Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 566

Chapter 566 Mount Taishan

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Right at the moment of the King Cloud Giant’s death, a white-bearded man who was holding a radio and blowing at his beard suddenly had a premonition. In the following second, the dying familiar made its last attack. A mouthful of blood instantly hit the radio, fresh blood staining it red.

“The King Cloud is dead!” The white-beard man placed the radio on the table in shock and ran out of his room frantically to spread the word. Suddenly, the sky grew black. He lifted his head, his eyes filled with despair…

On the other side, Gao Peng gently tapped his fingers. The crisp sound echoed above the sky as if it was the horn of fate, like a bell that determined life and death.

The void in front of his eyes was distorted, and the sound of tyrannical breathing came from the other side of the void. The phenomenon of distortion in such a large area indicated that the familiar that had been summoned was extremely huge.


“Sometimes, it’s very simple to catch fate by its throat. You just need to tap a finger.” Gao Peng sighed faintly. He couldn’t help but bemoan the state of the universe and pity the fate of mankind.

The distortion of the void was only a momentary occurrence. After that moment passed, a deep blackness that made people feel desperate and hid the sky from their view fell on the world. Its extremely large volume made people feel overwhelmed and terrified.

Their intuitive feeling was that the sky had collapsed. The wind was roaring, the air was whistling, and in the vast sky, a huge mountain spanning five miles had been summoned. It fell down like a meteorite.

There was surprised shouting among the Youhu Tribe.

“Be careful!”

“Quickly, take defense!”

“What is this… A mountain is falling from the sky?!”

The tranquil tribe suddenly felt like they were being boiled alive in an instant. It was as if a pot of boiling water had been knocked over. Even though Gao Peng’s sudden attack had caught them off-guard, they had displayed strong wills in the face of danger. This was an instinctive reaction that had been cultivated in them after countless years in this cruel world.

In a big temple located at the heart of the Youhu Tribe’s central domain, the wooden piece that Yin Mu was currently engraving shattered. The blade caused the appearance of a crack that stretched from the head to the neck of the wooden tiger figure that was being carved.

Yin Mu stared dazedly at the shattered wooden piece in his hands.

The soil behind the Patriarch’s Hall split open. Large construction projects mixed with mud were thrown everywhere. This included the Patriarch’s Hall, which had also been swept up by the wave of mud.

A gigantic silver serpent surfaced from a gap that had been the result of land being forced open. Its crystal-like torso exuded hazy colors. As it had just made its way out of the earth, its body was still emitting a pale-yellow color. The gigantic serpent entrenched itself in the ground and hissed furiously at the mountain that was falling overhead.

“It’s the Patriarch’s serpent! There’s hope for us,” someone said.

Hiss! Apart from the gigantic serpent, there were no less than ten tyrannical odors being awakened near the tribe. A horrifying attack that was directed at the mountain overhead erupted.

Countless attacks landed on the bottom of the fallen mountain. A thick and heavy yellow protective shield suddenly formed on the mountain peak. All the attacks were being blocked by the shield and made it seem like there were fireworks being set off in the sky…

However, these few attacks came from minor figures. The Youhu Tribe’s real fatal move was the Overlord-tier Earthlord Serpent that measured up to half a mile long. This was also the trump card being revealed by the Youhu Tribe.


The Earthlord Serpent’s head was very close to Stripey’s buttocks.


The earth took the Giant Crystal Serpent as its center-point and sunk down in all four directions. The land couldn’t bear the immense weight and was crushed. Smoke and dust smog erupted from the cracks with a clamor. It was like the world was ending.

The skull of the Giant Crystal Serpent was almost crushed by this. The horrifying weight pressed down on its head, and its entire body was trapped beneath the foot of the mountain. It was thoroughly suppressed by Stripey.

Accompanying it were unceasing earth-shattering vibrations and roars. The mountain shook, and the earth moved. All monsters within a thousand miles could feel what was happening here.

Gao Peng tapped his fingers again. Stripey, who had just been awakened from his sleep, instantly vanished into thin air as it was collected into the Familiar Space by Gao Peng.

Everything beneath his feet had already been transformed into a wasteland. The previously bustling central district of the tribe had been thoroughly crushed; not a single complete piece of architecture could be found. The ground looked like the result of having been crushed hundreds of times by compactors. It was sturdier than concrete, but fragmented masonry and wood had become embedded in the earth. The remains and blood stains of some monsters were also thrown into the mix.

The silence was deadly.

Apart from a small number of buildings on the edge that had very fortunately survived, the central district was barren. This was one way the Familiar Space that Gao Peng had developed could be used. Of course, this was also built based on the prerequisites of Stripey’s volume and weight.

Throwing Stripey down from the sky could cause devastating damage and injury to enemies across a wide range.

Gazing at the dead silent Youhu Tribe, Gao Peng mused over it. “Don’t tell me that all the strong opponents have been eliminated.”

“That’s not likely… That would be too weak of them,” his companion replied.

Hiss… The squashed ground trembled violently, the cracks shook uncontrollably, and from the ground rose a massive mound. Boom.

The mound exploded. The ragged Earthlord Serpent shouted furiously at the sky, and when it saw the scenes of a catastrophe all around it, the humane feelings of despair and desperation surfaced in its eyes. After, it lifted its head and stared fixedly at Gao Peng, who was riding Fourth Baby in the sky. Its eyes were filled with hatred.

Its body rose bit by bit, the ground near it crystallized. It erected its tail directly on the earth and tightened its body as it rushed up towards the sky, opening its mouth wide with an aura that made it seem like it was bound to win.

The irritable and resentful temperament made Fourth Baby, who Gao Peng was sitting on, stir restlessly. Gao Peng’s face maintained its usual look while watching the approaching serpent’s mouth. “It is hatred that blinds your wisdom. You really don’t learn from your lessons.”

The moment that thought was vocalized, the void before Gao Peng’s eyes distorted again.

Hiss? The Earthlord Serpent widened its eyes, having suddenly recalled something.

Boom! This was the second time it was being suppressed, the second time its neck was almost broken due to its posture.

This time, Gao Peng didn’t summon Stripey back. Instead, he allowed Stripey to crush the Overlord-tier Earthlord Serpent beneath its buttocks, and at the same time, explore the surroundings to see if there were any other Overlord-tier monsters hiding in the earth.

“Gao Peng, there are some King-tier and Emperor-tier monsters in the soil, but none of them are in the Overlord-tier,” Stripey reported honestly to Gao Peng.

“Crush those insects.” Gao Peng casually laid down an order.

Under Stripey’s control, the earth beneath its body was rumbling everywhere. The seemingly calm soil was turbulent, and the violent earth elements were entangled in surge after surge.

It was as if a large invisible hand was crushing King-tier and Overlord-tier familiars like they were insects.

“Why is there only one Overlord-tier familiar. Didn’t they say there would be two?” Gao Peng frowned. They had surveyed their surroundings and still not found a trace of the second Overlord-tier familiar. This made Gao Peng a little uneasy. He had always believed in the principle of cutting the weeds and destroying the roots. After all, he had responsibilities to take care of, such as his group of students and behind him, the expansive Southern Sky Group.

If he didn’t cut the weeds and destroy the roots and someone came after his family for revenge, what would he do?

Gao Peng didn’t want to regret it only when the people he was protecting were in harm’s way. “This is really troublesome. Can’t they all be together like a family…?”

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