Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 577

Chapter 577 Bull Head Horse Face

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Da Zi stared imposingly at the monster nearby. The latter emitted an aura that made Da Zi feel something that it couldn’t describe. Still, it obeyed Gao Peng’s command and summoned Silver Lightning.

The Silver Lightning was bright silver in color and could inflict certain damage on evil forces. However, it was unclear whether the monster from the Naihe Underworld was considered evil.

The decorative designs on its wings could light up, summoning countless silver lightning bolts to fill the sky and form a huge net. Thunder was rolling, and when contact was made with the Naihe Underworld, the Silver Lightning emitted intense light.

“Hey!” The monster in the black clouds seemed to be agitated. It stepped out with its right foot and the ground shook. Dull-colored battle armor was wrapped around its thighs, and right after the wind started whistling, a black line cut through the black fog. The thick smell of blood and the berserk sounds of the wind came rushing forth!

The enormous machete met the Silver Lightning Net and instantly caused a sudden burst of light to break out.

Boom!! The Silver Lightning net trembled violently and exploded into resplendent rays of light.

Thereafter, Gao Peng heard cloth and silk being torn apart—the Silver Lightning Net was cut into half by one stroke of the machete. The edge of the blade continued to be driven into the ground, and the earth trembled.

At that moment, the mountains shook and the ground swayed. All land that the blade passed through was shattered. With a sweep of the blade, it was as if infinite reckless bulls had plowed the area within a radius of 300 feet twice.

The panting form of a gigantic and horrifying monster transcended the black fog. Its eyes seemed to be able to see through people.

Two dark and sharp horns pierced the sky. The monster’s greenish-black armor was profound. In its right hand, it held on tightly to a pair of massive black knives, their grips covered with many mysterious patterns. Standing at around 100 feet tall, it was just like a hill.

Thick black mist was exhaled through its ox nose. It appeared that the black fog surrounding its body had been ejected from its nostrils.

[Monster Name]: Hell Ox Head

[Monster Tier]: Level 82 (Saint-tier)

[Monster Grade]: Epic/Epic

[Monster Attributes]: Death/Darkness

[Monster Skills]: Energy Amplification Level 6, Muscular Body Level 5, Extraordinary Recovery Level 6, Soul Damage Level 7

[Special Characteristic]: The Fear of Death (from the time of their birth, death holds great fear over its victims, the deceased.

Passive Effect 1: Damage to Ghouls is amplified.

Passive Effect 2: Lower-level Ghouls will be greatly intimidated, and this will cause their power to be weakened during confrontations.

Hint: Effect 2 cannot take effect on higher-level Ghouls.)

[Monster Weakness]: The water originating from the underworld has a weakening effect on it.

[Monster Description]: These monsters are born in hell; they are brave and fierce. They are the regulators of hell.

Saint-tier. Gao Peng broke out in a cold sweat and prepared to turn on his heel and flee. There’s no way I can defeat a Saint-tier monster. What can I do if not run away?

The Hell Ox Head used its right hand to slowly draw out the black machete and insert it into the sheath hanging around its back, then took two steps forward. Gao Peng could feel a strong sense of fear striking him.

This was something that Gao Peng was feeling for the first time. He had never felt anything like this in the past.

It wasn’t the first time Gao Peng was encountering a Saint-tier monster either, but none of the Saint-tier monsters he had seen in the past had ever looked at him as if he were a meal—they had simply disregarded him. However, this was the first time that a Saint-tier monster was looking Gao Peng in the eye.

“A living human?” The Hell Ox Head asked in a raspy voice. The quivering voice caused the little pebbles on the ground to jump up in shock.

Gao Peng secretly sighed in relief. The fact that it hadn’t struck him immediately meant that there was room for negotiation. He was most afraid of monsters that attacked right away before saying anything.

“Hello, can I ask if we accidentally disturbed you? We unintentionally found a passage and went through it.” Gao Peng feigned a nervous expression.

“A passage?” The Hell Ox Head mumbled to itself and even scratched its head.

“It seems that you’ve unintentionally stumbled into a bit of trouble, but fortunately, the problem isn’t too severe.” The Hell Ox Head turned around and looked down at Gao Peng. It then added in a domineering way, “Living humans are not allowed to enter this place—since you guys have already breached it, you must remain here forever!”

Ding, dong— The sound of a bell ringing came drifting over from a distance. The crisp sound of the bell echoed between the sky and the earth.

Black fog inched closer towards them, and in the black house, the figure of a gigantic monster that was taller than the Hell Ox Head was approaching.

What made it different from the Ox Head was its eyes, which were two blue lights penetrating the fog instead of red.

“Ox Head, did you go to the wrong place?” A sharp voice could be heard coming from a distance away.

Gao Peng looked over. The black fog gradually dissipated to reveal a combative looking monster that resembled the Hell Ox Head. It was approaching at a ghostly speed.

Its face didn’t take the form of a ferocious ox head. Instead, it was a pale and sinister horse. There was a lantern in Horse Face’s left hand. Behind the lantern was a bronze handle that Horse Face’s scaly claw was clutching tightly. The visible part of its grip was connected to the lantern like a black thread. The outer edge of the lantern was framed by a white-bone wall, with a green fire burning inside.

Horse Face was like the guard of the cemetery as it walked over slowly with a lantern in its grip. It swept its eyes over Gao Peng calmly. This made Gao Peng feel like his soul had been stolen. The large purple wings on Horse Face’s sides emitted a series of lightning and light rays. Gao Peng shook his head and that uncomfortable feeling disappeared.

Is this Horse Face? It gave Gao Peng an even more dangerous feeling.

He checked Horse Face’s special attributes and found out that its ability was very different from those of Ox Head. If Ox Head was considered a wild warrior, Horse Face was a sinister and horrifying mage. This was especially reflected through its special characteristics.

[Special Characteristic]: Restrain the Soul of the Envoy (All Horse Faces are natural soul players.

Passive Effect 1: Boosts level +1 of the soul category.

Passive Effect 2: Horse Face can obtain the horizons of all the souls it has manipulated.)

That was Horse Face’s combat ability. Ox Head and Horse Face—one dominated souls, and the other was a berserk close-combat fighter. They were the perfect combination.

Moreover, the introduction mentioned that every single Horse Face… could only take over hell like they had in the mythological stories if they had an Ox Head as a partner.

“Not yet, but I picked up the rancid smell of humans.” The Hell Ox Head shook its head, its words reeking of disdain. “The human world smells really terrible. It definitely doesn’t smell as nice as hell.”

The Hell Horse Face hummed in response and then bent over to inspect Da Zi and Gao Peng carefully. At such a close distance, Gao Peng could see Horse Face’s two enlarged nostrils as they exhaled black air.

“Chase the humans back. They merely barged in mistakenly,” the Hell Horse Face said calmly.

Ox Head mumbled, “You’re always so kind.”

Horse Face laughed and then stomped on the ground with its right hoof. It was as if a terrible earthquake had broken out. Long cracks appeared in the ground beneath their feet—sinister green light could be seen in them. Immediately after that, a significant number of ghouls crawled out from the cracks and dispersed in all directions.

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