Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 565

Chapter 565 King Cloud Giant

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A blood-red deer-shaped familiar with two sharp sparkling horns on its head stood on top of the mountain, looking down at Gao Peng and his familiar. The deer-shaped familiar looked impressive, with a translucent blood-red ring above its head. It was an Epic-grade, King-tier familiar.

It was such a pity that there was a huge gap in tier. Fourth Baby glanced at it.

What was previously a graceful figure on top of the mountain, became pathetic; its legs went weak, and it fell off the mountain top… Crash.

Fourth Baby rolled up its wing, and its length increased several folds. There was a flash of silver light, and the blood deer that had just fallen to the foot of the mountain had a missing head.

A column of blood appeared in the air, along with a deer head that had a look of anger.

Gao Peng smiled. “Leave now. I don’t want to kill you. Today, I’m here only to trouble the Youhu Tribe.”

To kill a King-tier familiar within seconds and in one move… Everyone who witnessed the scene paled. Respect was best earned with a show of strength.

They weren’t fools and were aware that moving in on such a strong opponent would likely lead to death.

“Everyone step back,” the regiment commander leader said. Looking at Gao Peng, the commander seemed like he wanted to say more but couldn’t. After thinking for a while, the regiment commander gritted his teeth and waved his large hand. The Iron-Backed Wolf Hound that was squatting on the ground beside him suddenly rose and arched its back like a mountain.

A terrifying explosive force erupted, in the next moment, when it leapt forward. The explosive force enabled the Iron-Backed Wolf Hound to bite off and swallow Yin Shi’s head.

After giving the order, the regiment commander seemed to have all his strength drained. The regiment commander turned, looked at the soldiers behind him, and said, “Remember this; today’s order was my own. I shall bear all the responsibilities.”

The regiment commander went up to Gao Peng. “Warrior, just leave. Everything that happened today has nothing to do with you… You have such strength at such a young age. You shouldn’t expose it so early. It’s still early.”

Gao Peng replied, “What are you talking about?”

The regiment commander was stunned. “You don’t know? Then why did you come looking for trouble with the Youhu Tribe?”

The head of the regiment suddenly had a toothache. This fellow… What the hell is going on? “Don’t you know that the Youhu Tribe brings girls from all over the world to the tribe to reproduce for them?”

The commander had originally thought that Gao Peng came because he had friends or relatives who were kidnapped. When he first saw Gao Peng, he wanted to get him to leave. Though he appreciated Gao Peng’s chivalry, he had no reasons not to execute his orders.

“Girls are kidnapped and brought to the tribe to reproduce for them?” Gao Peng was astounded; the Youhu Tribe was this inhumane? Gao Peng’s face was drawn. He had underestimated their determination to “enhance” their genes.

“And you didn’t stop…” Gao Peng was halfway through the sentence when he realized that since the difference in their strength was too great, it would be impossible to stop them. Instead, he’d be regarded as a provocation by the Youhu soldiers.

They were indeed willing to suffer and endure the pain of vengeance. This way, the girls who had been captured would be the only ones suffering.

“This gives me an additional reason to wipe out the Youhu Tribe,” Gao Peng murmured to himself.

“If you need another place to survive, you can go to the Southern Sky Group. At least you can settle down there,” Gao Peng said to the commander.

Then he patted Fourth Baby’s head. In clear sight, he entered the Spatial Rift.

“Rest assured, the Youhu Tribe will no longer exist after today.” Gao Peng’s last words echoed.

After a long silence, someone asked, “Has he gone mad?”

The space seemed to ripple, like he was going through a curtain of water. The next moment, the environment in front of Gao Peng began to change. There was a dense forest all around; trees within a square mile from the center of the Spatial Rift were leveled. There was a smooth path leading out of the forest.

The sky was sapphire blue, quite different from the red sky in the Black Fog World. The sky and the environment here were similar to Earth Star. Wasn’t it said that the Youhu Tribe lived in the Jiuli Wilderness? These surroundings didn’t look anything like the wilderness.

This should have been the world where the Youhu Tribe was located. This was also the third world that he had visited, and it was entirely different from the ones he had seen before.

There were no defensive measures; it was probably because of the clans stationed on the other side of the Spatial Rift. Riding Fourth Baby in the sky, all scenery nearby was within Gao Peng’s sight.

The forest below him wasn’t too big, and the rift was located at the edge of the forest. On the horizon in front of him, Gao Peng saw signs of construction. That was where the Youhu Tribe was.

He instructed Fourth Baby to fly over. Once he was a distance away from the Youhu tribe, the clouds in front of him started changing.

One of the white clouds shifted into the shape of a human face. “Who are you? You’re not a member of our tribe.” It spoke the ancient clan language, but fortunately, Gao Peng had learned their language.

Gao Peng saw its attributes—it was a Level-64 King Cloud Giant.

“Who me… I am from San Tong Tribe,” Gao Peng gleefully replied.

“The Sang Tong Tribe…” The King Cloud Giant thought deeply. “The Sang Tong Tribe in Huo Tang Valley is 300 domains away from us…”

While it was still thinking, Floating Light launched out from behind Gao Peng. In the blink of an eye, Floating Light was right in front of it. It wasn’t until then that the King Cloud Giant had a reaction.

Floating Light lowered its back, spread open its wings, rotated 180 degrees, and exposed the deadly glint of its double-edged arm blades.

To Floating Light, the King Cloud Giant was full of flaws. Long blood-red lines crossed the entire body of the Cloud Giant vertically and horizontally, filling up almost its entire body.

“So many weaknesses… How can you not die?!” Floating Light presented a chaotic double-edged dance. One could only see its shadow as a blur.

“Truth, death, extermination, ultimate slash!”

Boom, Boom, Boom!

All clouds within a radius of a few miles dissipated, leaving only the body of the King Cloud Giant intact.

The King Cloud Giant looked doubtfully at its body. Is this a trick…?

Smack! The King Cloud Giant instantly exploded into tiny fragments, evaporating into thin air as vapor. A pure white core crystal floated in the air, left behind.

Fourth Baby skillfully lifted its wings and tipped the core crystal over, then swallowed it in one gulp.

Floating Light widened its eyes. Stealing food again? It was so angry that it stepped on Fourth Baby’s head. “Spit it out, you silly glutton.”

Fourth Baby acted dumb and pretended that it couldn’t hear anything.

“That’s enough. It’s just another core crystal. That’s enough managing for the day.” Gao Peng looked at the thriving tribe below him and smiled.

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