Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 567

Chapter 567 Fifth Baby

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“Forget it. It’s imperative to save those girls first.” Gao Peng couldn’t help but sigh when he thought about the cruel fate that those girls had suffered.

These girls were, naturally, not from the Youhu Tribe. In the eyes of the people from the Youhu Tribe, they weren’t qualified to join them. They were just tools for reproduction. This was because they knew that those girls were kidnapped through unscrupulous methods, so the Youhu Tribe would never give them any chances of becoming stronger.

Some girls would even be eliminated after they gave birth…

If they had placed these girls within the Youhu Tribe, Gao Peng would have refrained from shooting at the rat in fear of breaking the vases. All he would have said was that all lives were predetermined.

Back when he was in the sky, Gao Peng had already noticed a residential area located a distance away from the Youhu Tribe. He borrowed Second Baby’s skilled eyes and saw that there were girls there wearing uniforms from Earth. There were also numerous people from the Youhu Tribe there in charge of “supervising” them.

With the tap of a finger, the void before his eyes distorted, but there was nothing to be seen after the distortion ended. “Go and rescue those girls. If you see anyone from the Youhu Tribe, kill them,” Gao Peng said to the empty air before his eyes.

There was wind circulating in the air.

The Youhu Tribe was located not far away from them. After the mountain fell from the sky and reduced the Youhu Tribe into a wasteland, many girls covered their mouths and kneeled on the ground. They were unable to suppress the excitement that they felt… There were also a few delicate and pretty-looking boys in the mix.

Even though they hadn’t seen how Yaohu Tribe was reduced into a wasteland, just feeling the earth tremors beneath their feet was enough for them to imagine what had happened there.

The few monster trainers who were responsible for supervising this place hurriedly rushed out from their rooms before they could even finish putting on their clothes. When they ran out, they saw a mountain falling from the sky and crushing the Earthlord Serpent.

The Patriarch’s familiar had been suppressed. How did these little bandits still have the guts to remain there? They had summoned their familiars and brought everything from home with them. They looked at the young and beautiful girls surrounding them; some paid no attention to them and escaped straight away, while others caught hold of two girls before continuing their escape.

Some of the more intelligent girls knew that something big had happened, so they hurriedly hid in rice tanks or beneath beds. Other girls took advantage of when there was no one watching them to escape from this place, but as for what kind of future they could have on their own in the wilderness, that was a different story.

A majestic man riding on a Black Lion picked up a woman beside him and then commanded his beast to run away. The eyes of the woman he held in his arms were blank. She was just like a marionette.

Psh! A crack suddenly appeared in the space between the Black Lion’s eyes.

The blood that came spilling out stained the transparent Fifth Baby. The area that was soaked in blood and exposed to the air was like a dyed crystal, but the part that wasn’t contaminated with fresh blood on his torso was completely transparent. He was just waiting for the wind to carry over its opponent’s breath to let Yin Guang know that there was a horrifying monster currently facing it.

Only it could see itself, but not the other way around.

The sound of friction could be heard as Fifth Baby withdrew from between the Black Lion’s eyes. The Black Lion fell to the ground with a clamor, and the heat from its corpse started to dissipate.

Before he could sigh in relief, the sound of fierce wind drifted to his ears. It was as if his neck had been bitten by a mosquito, and the next moment, he saw himself flying.

That headless corpse is so familiar… Fifth Baby trembled slightly, becoming transparent again after shaking off the bloodstains.

Ten minutes later, this small assembly ground had recovered its silence. A strange monster appeared in the heart of the assembly ground, its entire body transparent like a crystal carving.

Its shape was similar to an ant, though there were two short, rough, and pointed horns on its head, and a pair of huge crustacean wings on its back.

[Monster Name]: Hidden Dragon Ant (Fifth Baby/Xiao Wu)

[Monster Level]: Level 66 (Emperor-tier)

[Monster Grade]: Epic/Epic

[Monster Attribute]: Light

[Monster Weakness]: Dark

Monster Ability]: Optical Stealth Level 6, Odor Disguise Level 5, Sharp Limbs Level 5

[Special Characteristic]: The Perfect Assassin (the ability to stab a monster’s bones while remaining hidden.

Passive Effect 1: Absorb all sounds that travel through its body.

Passive Effect 2: Tasteless blood: its blood does not have any taste.)

Pssst… Fifth Baby, Xiao Wu, waved its claws to signal for these people to follow after it. However, because it was half transparent, very few people noticed it…

Xiao Wu was furious. Why do people always ignore me?!

Gao Peng noticed what was happening over there and summoned the clever Sixth Baby to assist Xiao Wu in bringing these people over to the Spatial Rift.

Sixth Baby, who had inherited the ability of the Smoke Dragon, could summon smoke in the void and form words with it. It was much better to communicate with than Xiao Wu.

As for whether or not they were willing to go… Gao Peng didn’t care about that anymore. They were the ones with their legs, and they had to walk their own paths. Moreover, on the faraway horizon, a black line was steadily approaching.

Thunder flashed wildly in the sky, the dark lightning dancing maniacally like a snake.

Second Baby was sprawled across Fourth Baby’s back, its two snow-white eyes like two lightbulbs.

“Did you see it?”

“I saw it. There are a total of seven monsters. The one at the forefront is a gigantic black tiger with a black thunderbolt on its body. It seems to be an Overlord-tier monster.”

As if the Earthlord Serpent that had been suppressed beneath Stripey’s buttocks had sensed the presence of the other Overlord-tier monster in the tribe, it started to struggle wildly. However, Stripey had used its earth ability to completely cover the ground beneath its feet. There was no way to escape, be it upwards or down.

Who should I send this time…? Gao Peng thought about it for a moment. A gigantic black tiger with a black thunderbolt on its body… Since that’s the case, then I’ll choose you.

Click. He tapped his finger.

The void distorted. What appeared was a creature with bronze-colored skin that was filled with the power of an explosive nature, and there were dark blue patterns all over its body.

Its strong body crouched on the ground as it lifted its expressionless face. “Indeed. You’ve made the most brilliant choice again,” Goldie said quietly.

When Goldie rubbed its bald head, it couldn’t help but sigh with sorrow. “I know that when you’re in times of need, I’ll be the first thing that you think of.”

Gao Peng’s face darkened. “Enough with the crap. There’s about to be a horrifying battle soon. You should adjust your state.”

“Don’t worry, Master,” Goldie said confidently. After saying that, Goldie turned around and gazed in the direction of the Jiuli Tiger. Its legs were bent and its wings were raised high as if it were a battle plane about to take off.

As Goldie stared ahead with luminous eyes, its little yellow mouth revealing a trace of domineering confidence. “When I advance to the Emperor tier, I’ll have no more Emperor-tier opponents. When I advance to Overlord-tier, I’ll be a decorated king who lacks nothing!” Goldie mumbled with the belief that it had special powers unlike others, its eyes fixed firmly on the advancing Jiuli Tiger.


Goldie backed off and stamped on the ground. A large piece of land cracked and shattered, the stones that were kicked up flying more than 100 feet high. Goldie transformed into a blur and slammed into the Jiuli Tiger.

“Little kitty, have a taste of your golden grandfather’s fist!”

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