Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 558

Chapter 558 Light Dark Wolf Pair

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Compared to the five kids who were eager to try, Luoyang Shenhua High School’s team wasn’t happy. The two students who had been the loudest in the fight were a little flustered.

Their quarrel aside, they clearly knew that they lacked strength, just like Wei Gongfan had said. If Li Junzong’s familiar hadn’t been beaten by Chen Zhantang’s familiar in the last championship, they might not have even placed seventh.

Looking at Wei Gongfan and his team’s provocative expressions, Fu Sicheng’s expression turned cold. He had been one of the most vocal in the quarrel.

“What are you afraid of? Li Junzong was on their team last year. This year, none of their members are famous. We defeated them last year, and we can do it again.”

The drawing session was finally over after ten minutes, and Gao Peng couldn’t have cared less about the rest of the draw orders. Staying with his team, he closed his eyes with earbuds in and started tapping his feet to the rhythm of the music.

A camera moved slowly towards the crowd from the side of the arena. The bearded photographer noticed something suddenly, and his eyes lit up. He stopped his movement and zoomed in on someone in the crowd. The person’s face was becoming bigger and clearer, almost filling the whole shot.


“Honey, look, isn’t that…?”

“He’s back?!”

“Sh*t, it can’t be him. There was a rumor on the Internet that he was dead. It’s all lies! I’ll never believe in the words of social media influencers again.”

The audience rating of that channel increased sharply within a short time.

Of course, the news of Gao Peng’s return had already been circulating around some social circles. However, this was the first time he was being exposed to the public. The relationship between Gao Peng and Tiange Academy was also exposed. He was the first Principal of Tiange Academy.

The Internet was abuzz.

“No wonder he wanted to come back. I don’t think that Gao Peng was satisfied with last year’s results.”

“Master Gao left Earth Star only to get stronger and return like a king. Those who said that he ran away, be careful tonight.”

“Open the door immediately! We’re here for inspection.”

After the end of the draw session, the High School Championship officially began. The first round was the battle between Huawu High School and Qingmen First High School.

Compared to the relaxed atmosphere of Huawu High School, Qingmen First High School was very tense, and the members were stressed out. Qingmen First High School’s team was in an uproar when they saw that Huawu High School’s team had sent only two familiars onto the field.

Several members glared at Huawu High School’s team. This is too insulting!

One of the Qingmen First High School’s teachers’ expression changed slightly. He trotted towards the referee and whispered something to him. After a while, he walked back calmly.

“Teacher Zhang, they’re insulting us. They only sent out two players,” one of the students complained.

“They’ve gone too far.”

“How can they insult people like that?”

“Enough. Just get into the arena. Pride comes before a fall, and their pride is their own business. It’s better to think of strategies to defeat them while they’re overwhelmed with pride than to complain here.” Although Teacher Zhang was also angry, he knew that he shouldn’t join in the chaos, because he was their teacher. If he joined them, his own team was certainly going to be chaotic, too. Anyone could vent their discontent except him.

Teacher Zhang’s words had a calming effect on the students’ anxiety, and they turned their anger into fighting spirit.

The five familiars were arranged in different positions in the arena. All of them had fierce looks and shining eyes. Sensing their master’s emotions, they were also filled with fighting spirit.

On the opposite side stood a pair of black and white wolves with slender, streamlined figures. Gao Peng took a glance at their attributes. They were a Level-40 Epic-grade Light-Dark Wolf Pair.

[Monster Name]: Light Wolf/Dark Wolf

[Monster Tier]: Level 40

[Monster Grade]: Epic/Epic

[Monster attributes]: Light/Dark

[Monster Skills]: …

[Special Characteristic]: Tides of Light/Tides of Darkness

Their exotic fur gave them each powerful combat power.

(Passive Effect 1: Each manipulation of the radiant/dark element makes the radiant/dark element in the air more dynamic, enabling them to activate more of the element in the air the next time it is manipulated.)

[Monster Description]: The Light Wolf and Dark Wolf grew up in the Jiuli Wilderness and belong to the same species. The male offspring of the two wolves is a Light Wolf, while the female is a Dark Wolf. However, unlike other wolf monsters, they don’t like to live in groups or with any other adult wolves except for their mate and offspring.

The Jiuli Wilderness didn’t sound like it was from Earth Star. The wolves were probably monsters from another world.

Gao Peng’s eyes narrowed. Since the Hushan Group and the Huaxia region’s Military Department were supporters of Huawu High School, these two familiars could be theirs.

The five kids were having a discussion about whether Huawu High School or Qingmen First High School would win. After all, Huawu High School looked arrogant this time, because in previous battles, Lord-tier familiars would at least enter the battlefield, even if they didn’t fight. This was because according to the rules of the championship, it was impossible to enter the battlefield once the match had started.

Once the bell rang, each wolf from the Light-Dark Wolf Pair went in a separate direction! Their black and white fur was plastered to their streamlined bodies against the wind. Two strong black and white lights coalesced in their mouths and intensified.

This is the tide of light/darkness. They’re using the power of the tides. Gao Peng could sense the elemental light in the wolves’ mouths moving at high speed.

The effect of the light-dark tides was that every time they manipulated light or dark elements, the elements would become more active. Therefore, the next time they manipulated a light or dark element, more elements could be manipulated. Like ocean waves, every rise and fall of the tides gathered more energy.

The Light-Dark Wolf Pair didn’t run towards each other directly. Instead, they ran in a zigzag motion with each other through the arena, forming two S-shaped lines.

A raging bald red-furred ape hammered harshly on the earth, causing an explosion. Dust and gravel sputtered. Boom—

The elements in the mouths of the Light-Dark Wolf Pair roared, and a ray erupted. From the spectators’ view, it seemed like two black and white lightsabers had burst into brilliant lights like a pair of scissors closing at the center of the arena.

Bam!! Since light and dark elements were opposite to each other, a horrible explosion occurred the moment the two elements made their final contact. Blood and flesh flew. Out of the five familiars on the opposing team, only two highly agile familiars were able to escape in time. The other three familiars were cut in half on the spot!

The extreme violence caused the audience to fall into silence for a moment before they burst into cheers. This was the popularity and charm of familiars in this era. Together, this Light-Dark Wolf Pair could be a good opponent for a low-grade Lord-tier monster.

The winner and loser were decisively and vividly obvious at this moment. Huawu High School earned raucous cheers from the audience. As for the defeated, Qingmen First High School had no one’s attention.

Gao Peng applauded leisurely while rising from his seat. He seemed to be in a good mood. “Not bad. I thought this competition would be a one-sided crush without a doubt, but it seems like you have a strong enemy now. Till then, you must not lose. I can’t afford to be embarrassed by you kids. I’ve invested so much in you, so don’t get defeated.”

The five kids remained silent. Why does the principal look like a villain right now?

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