Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 560

Chapter 560 The Youhu Tribe

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“This skill of yours is quite advanced,” said Mo Yingming.

“This is a must. Whether you’re strong or not is temporary, but whether you’re cool or not, that’s something that lasts forever.” Wei Gongfan’s voice was calm with a hint of repressed tremors. Obviously, this act had made him very happy today.

“Wait, don’t tell me that you’re going to kill all their familiars?” Mo Yingming suddenly thought of something. Although life and death were conceited in the ring, the power of this skill seemed to be terrifying. Wouldn’t it ruin the whole Luoyang University team…?

“We surrender,” the candidate from Luoyang University said quickly.

After receiving the request to surrender, the referee announced the end of the battle and rang the bell. The vines retreated back into the body of the Devil Vine Mountain Climbing Monster just like tidewater into the sea.

A group of what looked like meatballs that had been squeezed into irregularly large balls fell on the ground as thick blood seeped into the floor.

Following a purring sound, an earthy yellow monster that looked like mud released its grip on the familiar it had been protecting. Wood types had always been a counter against earth types, plus this Lord-tier Swampy Yellow Mud Monster had been caught off guard, causing it to suffer a serious injury.

In a situation where a familiar’s attribute was at a disadvantage, not to mention it was taking the first hit… plus there was a high chance that the opponent had another Lord-tier familiar, and the other familiars in the team had lost their combat power, it was better to treat the conservation of the remaining combat power as the first priority.

“I never imagined that the Devil Vine Mountain Climbing Monster had already advanced to Lord-tier. It happened during the same time Gao Peng came…”

When the Devil Vine Mountain Climbing Monster had advanced to Lord-tier in one shot, it led to Luoyang University increasing their respect, but also to everyone taking Tiange Academy seriously. Tiange Academy had now officially become their favorite to win the championship.

Of course, these matters weren’t what Gao Peng was concerned about. After the battle, Gao Peng took the five little ones out of the stadium. He Wei had sent someone to bring the five little ones to a specific place to stay. He had invited Gao Peng to come along but was rejected.

Looking at the five children leaving, Gao Peng shook his shoulders to relax his muscles.

Looking around him, Gao Peng found his direction and left. He felt the weight of eyes from the darkness. It was just like a thorn hidden in the dark, dangerous yet everywhere.

Gao Peng yawned. After taking a glance at the bustling hotels near him, Gao Peng hailed a spacious taxi and said, “Find me a quiet hotel with a great atmosphere.”

Xiao Hua and the others boarded the truck, while Gao Peng sat down in the backseat of the car.

The radio in the taxi was playing the broadcast. “Szzz—according to the latest report, the scientists have noticed that the Earth is constantly changing. In the coming days, there might be continuous spatial turmoil happening in certain areas.

“Today at seven in the morning, Didu time, a new King-tier monster that hadn’t yet been discovered was found in the South Sea area. Temporarily, it has been named the Corrosive Crude Whale. Some scholars have publicly expressed that the mutation of the Corrosive Crude Whale might have been caused by the oil spill that led to the destruction of the sea’s ecological environment before the Cataclysm.

“Yesterday at nine p.m. Didu time, Jinsha region’s government and the Sky River Tribe from another world came to an agreement on both countries’ familiars’ cultural reproduction and close cooperation for the Jinsha region’s security.”

Gao Peng sat in the backseat by the window and was looking out of the window quietly. There were adults holding their children’s hands on the street, and familiars were almost everywhere.

For example, Gao Peng saw a Yangtze River Short-Furred Bear with a blue visor handing out flyers on the street. It was wearing an extra-large short-sleeved top, but it looked like a tight shirt on the bear.

There were also people who had opened stalls on the street. In front of the stalls was a Hundred Faces Parrot acting cute and making fun of the passing pedestrians. In the beak of the parrot dangled a stainless steel bowl. Every time someone threw money into the bowl, the parrot would put it down and rush toward those people to praise them as a handsome guy or beautiful girl.

At the early stage of Cataclysm, these monsters were fierce beasts that ordinary people avoided, but now, they had fallen to this point… Gao Peng could only feel that human’s adapting capabilities were strong.

Perhaps this was the reason for the return of the ancient clan tribes. Originally, humans were scared of the Earth’s King and Lord-tier monsters, but because of the return of the ancient clan tribes, humans no longer worried about the human-populated city being attacked by a large swarm of King and Lord-tier monsters.

In these three years, the growth of the human race was much faster than in the previous five years. Perhaps it was because they had found the confidence in being the top of the food chain again.

Gao Peng was the only one who had seen countless monsters in the mountains and rivers of the Black Fog World. He knew the dark history of why the ancient clan tribes had been expelled from the Black Fog World.

Were the ancient clan tribes really as ‘omnipotent’ as they imagined? If they were really omnipotent, then why did they want to leave Earth back in that year? After all, this was their homeland!

Gao Peng was too lazy to continue thinking, so he closed his eyes in a meditative manner while the cool wind blew at him.

The taxi driver turned his head around and said to Gao Peng, “Brother, we’ve arrived. The hotel with a nice and quiet environment that you were looking for.”

Gao Peng opened his eyes as the vague sound of tides came to his ears. He looked out the window and could see the distant horizon. Next to them was a summer resort. The summer resort was very huge, built from the foot of the mountain to the top. But of course, this mountain wasn’t very high, only about 650 feet, and it was said to be a mountain, but in fact, it was just a big hill.

“How is it? Satisfied?” said the taxi driver with a smile.

Gao Peng took a glance at him and then shook his head. “You aren’t a taxi driver.”

The taxi driver didn’t deny this, but instead asked curiously, “Oh? How can you tell?”

“If you’re a taxi driver, why don’t you have cervical spondylosis and lumbar disc herniation?”

The taxi driver was stunned for a while, then laughed heartily. “Impressive!”

“Let me introduce myself. I’m Yin You. I welcome you to join the Youhu Tribe.”

“Does your tribe recruit people that casually? It feels like a multi-level marketing organization,” said Gao Peng with a faint smile on his face.

The expression on Yin You’s face became stiff for a while, but very soon, it was back to normal again. “It’s full of potential. Actually, our Youhu Tribe has been on Earth for three years already. We arrived on Earth just after you left. We, the Youhu Tribe, are cooperating with the military of your Huaxia region now.

“In fact, I’ve researched most of the monster trainers from Earth. Some tribal people turned up their noses at you all, but I’m different. The population of Earth is large, and those who are able to stand out in such a large population are the real geniuses. Compared to us, what you guys are lacking is time.

“I’m also not simply recruiting anyone. Only talented geniuses are allowed to join our Youhu Tribe.”

“Your Youhu Tribe is the type that’s not doing very well among all the tribes?” said Gao Peng all of a sudden.

Yin You froze, and then the smile on his face slowly faded. “What do you mean by this?”

“If not, why would you even take in Tong Cheng, someone at such a level? So desperate. Is it because there’s some defect in your genetics, so you need us humans from Earth to help you all improve the genes of your descendants?” Gao Peng sighed.

Yin You thought he had already given Gao Peng the proper respect, but he didn’t expect that he could still be so insensible. “Do you know that not only you but also the Southern Sky Group and your family will pay for your words today?”

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