Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 585

Chapter 585 A Swindler

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There were some smells remaining after the explosion. The giant continued to chase after its target based on smell throughout the journey. Some ant-like monsters occasionally tried to attack it along the way.

It didn’t even need to use its strength. It only needed to sneak a glance at these monsters who had tried to sneak an attack on it. This would be enough to crush them into powder due to the strong air pressure.

It smelled a familiar scent on these monsters. If it was a more brilliant Quasi God, it would have noticed that something was wrong.

However, as the giant had been in a deep sleep for a long time, its temperament was closer to a newborn baby. All of its emotions were expressed through its body movements. When I’m happy, I’ll share what I like. When I’m angry, I’ll beat you to death!

Its tyrannical breath engulfed the surroundings and shattered the cloud layers. All the monsters they encountered along the way started to escape after they sensed the giant’s breath. A turbulent and fierce current dispersed out in all directions with the giant at the center. The space that was within 3,000 feet of it became extremely riotous, tearing apart anything that attempted to get close to it.

Some of the fish familiars didn’t get to escape, hence they were drawn into the current. They were torn into pieces in the current within a split second, turning into a bloody mist in the ocean.

“So this is a Quasi God! It’s horrendous,” Gao Peng exclaimed. “They form such a horrific phenomenon just from the power that they don’t mean to release.”

Fatty Big Sea wasn’t feeling good about this as it murmured, “Back in those days when I was at my peak, the phenomenon that I could create was much greater than that.”

“But now you’re just Fatty Big Sea. When I met you, you were hiding in a dark reef cave on an island,” said Gao Peng as he mercilessly revealed his past.

Fatty Big Sea was pissed as it said, “I’m just like a secret dragon in its abyss. I was merely concealing myself earlier.”

“All right, you’re the best! Stop babbling. We aren’t far away from the Marine Lurker,” Gao Peng interrupted Fatty Big Sea.

Fatty Big Sea replied, “Oh!”

Even if the Deep Sea Covered Mountain Giant was ignorant, it could also sense that something was off. These monsters were provoking it insistently, as though they were there to give up their lives.

It was slightly vexed. Why did I come all the way here? The Deep Sea Covered Mountain Giant was contemplating this question.

It was at this moment while it was thinking that a crab-like monster aggressively rushed across the turbulent waves towards it with a sharp pike, like a fearless warrior holding the weapon of justice. The creature poked the giant’s shoulder.

“Kill it!”

Bang— The pike broke, the Deep Sea Covered Mountain Giant blew up, and it was as if a hurricane appeared out of nowhere, throwing the monster far away.

How… disgusting. It was like someone had been walking on the street and moths and other bugs were constantly flying at this person’s body, although they could be easily pinched to death with one hand. The Deep Sea Covered Mountain Giant was extremely agitated. It lifted a hill with one hand and walked forward overbearingly, stirring up the wind and clouds.

There was a sunken cave at the bottom of the sea. The Marine Lurker took the purse that hung on its waist and shook it lightly. A splendid light burst out from the purse, and a heavily injured Deep Sea Giant Bone Bug emerged in the cave.

It lifted the Deep Sea Giant Bone Bug, carefully took something off of its body and pinched it to death. It melted and turned into black liquid that dripped down, then a ray of divine blue-black light exuded from the black liquid. It seemed like the black liquid wasn’t doing anything to the divine light, but the Marine Lurker was still excited.

The cave suddenly trembled, and turbulent seawater started to pour in. The Marine Lurker squinted its eyes as it alertly lifted its head to look through a thick rock hill in the direction of the surface of the sea.

A Quasi God!? The Marine Lurker was suddenly on alert. It could feel that a Quasi God was extremely close to it.

No mountain could occupy two tigers, let alone a top predator like the Marine Lurker. Moreover, it had something that couldn’t be revealed to the world in its hands.

The Marine Lurker’s first instinct was that the Quasi God knew that it had a divine artifact and wanted to take it away. After a while, the threatening feeling slowly moved further away, and it was relieved.

“Sigh.” The Marine Lurker wasn’t prepared to lose the divine artifact.

Suddenly a loud noise could be heard from the top of its head.

The Marine Lurker froze as the Quasi God returned at a faster speed. The Marine Lurker cursed to itself, Don’t ever let me find out who it is.


A dreadful power travelled down from the tip of its head. The seawater was supposed to function well as a water controller, but at this moment, the Marine Lurker still felt a horrifying vibration coming aggressively from the sky.

Countless sea monsters immediately fainted due to the vibration of this power. Such power! This was a Quasi Qod that had reached a high level.

As the whites of its eyes flashed, the element of water transformed into layers of a protective screen under the Marine Lurker’s control and blocked the clashing waves. As soon as it successfully blocked them, in the next moment, it saw a big mountain crashing down.

The Deep Sea Covered Mountain Giant threw down the mountain that it had lifted and launched a punch. The protective screen created by the element of water made contact with the mountain. Even though the protective screen could defend substantial objects to an extent, it was too hard for it to go up against a mountain.

The protective screen slowly broke into pieces, the shattering sound like fragmented glasses. A punch came from behind like a pestle into a mortar and hit the ground like a meteor, smashing violently into the back of the mountain.

Thud! The peak of the mountain trembled strongly and collapsed at a shocking rate.

The mountain landed on the seabed, and turbid smoke filled the ocean. The region that the Marine Lurker had originally been in was enveloped by the mountain.

Like a flash in the void, the Marine Lurker appeared far away, looking seriously at the Deep Sea Covered Mountain Giant that was floating above.

“I’ve never heard about this…” the Marine Lurker muttered to itself, as it could sense that something wasn’t quite right.

It had never heard of this giant. It had heard about the two other Quasi Gods in the ocean, so it had purposely distanced itself from the areas they were active in to avoid any conflicts with them at this time. It would never have thought that instead of the two that it had been avoiding, another one whose existence it hadn’t known of would appear instead.

The Deep Sea Covered Mountain Giant sniffled, its eyes filled with anger. I’ve got you, swindler! The scent of soil that came along with a rotten and acidic smell was exactly the same as the smell of your body.

Quasi God level monsters infected their surroundings when their bodies emitted energy naturally because of their extremely powerful temperaments. They could create certain changes to particular areas if they stayed in them for a sufficiently long period.

These changes were also caused by the divinization of their internal organs.

Similarly, if a Fire-type god stayed in a mountain for a long time and didn’t intentionally control or minimize its internal power, the mountain would turn into a lava-filled volcano after thousands of years.

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