Monster Pet Evolution Chapter 586

Chapter 586 Divine Artifact

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This was truly a disaster falling from the sky, an unprovoked mess.

The Deep Sea Covered Mountain Giant had originally wanted to smack those tiny bugs and hadn’t expected to run into a big fish, but it didn’t hesitate. Who cared if it was the same level as a Quasi God? It wasn’t afraid. This was the confidence that Mother Sea had given it.

Take my punch!

The tumbling waves transformed into a water dragon that wrapped around the Deep Sea Covered Mountain Giant’s arm, the water element attacking its body. However, it didn’t even make a splash.

The Ocean Lurker, which was sparkling, released an intertwined layer of green and silver. It suddenly realized something very annoying; its water element attack that had landed on the Deep Sea Covered Mountain Giant had no effect. This guy’s water element resistance was unexpectedly high.

If it wanted to throw out a shell to imprison the giant, it was impossible—the giant was too big. The Ocean Lurker didn’t have a large enough shell to confine the giant. It also needed to avoid the giant’s attacks, which it fully succeeded with its dexterity and mastery.

Avoidance was crucial. It wasn’t sure of its resistance ability, and the consequences could be severe.

“Waterfall curse,” the Ocean Lurker murmured. To take hits without giving them back wasn’t in its nature. A spark avoided the fist of the Deep Sea Covered Mountain Giant. The Ocean Lurker, who belonged in the sea, spread out its right hand. In its palm was a condensed ball of dark green water.

These water balls were small, each of them the size of a table tennis ball. There were plenty of water balls, approximately hundreds of thousands. What seemed like countless table tennis balls were connected, forming a dark green waterfall. Flashing green light gushing downwards with a roar.

Boom, boom, boom— The waterfall felt like a giant dragon slamming into the Deep Sea Covered Mountain Giant. Although it was aware of the dangers lurking in the waterfall, it didn’t retreat. To it, there was no such thing as backing down.

The moment the water balls touched the body of Deep Sea Covered Mountain Giant, it melted and created corroded into holes of the same size. Although the injury was negligible, the sheer number of them was significant.

The poisonous water balls went through its abdomen and in an instant, created an extremely exaggerated wound. It didn’t have high poison resistance! The Ocean Lurker’s eyes brightened. It had a glimpse of a chance at winning.

“Even if it is a Quasi God, it can’t resist this poison.” The Ocean Lurker had a certain amount of confidence in its poison. After all, it was its best skill. It’d had this ability since it was promoted to Saint-tier and risen up to Quasi God level with it. Therefore, the strength of this poison had skyrocketed.

The Deep Sea Covered Mountain Giant touched its injury and took a huge whale-like gulp of seawater. After inhaling a huge amount of seawater, the place its injury swirled… and healed quickly at a visible speed.

The Ocean Lurker couldn’t believe its eyes. Healing simply by drinking water? Was there an inexhaustible blood bank for it in the sea?

Worried that it wouldn’t be a match for the Deep Sea Covered Mountain Giant, the Ocean Lurker thought of running away. As though it saw through the Ocean Lurker’s plans, the Deep Sea Covered Mountain Giant lifted its head and roared. As it roared, a thick dark light burst out of its body. The dark light spread rapidly throughout the sea, growing to three times the size of the Ocean Lurker’s area.

It clenched its right fist, and a strong force dragged everything within the area to the top of its fist.

Bam! The body of the Ocean Lurker was uncontrollably dragged towards the giant. It felt it necessary to use the power of space to strategically exercise a flickering position shift, but when it exerted its power of space, it was met with strong resistance. It was like walking through the mud where one’s legs would be hindered by the soft mud.

The actual distance that it flickered through was less than a fifth of the expected distance. Before it could try again, a fist reached over. Boom!

“What a fierce fight.” Gao Peng took a bite of melon and watched the show play out with interest. “Why didn’t we see him use your divine artifact? It can’t be that your divine artifact has been made useless, right?”

Fatty Big Sea shook its head quickly. “Impossible. My divine artifact can’t be destroyed, at least not by a Quasi God.”

The battle between the Deep Sea Covered Mountain Giant and the Ocean Lurker was like a battle between a crazed, powerful, and unmatched soldier and a flickering poison magician.

It turned out that the crazed soldier had a higher level than that of this poison magician. The poison magician might have been able to sprinkle its water, but as long as the crazed soldier accidentally hit the poison magician, the magician would lose its life.

“Huh?” Fatty Big Sea suddenly straightened its head. Its huge head shifted forward and looked in a direction.

Gao Peng followed and turned to look. He saw a mesh of thick dark blue light gushing upwards, and his sixth sense warned him of acute danger.

A large area of the sea suddenly collapsed, and the water level was reduced by a hundred yards. Gao Peng saw a waterfall flowing down a cliff-like wall of water. After two seconds of pausing, the water wall collapsed, and a huge wave slammed back and forth. The large waves were hundreds of feet high. There was chaos.

“How is it? Isn’t the divine artifact of Master Fatty super cool?” Fatty Big Sea couldn’t help but chime in.

“Not too bad.” Gao Peng’s eyes shone.

Suddenly there was a mad roar in the middle of the sea. Gao Peng saw the Deep Sea Covered Mountain Giant rush to escape. The left side of its body had disappeared completely, its left arm and left chest also missing a large chunk. The edges of it had a blue glow, like gelatine, and the healing power that Deep Sea Covered Mountain Giant was so proud had lost effect at this moment.

After waiting for a while, Gao Peng and Fatty Big Sea didn’t see the Ocean Lurker catch up. “Go.” Gao Peng was pleased. Although the Deep Sea Covered Mountain Giant had suffered a heavy injury, there was no pursuit. This proved that the other guy had been injured more than the giant.

Dumby was summoned. Aside from Dumby, Gao Peng didn’t summon other familiars. Even if Da Zi’s electric ability could be restrained, the level difference between Da Zi and the Ocean Lurker could be too great. Gao Peng was also afraid that this creature on its deathbed would be ready to fight Da Zi to the death.

Arriving at the location where the fight had taken place, the sea was still undulating from the elements, but the Ocean Lurker was nowhere to be seen. Dumby switched to its Yin Soul Dominator state, and the Soul Power changed into a radar searching the surroundings.

“Hey,” Dumby called their attention. The mud not far from Dumby’s foot suddenly rose, and a blurred figure appeared in the distance.

It had been hiding under the mud of the battle site. If it hadn’t been for Dumby’s Soul Power, it would have been impossible to find it.

“Trying to get away?” Fatty Big Sea stared intently at the Ocean Lurker, who was quickly disappearing into the horizon.


Fatty Big Sea’s heart was pumping wildly, the scales on the back clanging, and a blue sheen in its eyes.

The Ocean Lurker suddenly noticed that the divine artifact in its arms had awoken. Its pupils shrank suddenly; this wasn’t good!

Ka-cha. Something radiating a dark blue light had suddenly risen. It was impossible to see its specific shape, but like a greedy black hole, it ate the Ocean Lurker in one gulp.

Chewing sounds were heard from the black hole. Ka-cha, ka-cha.

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