Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 571

Chapter 571 A Storm Is Brewing

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However, advancing from the Overlord tier to the Saint tier wasn’t an easy task. Otherwise, there would have been an abundance of Saint-tier monsters by then. In order to reach the Saint tier, there were a few more requirements other than level requirement that an Overlord-tier monster had to meet.

It should have attained at the very least a high mastery level of its native element. This was what Gao Peng and Fatty Big Sea were able to find out. The lowest elemental mastery level a monster needed to have in order to advance to the Saint tier was Level 7. Some monsters only had Level 6 mastery over their elements, which was further boosted to Level 7 by their innate traits. Whether this counted as Level 7 still remained to be seen.

Most people had no immediate way of quantifying the traits and abilities of their familiars like Gao Peng. To them, these details were indistinguishable from one another.

Meeting the elemental mastery level requirement would certainly be essential for a monster’s transition into Saint tier. However, monsters without the ability to control the elements could still reach the Saint tier by upgrading some aspect of themselves to Level 7. However, such monsters were rare compared to ones who could upgrade their elemental counterparts.

Back in Mo Du, there was less than a day left until Gao Peng’s inevitable annihilation of the Youhu Tribe.

The sky had grown dark. Without waking any of the five students from their sleep, Gao Peng went to sleep in his own quarters. He soon fell into a deep sleep. However, some had trouble sleeping that night…

Tong Xiang was rolling around restlessly in his bed. No matter how hard he pressed his eyes shut, slumber eluded him still. He was still going over the things he had said during the day. In truth, he had no idea if they would be of any use to Gao Peng.

If Gao Peng couldn’t bring down the Youhu Tribe, Tong Xiang himself would probably be punished, as well. Even though he was the high priest’s only son, he was still not immune to criticism from his own kin.

His familiar’s death had cost him his reputation among his peers. He had sustained severe spiritual damage from the death of his Six-Tusked Brahman Elephant. Not only had his father spent plenty of precious materials on healing his soul, but he had also taken great pains to find Tong Xiang another familiar. Due to the spiritual damage he had sustained, his second familiar’s level was considerably lower than the Six-Tusked Brahman Elephant’s had been.

His fall from grace had caused him to fall out of favor with his peers. If it hadn’t been for the fact that his father was the tribe’s high priest… Still, nasty rumors always had a habit of circulating around the tribe.

In order to distance himself from his fellow tribesmen’s gossip, Tong Xiang had decided to leave the Nihon region behind and move to Mo Du for a change of pace.

It wasn’t long after reaching Mo Du that he learned of Gao Peng’s return. Tong Ling had warned him against going after Gao Peng. Then, he saw the latter summoning an Emperor-tier familiar right in front him in order to strike down an Emperor-tier familiar that had been sent from the Youhu Tribe.

He knew that the gap between him and Gao Peng was growing wider and wider. He was gradually being left in the dust… Some people were just born with all the luck in the world. Others, not so much.

Deciding that it was pointless to try to sleep at this point, Tong Xiang got out of bed and gazed at the lights of Mo Du, the city that never sleeped.

Suddenly, his phone rang beside his pillow. “I’ll stop my thuggish wayyys. I don’t like sleeping on a cold, empty beeeed.”

It was his father. He would only be calling me in the middle of the night if there was an emergency. Tong Xiang quickly picked up his phone.

“Are you in Mo Du now?” asked his father solemnly.

“Yes, I’m in Mo Du now,” said Tong Xiang hesitantly.

“Did you by any chance piss off Gao Peng?”

Tong Xiang raised an eyebrow. This is what you’re calling me for? “I don’t think so. I met up with him this afternoon, and he even brought me back home,” replied Tong Xiang. There was no point in hiding this. A dedicated mind would find out about his meeting with Gao Peng in no time.

His father fell silent on the other end of the line. Eventually, he said, “Don’t get on Gao Peng’s bad side now. I know you two have had your differences in the past, but I just want to let you know that everyone in the Sang Tong Tribe has decided to let bygones be bygones. Watch yourself now. Try to… be his friend, if you can.”

Tong Xiang sensed that something was up. “Dad, did something happen? Why are you being so…”

Tong Bing was silent for a moment, then he said, “The Youhu Tribe was wiped out by Gao Peng.”

“What?!” shouted Tong Xiang. He couldn’t believe what he had just heard.

“It happened four hours ago. Some of our spies sent us footage of the whole thing. The higher-ups in the tribe have all been made aware of this. The ramifications of Gao Peng’s actions are unthinkable.”

Tong Xiang didn’t know when he hung up the phone. The only thing in his mind was this one sentence—the Youhu Tribe had been annihilated. At first, he thought the old man was just pulling his leg, but then he remembered that his father wasn’t one to play pranks, especially in the dead of night.

A tribe whose power rivaled even that of the Sang Tong tribe had been extinguished. It was like being told that someone whom you had seen and greeted just that morning had suddenly died a tragic death…

Tong Xiang knew that the void left behind by the Youhu Tribe would reverberate throughout the world. He tried to recall the scene where he parted ways with Gao Peng just this afternoon. Tong Xiang had waved goodbye to him, smiling, as if they were going to meet up later for a pleasant dinner.

To think that he was still worrying that he would be dragged into Gao Peng’s mess if the latter failed to take out the Youhu Tribe! “Wah! This Gao b*stard sure is brutal!”

Tong Xiang was shaking like a leaf in a mixture of fear and excitement. The consequences of Gao Peng’s actions had yet to manifest themselves. It was quite common to plant spies in other factions these days. Thanks to the spies planted in the Youhu Tribe, the Sang Tong Tribe had been able to receive word of the Youhu Tribe’s decimation before everyone else.

Upon receiving word of this, a major tribe like the Sang Tong Tribe would first dispatch its Overlord-tier trainers to inspect the scene in order to verify the news.

In just one night, the younger members of the ancient clan were informed of this tragedy by their elders. This was genocide. None of them had witnessed such a wilful display of brutality in a long time.

Gao Peng was sending them a message through the annihilation of the Youhu Tribe.

Hearing about it through word of mouth was one thing, but experiencing it personally was an entirely different matter. The Youhu Tribe had become quite unruly of late; they had simply reaped what they had sown.

Was Gao Peng sending the tribes of the ancient clan a warning? There weren’t too many tribes on Earth that were stronger than the Youhu Tribe. Most of them were either on the same power level or inferior to the latter.

That Gao Peng was able to easily decimate the Youhu Tribe meant that he could just as easily reduce any of their populations to zero. The tribes of the ancient clan decided that it was best not to step out of line for now, especially when none of them had any idea just how powerful Gao Peng was.

The next day, Tong Xiang made his way to Mo Du Stadium, where the National High School Championship would be taking place. Along the way, he saw a couple of familiar faces and a few not so familiar ones. However, he could tell that they were all from his tribe.

He knew that none of these people had any intention of watching the championship. They were all going to the stadium to catch a glimpse of a certain… someone.

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