Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 568

Chapter 568 The Jiuli Tiger

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The Jiuli Tiger’s eyes were flashing with tranquility despite its suppressed anger as it silently watched the blur that came rushing over. In its eyes, the blur could be dismantled—a big difference in the levels of their abilities would result in only destroyed apparitions being seen, but in a situation where the levels of its ability were negligible, it would see the other party’s movements clearly.

It thought about many things. It had born into this tribe seven hundred years earlier. The size of the Youhu Tribe had ranged from medium to large. They had existed for tens of thousands for years, and every generation had lived on this land.

For many of the clan members in the Youhu Tribe, this piece of land was their ancestral home where many of their ancestors had really lived.

After the tiger became a High Priest of the Youhu Tribe, it obtained the inheritance of the former High Priest, the Yin Tiger. The former High Priest had said that they weren’t born on this piece of land—the fact was, they had come from a mysterious and faraway place a long, long, long time ago. That place was where their true home was.

At the same time, the former High Priest had said that their main responsibility was making sure that they returned home. Even though the snake didn’t understand anything about the ancestral ground, it remembered that the former High Priest was the only reason why it was where it was that day. Thus, after it learned about the existence of the Earth Star, it sent some of the clan members to the former ancestral ground.

It hadn’t expected the ancestral ground to be a good place, after all. Even though there were various restrictions there and only King-tier familiars could go over, they found out that there were people who had been living there for a long time. Moreover, those people were all holy individuals as mentioned in the legends.

Giving birth to more children… Perhaps that could change the next generation of the Youhu Tribe’s talents. If everybody in the Youhu Tribe could be holy individuals, as long as their soul strengths met the requirements, they would be able to continuously recruit familiars. Perhaps then, the Youhu Tribe would be able to develop into a super tribe eventually.

The Jiuli Tiger had received news that some of the clan members had witnessed the birth of Holy Spirit Blood Coral in the northern blood-cloud showers two days ago. This was a sign of prosperity for future generations, and as such, it had happily led its clan members there to retrieve the Holy Spirit Blood Coral.

However, they received information that the tribe was under a sudden attack when they were halfway through that process. The Jiuli Tiger then hurriedly rushed back with the clan members to serve as reinforcements.

Initially, it was just that a huge mountain had appeared at the tribe’s location. The Jiuli Tiger thought that it had misread the information, but after rubbing its eyes, it realized that it wasn’t being deceived by its eyes.

It was correct that a mountain had appeared at the tribe’s location, and if that was the case, where had the tribe disappeared to? This thought made the Yin Tiger frantic.

With an angry roar, the Jiuli Tiger’s body was illuminated by violent lightning bolts. The lightning bolts shredded the void and flooded the space with a lightning shower, drowning Goldie.

However, Goldie wore the lightning bolts on its body like a monks robe. It stepped into the lightning sea and took large strides, then it spread its right hand wide open and abruptly grabbed at the sky.

The minute muscles in its fingers instantly started to tremble rapidly. The air and gold elements came together swiftly in its palm and formed extremely tiny visible spinning cyclones. Whoosh!

Goldie took a step out as if it was the Devil King Kong emerging. Gold rays continually blossomed in its right hand.

Boom! Its palm landed harshly on the Jiuli Tiger’s claw. Air waves rolled as the majestic strength was transmitted through the air. The void looked like it was about to be shattered.

The Jiuli Tiger let out a stream of pitiful cries and retreated. Even when the fist and claws of both parties met, Goldie continued to passively execute its attack. Its physical quality was instantly increased to the next level, and the sudden surge of strength was transformed into an abundant and tremendous force that traveled downwards.

The strength of the force wasn’t in any way reduced as blows continued to land on the Jiuli Tiger’s claws like a big sledgehammer. The Jiuli Tiger’s claws twisted, broke with a crisp sound, and were subsequently sent flying through the air by this slap.

Immediately after, a white gas that hadn’t been released yet lingered for a long time in the air, not dissipating.

Having obtained this result with only one blow, Goldie didn’t compromise his dominance over the Jiuli Tiger.

With both fists squeezed shut and all the muscles in its body tightened, Goldie leaped into the air and came smashing down with a force that was equivalent to Mount Hua with the intention of splitting its opponent in half.

The Jiuli Tiger made use of its flexibility to dodge the attack and avoid it completely. However, Goldie had seen this coming. It turned around and stepped on the Jiuli Tiger’s waist, almost breaking it.

The Yin Tiger didn’t dare to continue its attack due to the pain it was in. It relinquished its control over its opponent, which unexpectedly allowed the Jiuli Tiger to be able to regain control of its own body.

It was more convenient for the Jiuli Tiger to control its own body on the battlefield. The familiar’s consciousness could produce a miraculous effect at times.

After taking over its body, the Jiuli Tiger was like a big flexible cat that moved relentlessly on the battlefield. It was akin to a crafty and seasoned hunter secretly hunting its prey; it didn’t come face-to-face with its prey. Instead, it waited for a chance to pounce.

Goldie’s body would be clawed from time to time, and its passive skill would be activated occasionally, but as time passed…

The battle between the Jiuli Tiger and Goldie grew increasingly difficult as Goldie’s passive skill was continuously activated. Even though it had seemed like the Jiuli Tiger and Goldie were equally matched when the former first took over its body, that was nothing more than a mere illusion.

Towards the end, the Jiuli Tiger realized a horrifying truth—I’m no longer able to guard myself against the damage?

“I…” The Jiuli Tiger found the chance to pounce on Goldie and scratched its chest.

Goldie frowned… It’s a little ticklish. The white prints on its strong chest muscles were particularly eye-catching.

The Yin Tiger that was possessing the Jiuli Tiger’s body was beyond astonished, its chest filled with fury. What’s there to continue fighting for if even my defensive monster is unable to defeat it?! How is my opponent so strong?

Just when it was contemplating a change in strategies, Goldie laughed coldly. It said, “Do you want to run away now after fighting your golden grandfather for such a long time? I’ve seen many monsters like you!”

Goldie rushed up and grabbed the Jiuli Tiger’s tail. Its movements were quick and precise, leaving no room for mistakes.

“Hehe,” Goldie laughed. Its right hand curled into a fist, and it stuck one thumb out from between its index and middle fingers. It aimed for the Jiuli Tiger’s tail and pressed down mercilessly!

The Jiuli Tiger looked to the sky and roared. As a familiar that was supposed to guard the Youhu Tribe, and as the top veteran Overlord-tier monster that was supposed to protect its people, when had it ever been subjected to such humiliation?

“Roar—” Its legs had nearly become jelly.

Goldie’s eyes lit up as it watched the Jiuli Tiger crumble to the ground from behind. It suddenly thought of a classic scene. It instantly rolled over and sat on the Jiuli Tiger’s back, then pinched the thick fur on the back of the Jiuli Tiger’s neck with its left hand and pressed it into the mud!

The Jiuli Tiger was in a lot of pain. It started snarling. A huge pit had been formed beneath its body, and two piles of black soil hills were placed on top of the Jiuli Tiger.

Goldie lifted its fist that was as big as a water cooler and hammered the surface of its opponent. It gradually started shouting in excitement.

Goldie then engaged the use of its hands and feet in kicking and punching the Jiuli Tiger’s head, ears, and eyes. The hammering caused the Jiuli Tiger to see stars, the top of its head growing dark. The Jiuli Tiger couldn’t help but release the lightning bolts within its body.

Everything in a 6,000-mile-long radius had been transformed into a lightning pool. These lightning bolts smothered Goldie’s body but didn’t appear to cause much harm. Instead, Goldie grew even more thrilled.

After a long moment of enthusiasm, Goldie finally stopped itself, even though that wasn’t what it wished to do. Before it, the only thing the Jiuli Tiger could do was exhale. It couldn’t breathe. Its head had nearly been hammered into a paste—white, yellow, and red fluids flowed out from its nose and mouth.

Gao Peng didn’t find this surprising, as Goldie had reached Level 77 long ago. The reason why Goldie’s level had been able to rise so quickly was that it had received a special opportunity.

Even though the Jiuli Tiger’s level was higher than Goldie’s, its grade was lower. Moreover, the Jiuli Tiger’s main combat power was its control over lightning. This was completely restrained by Goldie’s elemental resistance.

“I’ve unlocked another accomplishment,” Goldie told Stripey while kneeling on its back.

Stripey asked, “What accomplishment?”

“Brother Goldie defeated the tiger. You’ll have to call me God Goldie from now on,” Goldie said delightedly.

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