Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 570

Chapter 570 Above The Overlord Tier

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Chen Min’s pupils suddenly shrank as an unbelievable guess surfaced in his mind.

Initially, he had thought this was just an illusion. However, after carefully looking over the scene several times, he ascertained that this was not an illusion—this was someone who was alive and well!

Am I dreaming? Chen Min, who had always been a calm person in the eyes of the soldiers, patted his own face and took two deep breaths. It would be possible to find out exactly what had happened by interrogating these girls.

“Madam, hello,” Chen Wen said sincerely with an amiable smile.

The girl watched Chen Wen cautiously. She appeared slightly fearful and took two steps backward in a silent retreat. It was as if the person standing before her was the devil himself.

“Can you please tell me what happened on the other side? Is there any way we can offer you help?” Chen Min asked.

The girl remained silent. She crossed her arms and hugged her shoulders, then gently bit her lip. She said in a low voice, “Don’t send me back if I tell you, okay?”

The smile on Chen Min’s face grew stiff. He nodded. “All right, don’t worry. I swear not to send you back there. I can even arrange for the transport team to take you guys to the nearest base city… Of course, you can also choose which base city you want to go to.” Chen Min hurriedly changed his tune at the last moment when he saw the alarm and fear in the girl’s eyes.

The girl nodded frantically. “I don’t wish to return to Qingzhou. Please don’t send me back to Qingzhou.” She had been captured in Qingzhou and didn’t know if the group of people who had abducted her back there were still stationed beneath her house. In that case, it was only natural that she dare not return.

The uneasy girl told Chen Min everything that she had witnessed there. After Chen Min heard her account, he nodded calmly and looked as though he was deep in thought when the reality was that he was incredibly shocked.

“I see. Thank you. I’ll go and prepare the transportation for you right now.” Chen Min felt extremely horrified—a mountain had landed on the Youhu Tribe and turned it upside down, and the monster trainers in charge of supervising the girls had all been killed by invisible monsters.

To prevent himself from receiving the wrong information, Chen Min conducted solo interrogations on several other girls and obtained results that were no different from each other. Unless the girls had colluded well in advance, their mental states didn’t seem feigned.

Chen Min had obtained valuable information from one of them. The Overlord-tier familiar of the Youhu Tribe, the Earthlord Serpent, had made an appearance, as well. When the girls left, they had only seen that the Earthlord Serpent seemed to have been crushed by the mountain, and as for what happened afterward, they were uncertain.

Exchanging blows with an Overlord-tier familiar… Even though Chen Min’s gut feeling told him that it was unlikely that this had anything to do with the person who had entered the Spatial Rift earlier and could just be a coincidence, his rationality caused him to repeatedly tell himself that not many coincidences existed in this world.

But… But if a battle between Overlord-tier familiars was involved, Chen Min couldn’t imagine Overlord-tier monsters in this generation when the King-tier monsters had only just reached the highest point.

A silhouetted figure came walking out soundlessly from the Spatial Rift. The soldiers guarding the rift were taken aback when they realized that it was Gao Peng. Gao Peng laughed lightly and placed his index finger against his lips.

Thereafter, Fourth Baby that was summoned from the cave and flew straight into the sky.

Since all the people in the Youhu Tribe who were to be killed had been eliminated, Gao Peng couldn’t be bothered to stay in that world and waste his time there. Even though it was a new world that nobody from Earth Star had ever set foot upon, it didn’t mean that the world was desolate and uninhabited. Gao Peng had heard that many ancient tribes lived in that world, and after tens of thousands of years had passed, he believed that it would be difficult for him to make any surprising gains. On top of this, he was unsure about the other tribes’ attitudes towards him. As such, he immediately left the Youhu Tribe district the moment his goal was achieved.

However, it wasn’t as if Gao Peng hadn’t managed to reap any benefits, either…

In his pocket, two silver metal balls bounced around gently. Gao Peng scooped the two Meteorite Magic Balls into his palm and played with them. That was how two Emperor-tier Meteorite Magic Balls became Gao Peng’s exercise balls and allowed him to train his wrist strength.

As for signing a Blood Contract… Gao Peng didn’t really cherish these two Meteorite Magic Balls. These balls were very valuable to ancient tribe people who could only possess one familiar each, but they meant nothing to Gao Peng.

Secondly, these Meteorite Magic Balls had no special eye-catching ability, and ever since he had forced the Seven Dragon Ant Brothers into submission, Gao Peng’s desire to subdue any other familiars had basically been diminished.

This was because Gao Peng’s original line-up of familiars already included almost all the different types; the only thing lacking was his meticulous grooming.

Moreover, the Seven Dragon Ant Brothers had a myriad of abilities, and they had developed various auxiliary abilities, as well. The only thing left to do was further groom them.

The most important reason was that after rising to the Overlord-tier, Gao Peng had awakened a brand-new Overlord-tier monster trainer ability. This ability was also one that would be awakened in all Overlord-tier monster trainers. Compared to this ability, the Meteorite Magic Ball had become redundant to Gao Peng.

It was also no wonder that Gao Peng didn’t try to find the Meteorite Magic Balls possessed by the two Overlord-tier monster trainers. Instead, he had found these two Meteorite Magic Balls from the other Emperor-tier monster trainers in the Youhu Tribe. As for whether there were more Meteorite Magic Balls or similar monsters that were yet to be discovered, Gao Peng didn’t care.

The Great Altar Cutter, Fatty Big Sea, Dumby, and the rest hadn’t followed Gao Peng back to Earth Star. They remained in the Black Fog World to establish the foundation for Gao Peng’s expansion plans.

“I wonder what level Dumby is at now. Has he broken beyond Level 80?” When Gao Peng thought about Dumby, who was still in the Black Fog World, his face involuntarily turned gentle.

Unlike Da Zi and the rest, Dumby’s change in levels was truly a metamorphosis—this was also related to Dumby’s inherent ability.

Fatty Big Sea could always find the corpses of dead monsters at the bottom of the sea. The skeletal remains of these monsters couldn’t be revived even though their levels had been higher than Dumby’s when they were still alive.

Therefore, the method Dumby adopted was simple and violent. It absorbed the soul power lingering in these skeletons straight away.

Dumby had already reached Level 80 when Gao Peng left, and that was only one step away from the Saint tier. The Saint tier was the realm above the Overlord tier, and its level category was from Levels 81 to 90. Going above Level 91 would allow it to be considered a Semi-God.

The Lord-tier monsters could awaken the Lord-tier aura, and the subsequent King-tier, Emperor-tier, and Overlord-tier monsters didn’t entail any special changes. It was nothing more than the Lord aura reaching the King tier, Emperor tier, and Overlord tier. The aspects of power and coverage continued to increase, as well.

But according to Fatty Big Sea, the Saint tier was different from the levels before it. When the monster or familiar advanced to the Saint tier, it would develop a whole new ability—Domain! It was also known as the Holy Domain.

All monsters of the same nature below the Saint tier would suffer immense suppression within the Holy Domain. The precondition was that these monsters had to have the same attributes!

During a fight between a Saint-tier Water-type familiar and a Water-type familiar beneath the Saint tier, the water element manipulation ability of the monster beneath Saint-tier would be tremendously suppressed. According to Gao Peng’s understanding, the monster’s water element manipulation level would decline.

If the world was treated like software, and the control over an element were the instructions needed to operate it, the jurisdiction of the Saint tier was higher than those beneath its tier. This was equivalent to the scope of authority being inhibited… A figure of authority that abused its power.

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