Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 581

Chapter 581 Quasi God

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“A divine artifact?” Goldie was surprised. “Fatty Big Sea from the countryside is actually this rich?!” In the twinkling of an eye, Goldie laughed and rushed forward to embrace Fatty Big Sea in its arms.

Its right hand kept on rubbing Fatty Big Sea’s head, which was as big as its own. Goldie remembered that human beings would rub a familiar’s head to express their fondness for them. After rubbing for a while, Goldie finally realized the reason why Flamy loved to rub its head. When Fatty Big Sea felt comfortable, it would let out a growl from its throat.

“Fatty… I ‘ve been very good to you, right…?” Goldie said seriously.

Fatty Big Sea glanced at Goldie, then withdrew its gaze. “Not too badly. There was a duck like you who was my doorkeeper in the past.”

The smile froze on Goldie’s face when it was enjoying itself. It also stopped what it was doing.

“Don’t stop, keep on rubbing.” Fatty Big Sea knitted its hairless brows.

Goldie was annoyed. It had given Fatty Big Sea an inch, and the creature had taken a mile. In any case, I still belong to Gao Peng. However, it thought about asking a favor from Fatty Big Sea, but it suppressed its feelings and focused on rubbing it.

Flamy, who was standing to the side, looked at these two baldies suspiciously. It felt like they were making some sort of deal behind it’s back.

The identity of Fathead Fish is complicated, Desolated Frost Lion thought.

Divine artifacts were the weapons used by the gods. Each of the divine artifacts was one of a kind, and there was nothing like them in the world. It wasn’t about finding the raw materials for the divine artifacts; it was because only a god could forge them.

Divine artifacts were also known as authentic artifacts. Even the gods could only produce one artifact that contained its own principle.

The Desolate Frost Lion only knew a little about it, as it had heard it through word of mouth on the street. Fathead Fish said that a divine artifact was its weapon in the past?

The Desolate Frost Lion was alert. Could it be that Fathead Fish was a god? However, it had never seen such a puny god before… Fatty Big Sea seemed to be glancing at it, so the Desolate Frost Lion drew back its gaze.

“Fatty Big Sea, you’re actually rich. It seems like I should call you Rich Fatty.” Gao Peng sighed. Before that, Gao Peng had been suspicious about the identity of Fatty Big Sea.

The abilities of Fatty Big Sea were odd yet strong, in addition to the fact that its name was questionable. Gao Peng suspected that it wouldn’t be easy to guess. However, he had still underestimated it, as it actually had a relation to a divine artifact.

“However, with our current strength… Even if we add it together with the preconditions that you mentioned before, we cannot defeat a Quasi God. If what you said about the divine artifact being yours is really true,” Gao Peng said meaningfully.

He had met a Quasi God, and it was a Level 92 Ancient Blood Dragon, but that wasn’t considered high among the Quasi Gods. However, the terrifying atmosphere had made him feel like he was in an abyss of despair.

“Saint-tiers combine aura and ability into one to condense the territory,” Gao Peng explained. He asked, “What’s the difference between the Quasi God and Saint tiers?”

Fatty Big Sea thought for some time and said, “Let me tell you this way. The territory of Saint-tiers is just a prototype. After a familiar steps up to the Quasi God, the range and strength of its territory will be greatly improved. However, this isn’t the biggest difference between the Quasi God and Saint tiers. The biggest difference is the word ‘god’ in their title.

“The Quasi God is also known as a demigod because the strength in their body has already achieved the peak of familiars. It has reached the threshold of a god,” Fatty Big Sea said.

“Then it starts the process of deification?” said Gao Peng thoughtfully.

“Clever,” said Fatty Big Sea. “The process of deification cannot be accomplished in one stroke. The process of becoming a god is a very long journey. Some parts of the organs in your body will be affected and start to go through the process of deification. Then, the process will expand to the entire body.”

“What’s the difference between a god and a Quasi God? When the entire body has gone through the process of deification, will it be considered a god?”

“Who told you that?” Fatty Big Sea was astonished. “Of course, the god’s entire body will go through the deification process, but the ability of a god is not just a matter of deification.”

“You guys are still far from being gods right now. Knowing too much doesn’t benefit you.” Fatty Big Sea shook its head seriously.

Gao Peng was dumbfounded.

“How about this; we’ll make the decision after we check out the familiar who stole my precious baby,” Fatty Big Sea knew that sometimes its master would do whatever he wanted by following his instincts.

“I’ve seen the Quasi God familiar, and its attack is ‘t that aggressive. To be honest, Dumby is Mythical-grade… I’ve met another Mythical-grade familiar in the past. There’s a huge gap between the Mythical and Legendary grades.” Fatty Big Sea babbled on and on. To be honest, it was a little surprised, as it had thought that it wouldn’t be able to see it weapon again after it was lost. It hadn’t expected to see it again.

Gao Peng turned his head to look at Dumby. The air around Dumby had become calmer. The gold skeleton was surrounded with the light of God and projected natural dignity and power.

As expected, Dumby had now reached Level 81 and successfully advanced to the Saint tier. It was also Gao Peng’s ‘King of Levels’ among the other familiars.

“The Mythical-grade familiar is extremely aggressive. A god friend of mine was once beaten by a peak-grade Quasi God.” Fatty Big Sea sighed.

“Dumby will be that brilliant in the future,” Flamy said in amazement. Does that mean I can sidle away?

Goldie was deeply spellbound when it heard about it. Mythical-grade! This is something that a man must own!

Da Zi was very focused. It was also a Mythical-grade, so it couldn’t help but involve itself in the story that Fatty Big Sea told. The two tentacles on its head swung crazily as it became excited when it thought about the possibilities.

Gao Peng laughed. “That god friend of yours must have been lame. A god being beaten by another god. Your friend must have been joking.”

Fatty Big Sea shook its head. “This friend of mine put in lots of effort. In fact, it was very hardworking, as well. It’s just that sometimes, it lacks luck.”

Gao Peng smiled without speaking a word. Under the guidance of Fatty Big Sea, Gao Peng put the other familiars into the Familiar Space, then dove deep into the water.

Fatty Big Sea blew out a water bubble and wrapped Gao Peng inside it. The water bubble was full of air, separating the sea from the outside.

Fatty Big Sea’s brain usually looked big and bloated. However, Fatty Big Sea’s movements in the sea were very agile.

After swimming for a long while, Fatty Big Sea slowed down. It said to Gao Peng through the Blood Contract, “It’s somewhere around here. Be careful. Just act like we’re passing by.”

Gao Peng looked around at the bottom of the sea. The water pressure was horrifying, but the water bubble wasn’t affected and protected him.

Poking the water bubble gently, it rolled forward. It was extremely peculiar. The smile on Gao Peng’s face was no longer there. He knitted his brows and looked around. A strange yet dangerous feeling filled his senses.

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