Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 554

Chapter 554 Canine Flower


Cao Huan was still protesting the name of her familiar even when they boarded the plane. “Principal, why do you have to call my familiar Canine Flower after it evolved from a Monster Sunflower? This name is too bad.” Cao Huan, who was usually reticent, took the initiative to approach Gao Peng for the first time ever that day.

“Is it a fact that an evolved Canine Flower is more powerful than a Monster Sunflower?” Gao Peng asked.

“It’s… It’s a fact,” Cao Huan replied.

“Then let me ask you again; is the term ‘canine’ more outstanding?” Gao Peng asked.

“Then why not just call it Sunflower!” Cao Huan was a bit angry.

“Sister Cao… I feel that the principal wasn’t completely unreasonable in naming your familiar the Canine Flower…” Wei Gongfan said cautiously.

Cao Huan directed her cold gaze at him. “Then you tell me the reason behind it.”

“Look at it yourself.” Wei Gongfan pointed at the Canine Flower which was standing to the side.

A golden flower was standing in front of the mirror and looking left and right. It used its leaves to gently brush the mirror as if it was attracted to the beauty inside it. A smaller flower had bloomed among the petals in the upper right-hand corner of this flower. This was another way the Canine Flower was different. There was an ingenious little sunflower in its upper right-hand corner.

The two flowers, one smaller than the other, were overlapping. The additional flower at the upper right-hand corner was what caused it to become the Canine Flower.

Cao Huan’s eyes twitched. She had never enjoyed talking, and right then, the best thing to do was shut her eyes. “Then let’s call it the Canine Flower.”

“Actually, your familiar’s ability is very strong. It’s a lot stronger than the Monster Sunflower,” Gao Peng said to Cao Huan. Cao Huan tilted her head to look over.

Gao Peng laughed mildly, turned his head, and said to the Canine Flower, “Canine Flower, you look beautiful today.”

The Canine Flower turned its head curiously when it heard Gao Peng calling its name. Its flowers and leaves trembled slightly.

“I said, you look very beautiful today,” Gao Peng repeated.

The Canine Flower was evidently very happy after hearing Gao Peng’s compliment. The small flower in the upper right-hand corner couldn’t help but tremble slightly. The sunlight streaming in through the plane window landed on the face of the small flower, and it instantly emitted rays of light. Then a continuous stream of golden suns floated out from the petals of the small flower and gathered to form a small golden ball of light.

In addition to Cao Huan, the four other people present were dumbfounded by this sight. It actually has such an ability?! It spat out a ball of light just by being complimented. Is it really feeling that over the moon?

[Monster Name]: Canine Flower

[Monster Level]: Level 40

[Monster Grade]: Perfect/Perfect

[Monster Skills]: Sunlight Treatment Level 1, Light Absorption Level 1

[Special Characteristics]: Double Flowers (a main flower and a side flower that grows on top of its head). When it receives praise and feels happy, the side flower on its head will produce healing suns.

Active Effect 1: This group of healing suns will be maintained for a period of time. The treatment effect is equivalent to level +1 of sunlight treatment, and there will at most be one group of healing suns at the same time.

[Monster Attribute]: Light

[Monster Weakness]: Fire

[Monster Description]: The Canine Flower that evolved from the Monster Sunflower is stronger than its previous form. It is naturally narcissistic and likes to listen to compliments from other people. What it hates most is when people say mean things behind its back.

The monster characteristic was able to develop even though its grade was only Perfect. This was considered an extremely rare ability with great potential. Even though this ability looked quite tasteless, it was still a monster characteristic, after all.

The remaining time on the plane became time for childish games. The five boys and girls were acting like they had found a very fun toy, taking turns to tug at the Canine Flower and complimenting it endlessly. This made the Canine Flower exceptionally happy, and a group of healing suns streamed out from its head continuously.

They’re already so old, but they’re just like a group of children. Gao Peng shook his head while watching them.

The plane slowly landed on the runway of the private airport. The cabin door opened, revealing Gao Peng, who walked at the forefront, and the five students who had come to participate in the competition following behind him. At the end of the line, Xiao Hua was leading a group of familiars forth.

In fact, the news of Gao Peng’s return couldn’t be hidden from people who were interested. He hadn’t tried to cover his footsteps, either. Of course, compared to Gao Peng, most people were more interested in his familiar. After all, Gao Peng was just a monster trainer, and people were more interested in knowing how strong his familiars had become.

However, the familiars accompanying Gao Peng during his return this time made them feel a little perplexed.

Why is there not even a familiar face to be seen?! Where is the skeleton? Where’s the giant crab that’s like a mountain spirit? And where is that bald duck? And the little white lion?

They didn’t see any of the important familiars they had recorded in their notebooks. None of them were there, not even the centipede. It was surprising, as they had even sent people to the Baiye district and Yuzhou City to check and ascertain that those were the familiars that were by Gao Peng’s side when he emerged from the Spatial Rift that day.

In a hotel in Mo Du, Tong Xiang, who was standing before a window, turned around rather excitedly to ask Tong Ling behind him, “Could it be that all of Gao Peng’s familiars are dead, and the only ones left by his side are these small shrimps?”

Tong Ling’s face was expressionless. She walked to the window and gazed at the bustling city beneath her feet. “I’d suggest that you don’t continue to provoke him.”

A hint of indignance appeared on Tong Xiang’s simple and honest face. “There are barely any familiars left by his side. He’s crippled! He’s a piece of junk right now! A piece of junk! Have you forgotten what he did to us back then? He locked the two of us in that room and then allowed over ten men to take turns talking to us! Endlessly!” Tong Xiang growled as he said this.

“In order to learn our language, he did something so demented to us. Do you know how I managed to pull through during that time?! They made me repeat ‘good morning’ over one thousand times!” As he spoke, Tong Xiang was reminded of the unbearable memories from three years ago and therefore found himself hating Gao Peng even more. “Don’t stop me. I must get revenge on Gao Peng,” he said.

Tong Ling said calmly, “How do you know that his familiars are dead? What if it’s because there was a problem with their grades, causing them to be restricted and forcing them to remain in the Black Fog World?”

Tong Xiang paused for a moment before he muttered, “That would mean that they’re trapped in the Black Fog World and he can’t summon them. At most, I won’t kill him then, I’ll just beat him up. Anyway, I won’t feel good about it if I don’t get to beat him up.”

“Suit yourself. This is your personal matter. Don’t drag me into it when the time comes,” Tong Ling said mildly.

Compared to three years ago, Tong Ling’s aura felt more mature. There were more curves in her figure, as well. Her hair was set behind her head with gold-rimmed glasses. She couldn’t be bothered to continue talking about such nonsense with Tong Xiang, who was as stubborn as a bull. “Anyway, I’ve said all that I should. I’m too lazy to stop you if you’re seeking death. According to my observations… Gao Peng is a cautious person.”

“Tell me… If he’s such a cautious person, what gave him enough courage to stand beneath the sunlight? Is he stupid, or are you?” Tong Xiang asked.

Tong Ling laughed lightly in response as she shook her head and walked out of the room. Tong Xiang’s heart jerked sharply as he remained frozen to the ground.

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