gao Peng was also rather surprised at Cao Huan’s decision. “Even though your Sky Sparrow’s level is slightly lower than my familiar’s, its grade isn’t too low. It’s not like there isn’t any chance of victory. Why did you admit defeat?”

“My familiar’s grade was raised by you, principal. Whether I fight or not is no longer important.” Cao Huan shook her head.

Gao Peng took a good look at her before he turned to the other four. “That works, too. Anyway, through this battle, I wanted to tell you guys about the importance of levels. Any tactics or kinds of cooperation are all fabricated. You guys have tactics, and so do your opponents. This isn’t a form of insurance, and using strength to crush your opponent is the most important.

“As such, I have prepared to spend six days here to conduct intense training. What I want is for all of you to be able to rise to the Lord tier before you head to Mo Du.”

Every single one of them had alarm written on their faces.

After Gao Peng said those words, he turned around and left the room. He came back in again after a while with five transparent plastic bags in his hands. He handed one plastic bag to every individual in order.

Before they could take a clear look at what they were holding in their hands, their familiars had already grown agitated and restless. Nobody knew when the previously passed out Ironbone Sabretooth Tiger had regained consciousness.

Wang Jiujiu was instantly knocked over by it. The huge fifteen-foot-long tiger was like a little kitty staring at her pitifully at this moment. It was just short of purring.

“Is this a monster core crystal?” Wei Gongfan snorted and lifted the plastic bag before his eyes. The plastic bag contained a transparent crystal the size of an egg. Its shape was very familiar. They had seen it many times, and it looked just like a monster core crystal.

They only wondered why this monster core crystal looked so big.

“Yes, these are King-tier monster core crystals. Let your familiars consume them,” Gao Peng said casually.

It was said that when an individual suffered too many surprises within a short period of time, they would enter a state of numbness.

“Principal, are these really for us?!”

“You’ll have to return them to me if you guys continue to talk nonsense.”

The five of them didn’t dare to say anything further as they silently fed the monster core crystals to their familiars. The five Commander-grade familiars swallowed the monster core crystals and glittered with vitality all over the place. Looking at their exuberant appearances… Perhaps they shouldn’t even expect to get any sleep that night.

In the following days, they really understood what it meant to be competitive players. The training method that the principal gave their familiars consisted of a variety of high-intensity battles, and aside from the fighting, they also swallowed numerous nourishing pills that looked very expensive. In their eyes, these weren’t pills; they were bottle after bottle of confidence.

With the help of a large number of pills and King-tier monster core crystals, the five familiars improved tremendously in a short period of time. Apart from the Monster Sunflower who had only reached Level 40, as its previous grade of Level 35 was too low, the other four familiars had advanced to the Lord tier.

Despite that, it wasn’t as if the Monster Sunflower didn’t gain anything. It had swallowed a large number of nourishing pills and had successfully undergone a major transformation. The Monster Sunflower had grown into a Canine Flower, which was a little stronger than the Monster Sunflower.

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