Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 582

Chapter 582 Marine Lurker

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Dong— Ripples that were visible to the naked eye went past speedily. A series of dense water bubbles emerged from the bottom of the sea.

The moment Fatty Big Sea heard the sound, its wagging tail became tense, its eyes stared in front, and it remained in the same position, as though it was pretending to be a statue. When the water bubbles disappeared, Fatty Big Sea wagged its tail as it continued to lead Gao Peng forward.

Gao Peng’s vision was highly affected due to the absence of light and high saturation of water elements under the sea. After moving a few hundred yards forward, Gao Peng spotted something other than the sand, long and thick black hydrillas.

The black hydrillas grew from the sand and floated in the sea. A giant hand stretched out from a deep area of darkness to grab the black hydrillas and tugged them like it was pulling a carrot from the soil. The black hydrillas and hand disappeared all at once. All that was left was the sound of chewing carrots.

“Chomp, chomp…”

Fatty Big Sea seemed to notice something as its face turned pale. “It’s right in front of us. Shush, we have to secretly walk in from the side.” Nonetheless, it still comforted Gao Peng and said, “Don’t worry, this monster doesn’t consume meat. It’s vegetarian…”

Before it could finish its sentence, a huge hand appeared from the darkness and snatched Fatty Big Sea. Fatty Big Sea quietly swore, “F*ck!”

The ocean stirred, and the turbulent sand rolled up and formed a rotating undercurrent to collide with the giant hand. The giant hand stiffened and staggered backward momentarily, then slowed down.

Fatty Big Sea stirred up a wave and escaped alongside Gao Peng while the giant hand was distracted.

A raging groaning sound was transmitted from behind them, as the food in its bowl had disappeared, to its surprise.

Buzz— A blue barrier appeared and expanded beneath their feet quickly. Soon enough, another barrier appeared even quicker than before. An energy ray was shining in bluish-white light inside the field barrier. The dark sea was lit up in an instant with the help of the light that shone on the area.

A peculiar looking monster with four arms crouched at the center on the seabed. The blue barrier’s light was coming from it. All of its arms were longer than its body, and it had thick, long claws that were decorated with scales. The closer the arm was to its body, the thinner it was, and the further the arm was from its body, the thicker it was. Its palm seemed ten times bigger than its arm.

[Monster Name]: Four-Armed Jia Lou Sea King Beast

[Monster Level]: Level 84 (Saint-tier)

[Monster Grade]: Excellent/Perfect

Only a Saint-tier? Gao Peng was surprised, because he thought that Fatty Big Sea had mistaken it as a Saint-tier monster instead of a Quasi God.

If it was a Quasi God monster, it would be best to run as far as they could, but if it was only a Saint-tier monster…

“That’s not it.” Fatty Big Sea was in doubt, then thought of something horrifying, “They’re hunting us We must escape quickly.”

Gao Peng soon learned the reason. A dark green creature that was thin as a rake, in fact, thinner than the Four-Armed Jia Lou Sea King Beast’s finger, silently crept behind the Four-Armed Jia Lou Sea King Beast’s butt. The dark green creature seemed to notice Gao Peng’s stare and lifted its head, smiling as it snuck a peek at Gao Peng.

Then it lightly touched the Four-Armed Jia Lou Sea King Beast’s butt. At that instant, a brown barrier expanded from the thin monster’s body, it quickly overshadowed the blue barrier, and finally, the blue barrier was overpowered.

Gao Peng witnessed how the finger had easily pierced through the Four-Armed Jia Lou Sea King Beast’s butt with his very own eyes. It had been like a hot red iron stick poking into tofu.

The Four-Armed Jia Lou Sea King Beast turned into a pool of slime and became a huge mess after a light poke.

The area around the hole that was poked began to decay, exposing the inner white bones. The Four-Armed Jia Lou Sea King Beast howled in pain as it quickly stirred waves and scrambled away.

Gao Peng saw the dark green creature retrieve a basket made out of kelp and shells from its back. As it gently shook the basket, its volume expanded on the seabed, and it increased in volume by a hundred times immediately. It managed to trap the Four-Armed Jia Lou Sea King Beast inside.


Even without the reminder from Gao Peng, Fatty Big Sea dropped a scale from its body onto the ground, which exploded. The explosion of the scale transformed into countless murky granular crystals. The ocean became murky, so their footprints couldn’t be easily detected.

The thin dark green creature gazed in the direction of Gao Peng for two seconds before lowering its head as it bent to pick up the basket and place it across its waist.

“Are you sure your divine artifact is in the hands of that creature?” Gao Peng asked calmly.

“Yes,” Fatty Big Sea nodded its head helplessly. “I could sense the divine artifact from it, so it must have it. It must be thinking of refining the divine artifact, but it’s been unable to do it now because it isn’t strong enough yet.”

Fatty Big Sea shouted all of a sudden. “I know why it captured the Saint-tier monster, this cunning creature. It planned to offer it as a sacrifice to other monsters to contaminate the sacredness of the divine artifact. Then it could forcefully refine my divine artifact!

“Dang it, dang it!” Fatty Big Sea cursed repeatedly.

Gao Peng furrowed his eyebrows, and after a moment of silence, he said in a puzzled tone, “Based on what you’ve just said… does it mean that it happened unwillingly?”

Fatty Big Sea was stunned for a second because the statement sounded so weird.

Gao Peng shook his head and said, “That’s enough! No matter how much you scold it, it won’t be harmed in any way. You can’t change anything at this point, so save your breath.”

Fatty Big Sea sighed. “But I still feel dissatisfied. It feels as if I lost something that belonged to me, and then one day, I saw the item that was taken from me being carried by someone in broad daylight on the street.”

“I truly understand how you feel, but rather than just complaining about it here, why not consume two more monster core crystals to make yourself stronger?” Gao Peng advised it.

Gao Peng shuddered with fear due to the sudden thought of the monster’s attribute. “Fortunately it isn’t carnivorous, or else we might not have been able to escape so easily.”

[Monster Name]: Marine Lurker

[Monster Level]: Level 91 (Quasi God)

[Monster Grade]: Perfect/Epic

[Monster Attributes]: Water/Poison

[Monster Skills]: Epic Physique Level 6, Water Element Control Level 7, Corrosive Water Poison Level 8, Presence Weakening Level 6, Spatial Ability Level 6

Special Characteristics: Marine Prison (Makes use of the space attribute to activate the power of space.

Active Effect 1: Able to gather various marine-related materials to construct a limitless marine prison, but the marine prison can be damaged by external forces, and it cannot imprison monsters with the power of Space Control of Level 6 or above.

Passive Effect 2: The Marine Prison can withhold enemies that are 100,000 times its original volume, and the prison can discharge water that has a weakening paralysis effect.)

[Monster Weakness]: 1. Weak in strength and defense system 2. Electric-type 3. The ivory of the White Starlight Corner Elephant is immune to the corrosive water poison of the Marine Lurker.

[Monster Description]: Marine Lurkers wander around the ocean, like to consume kelp, algae, seaweed and other marine plants, and possess suspicious natures.

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